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  1. I actually did not like Namaste - I've eaten there 3 times (one for lunch buffet, twice for dinner) since a lot of my friends wanted to check it out due to the high ratings online and WAPO raves about it. I've ordered the momo dumplings both times for dinner and they've been obviously sitting out too long after being taken out of the steamer (the wrappers became dry and hard). I also found the dishes have a strange sweetness to them and I found their curries, etc are a bit watery. I got the Indian basics like Chicken Tikka Masala, Murgh Makhani, Goat Curry, and Lamb Vindaloo and my dining buddies also remarked on the odd taste. Fantastic service, though.
  2. I liked it. The only qualms I had was the dining area was really small (The main dining area is on the second floor with about 6-7 tables) and the servers didn't really know anything about the menu. I ordered the French Fry Chaat (seasoned French fries covered in chutneys, yogurt and chickpeas - sounds pretty bland but it was tasty - I would not order this to go because I imagine this dish would be nasty if the fries are soggy) , the Chicken Tikka Masala (which I found to have a lot more flavor that Rasika's), and the Chicken Tikka Pizza. The Pizza is okay - I ordered the wrong one where they used standard pizza sauce and cheese. I meant to order the Curry Pie where they use the masala sauce as the base.
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