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  1. I think it would be fairly easy to either sell the grapes directly into the bulk market or press them yourself (assuming you've got the gear) and see them into the bulk wine market. My understanding is that the bulk market is much, much bigger than most of us know.
  2. zgast


    This isn't universally true, btw. Our local was extremely accommodating for our children (11 and 3 at the time). We ate dinner there regularly. I think the distinction comes down far more to the pub's focus (food and drinks or mostly drinks) than anything else.
  3. Wait for the forced sale in bankruptcy and start going again? Also recommend a good Twitter tirade. Hold your rattle in one hand and just pound away on that phone with the other.
  4. Near Gloria is Casellula, a great wine and cheese place that's quite relaxed and fun.
  5. zgast

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Be careful with that: Jun 4, 2018 - "A Broken Heart: Risk of Heart Disease in Boutique or Grain-Free Diets and Exotic Ingredients" by Lisa M. Freeman on vetnutrition.tufts.edu
  6. I'm not sure it wouldn't have worked absent the whole 'culture of sexual harassment getting reported in the WaPo' thing. Those places were all packed until that story hit. Traffic in Bethesda still looks to be at half the level it was prior to the news stories. Hopefully the industry learns how not to treat employees (or allow employees to treat each other) from all the damage we've seen the last couple years.
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    Love huitlacoche, but really could have done without the photos. One of those dishes far less appealing in whole form than prepped.
  8. zgast

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    Annals of confirmation bias. I've had this theory about Mercedes drivers in particular for years....
  9. zgast

    Croatia: Dubrovnik and Split

    Just thanking everyone for the contributions above. Headed to Dubrovnik in a month for a wedding.Great to get some insights from those whose palates I feel like I know - even if we've never met.
  10. Mastercard & Visa agreed to allow it in a settlement. Then that settlement was overturned (in part because small businesses opposed it). The courts say AmEx can prohibit it. Where this ends is anyone's guess.
  11. There are serious equity and privacy issues with going to a cashless society, but by and large the world is moving this way quickly. Worth reading how countries as different as India and Sweden are pushing this move as well. On the other side of equity, is it fair to force an establishment to accept cash? Small amounts of cash create the same fixed costs of getting it to the bank as large amounts. All that gets translated into the price of your food or sweater. Why can't they choose to lose your revenue if you can't pay with a card?
  12. zgast

    Butchery Classes

    Resurrecting this - hoping to take a class on butchery and couldn't find anything active. Any ideas?
  13. I go once or twice a month for lunch - new office is right next door. I'm a fan. Mostly stick with the Akira ramen (which I think is a tonkotsu) but have also tried the volcano and the tantanramen (basically dan dan noodles in a broth). Latter is a bit heavy, but all are good to very good. Hope this place does well as the crowds have started to die down a bit - lunch yesterday was in a mostly empty restaurant at 12:30.
  14. When we moved to the Bethesda area over a decade ago I brought my five or six year old daughter to Uncle Julio's (we had been deep in Salvadoran territory in Columbia Heights prior to this). After about five minutes she asked if she had to finish her food because she didn't like it. I had already stopped eating. I'll buy into Cactus Cantina/Lauriol Plaza and ate both places not infrequently, but Uncle Julio's is simply a step too far for me - and yes I've tried it since.
  15. Never - although I constantly look at Capital Wine School's sold out classes - and the wine education dinners at restaurants that I attended and relied on for years are dwindling more and more each year.