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  1. Should this topic be moved to Rockville, where Bethesda is actually based? Sorry - been up since 4 am.
  2. Mentally adding this to my to do list.
  3. Agree on the sausage. And they need to get bell peppers as an option. That being said, Vace remains my favorite pizza night in the city. My son is seriously worried that they won't have pizza like Vace when we move (they won't - we'll survive). Gotta love a place this down to earth nearby.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was just a fluke weekend of traffic - we went to Long Lake. I think a lot of those regional airport flights are gonna be slow to come back.
  5. The last time we drove to Maine it took 17 hours. We decided we were never going to do that again.
  6. Pancakes! It masks the green. Even better if you just get the yellow squash.
  7. Passage to India has added delivery through some of the apps - a welcome addition to our dining out-in retinue. Wish I had the time/energy to go pick it up, but the delivery makes a bid difference. They've also added some more dishes you'd traditionally see at Indian restaurants (tikka masala, lamb ghost, etc) to the menu which let's us pick up a couple things for the less adventurous eaters. The cooking is still great - I hope these changes let them keep doing what they're doing!
  8. Sounds like a yummy dinner to me! Goldfish are the one kid food that I'll still go for all of the time.
  9. London - which is why I can forgive myself for ordering in two meals today (partly first day of school reasons, too). Any move is tough though. I can't imagine trying to supervise virtual school for a six year old. Meals are something that should be simple, simple at that point.
  10. You could always mix things up by trying to orchestrate an international move and home sale. Can't recommend it highly enough - it's doing wonders for my anxiety level.....
  11. The last line is what got me. I'm just imagining an old fashioned water wheel that spins around when you pee on it. You could make it like the carnival game where you hit the base with a hammer to see if you can hit the bell. Sales of FloMax would skyrocket!
  12. I saw the Yale study and had the same initial thought - why did they get those results? It's not the latter explanation, by the way, 2/3rds of people got more than their prior income in unemployment benefits ($600 federal plus the normal state benefit), and the result was statistically significant, meaning 2/3rds would have been irrational in the short term. I think what they're actually seeing is people thinking longer term combined with states that threatened to withdraw benefits if people didn't return to work. Anecdotally, servers and others locally are absolutely making the rationa
  13. OK - so I'm going to wade into this discussion with a slight variant - best Bagel Sandwich. Call Your Mother just opened up a trolley in Bethesda (so that us MoCo people never have to leave the county) and I suggested my wife and daughter pick up bagels to start their road trip to NOLA for junior year. The next few hours were full of random texts about the best bagel sandwich ever and how they literally stopped driving so that they could completely enjoy it. The sandwich was the Sun City Bagel - everything bagel with eggs, bacon, cheddar, American cheese and spicy honey. Well - with
  14. Back from our few nights in Shepherdstown. Nothing to report on the Bavarian Inn. We stayed there, but it was PACKED and a number of guests weren't exactly wearing masks so we just didn't feel comfortable dining there at all. Dinners were at Hecho en Mexico, which was decent American Mexican food, and the Press Room. A couple really good dishes - the Pork Milanese and our two salads (wedge and burrata over arugula). Maria's Taqueria was probably the best meal we had there - grabbed lunch and it was just a really solid taco place. Not horribly authentic (lettuce, cheese and tomato come on
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