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  1. https://www.fredericknewspost.com/bryan-voltaggio-brings-new-dining-scene-to-downtown-frederick-with-thacher-rye/article_6a140afa-8718-5f70-adae-cd8f3eb25e17.html Last Friday, the old Brownstone that once housed Volt restaurant on North Market Street was full again — or as full as it could be with coronavirus restrictions. With anxious taste buds at his call, Bryan Voltaggio was right back where he belonged, managing the symphony orchestra that is his kitchen, where roughly a dozen cooks work in close concert with one another to provide a maximum dining experience for their customers
  2. Closed! Buried in this Frederick News-Post article about the state of downtown business: https://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/economy_and_business/retail/downtown-frederick-to-welcome-new-and-updated-businesses/article_b5a4a332-c35f-5706-9203-abafebf7bb6f.html Another restaurant to recently close its doors is Volt. While Volt has not been open at all during the pandemic, there are signs that a new restaurant from chef Bryan Voltaggio could be coming soon. Voltaggio filed a transfer of Volt’s liquor license to a new business named Thacher & Rye — at the same locatio
  3. Since the pandemic, I have had one email from Volt (their email list was never very active in the first place), and that was a few months ago now. Since then, nothing. The website (also never updated all that often) seems to indicate it is open but I am not optimistic based on my report that Family Meal is currently closed. Any news? Bryan's on the TV again, he could certainly take advantage of the publicity.
  4. The one remaining Family Meal location has been closed for months. Frederick County and City have permitted restaurants to open indoors at 50% capacity, and have given restaurants great leeway in outdoor dining (this location has a huge parking lot). Their email mailing list was never very active but there's been nothing for months. I have a sneaking suspicion FM is closed for good. If so, RIP. (More info: I live in the neighborhood, and have personally not seen it open at all since the shutdown orders in March. )
  5. The bier mi website is great.
  6. Closed on Jan 5 ☹️ https://www.fredericknewspost.com/places/local/frederick_county/frederick/ayse-shuts-its-doors-after-seven-years-in-business/article_64fd0286-0700-53d5-80b7-0822292b91f4.html
  7. We should amend the thread title, since all the other locations closed and only the Frederick location remains.
  8. I have been here probably more than 10 times over the last couple years. I don't recall ever having a pizza here, but the sandwiches and salads are excellent, but I temd to always get the meaty Tuna Nicoise salad. It's a meal by itself. Service is always prompt--I've never had a problem getting in and out so I can get to the Ken Cen.
  9. Went here last night for the first time (I work in Arlington but live in Frederick so rarely eat at sit-down restos in Arlington that re only opening in the evening). I've meant to go for years. I had a wahoo special with a sort of gazpacho sauce, and my brother had the miso black cod on the regular menu. My wahoo was excellent, and there was no issue with the food being too-salty as Tom Sietsema remarked when GP first opened. We also had cornbread on the side--it was sweet and more corn muffin than cornbread but not bad. I was glad to see it so busy in an area that is otherwise off the main d
  10. It isn't as good as it was when it opened 10(!) years ago but they are decent and I will give one more shout out to the pork and szechuan pickle noodle soup over then specials. They actually make decent bubble tea in-house--not the pre-prepared stuff in individual cups that some places sell. The quality varies depending on the day or who makes it.
  11. The Frederick version closed some months ago. I was never impressed. Is the burger craze* over? *No relation to the ill-fated Kraze Burger.
  12. Lunch is coming next week. I arranged an office Christmas party lunch there--will report back. A co-worker just stumbled into this place during the soft opening and thought it was great.
  13. I would say Tasting Room in a heartbeat, had some of the best meals in Frederick there. I went to Monocacy Crossing a few times when it was new, and thought it just okay but never returned after having a disgusting paella--nothing unsanitary just tasted bad in a way that I could not articulate, since I'm hardly an expert in paella (though the paella at Isabella's is okay). Maybe I should give them another chance, I don't know.
  14. I am a fan of this place, it's well-made food and it's very efficiently run like all of Phil's places. I would add as a caveat to the general praise that I had a very rubbery grilled octopus several months ago, so much so that I complained (I am generally the type of guy who if I have a mild compliait will bite my tongue and say everything is fine) and they took it off the bill without fuss. I have returned since then and had fine meals, so I am still a fan. Has anyone tried that Turkish anise liqueur (I forget what it's called) that turns cloudy over ice? I should have heeded their warning-
  15. Hi-- I am a long time lurker feeling confident enough to post. I am a Frederick resident, but work in Arlington and frequently go out in DC and Baltimore so hope to contribute for all these locations. I'm a jazz and classical music obsessive (have season tickets to both the Baltimore and National Symphonies). I was a radio DJ through college and grad school (first punk rock, then electronic--my music tastes have gone on a journey). Regards!
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