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  1. Having been to District Commons a few times over the last year, I'd say I enjoyed my meals at Cheesecake Factory more
  2. Homer is an absolute gem. I get early Rose's Luxury vibes from it every time I go. No reservations and a relatively small place, so come early or be prepared to wait (they'll text you when ready for you). I've been fortunate enough both times to sit at the bar adjacent to the open kitchen, which provides a view of the chefs working their magic at each station. In my experience, they've been more than happy to chat with you while they work too, which is cool.. I also love that they have $4 (!) and $5 (!!) glasses of delicious sherry and vermouth. I effectively had 3 drinks last night
  3. our friends who live in Alexandria took us to the location there and it just felt so d-a-t-e-d in the windowless dining room, and the menu and cooking seemed like it was delivered from a time capsule from 1997.
  4. Loved this place last night. I, too, liked the gyro better than the cheesesteak, which was too salty and greasy for me. Shouk's old mushroom pita (before they got rid of it) was a better cheesesteak play, in my opinion, though also too salty. We saw a few tables get pizzas, but we did not. What's the deal with those? Are they only for early reservations? Are they served in addition to everything else or instead of one of the courses?
  5. The Arlnow story undersells who the owners, Hac and Di Dang, were as poker players. Not just any "big during the poker boom" players, they are two of the top 10-20 online poker players ever, crushing the highest and toughest games in the world for years before mostly retiring after making millions and millions of dollars. EDIT: As an example, Di Dang is estimated by an online poker tracker to have won $7,411,127 (yes, that's profit) over his career.
  6. I like and regularly eat very spicy food, but that papaya salad was absolutely inedible to me a few years ago
  7. Seven Reasons disappointed me a little bit. The drinks were excellent but the entrees were just decent and the appetizers were bland. I had extremely high expectations though because my meal at Alma Cocina was incredible. Pretty restaurant though.
  8. Looks a lot like the bomba at Arroz but i highly suspect it is not unless this is an old picture
  9. Definitely but I figured I'm overdue for a change of scenery. To Seattle I go, at least for a few years. I'll miss DC, but will definitely still read this forum to see where I need to go when I visit.
  10. Short review: really enjoyed this place, but kind of over tasting menus and don't feel any desire to go back in the near future. The cooking is good, but I just felt...constrained by the small menu and lack of choices.
  11. Inspired by Anne Limpert's praise of the restaurant in her chat last week and heeding her call to visit now before it gets too popular (plus, wanting to go before I move from DC in a week (!!)), we checked out Queen's English in the old KBC space last night. In what seems to be common with good restaurants these days, it is run by a man and a woman pair (ala Himitsu, Espita, Seylou, Bad Saint, Rooster & Owl, etc.). Similar to Rooster & Owl, Seylou and Espita, in this case the pair are husband and wife. We walked in at 6:05 to a mostly empty restaurant (it filled up later but was
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