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  1. We saved over $100 per month dropping cable (and phone). Our bill was a bit inflated since I wouldn't do a two year contract, but the savings are real. We went from 100 Mbps to 1Gb internet (not that we ever got that speed level as we discovered the wiring in our house couldn't go that fast and wifi sure couldn't 3-4 years ago) and still had those savings.
  2. I'd agree with this. We're debating a rotation strategy for our streaming services so that we have access to say D+ for 3 months, then HBO Max, then whatever is next. It fits with the way we binge.
  3. Same here. Except production was closed and all you could do was buy bags of chips in the lobby. All part of what my family still describes as the worst vacation ever.
  4. Not Red Truck, but drooling thinking of the apple hand pies that Jeff Heineman made at Grapeseed. Damn, I miss him and the great food he made.
  5. I would be fascinated to know how this tastes. Was quite thrown off by the white wine appearing black. Unfortunately, I have no clue how you should go about tasting this.
  6. We did. 14 days in 900 sq ft. It sucked. Figured getting kicked out of the UK 2 months into a 5 year job wouldn’t be the smartest move. UK is in lockdown now so no reason to travel here. You couldn’t do anything anyway. I do think quarantines will move to 5-7 days plus a test, which may make the whole thing more doable.
  7. I can chime in with a review here. We enjoyed a takeout dinner from L'Amorosa last night - just before lockdown begins and all the restaurants shut down. The food was quite nice and very reasonable to the wallet. We split the burrata with delicata squash and tomato appetizer. My wife didn't love the delicata (she's not big on any squash or zucchini) but we both agreed it was probably the best burrata we had ever had. I didn't think I would ever say that about burrata, which seems so simple. The first pasta was agnolotti in a beef ragu, which Andy reviewed above - we both agreed with
  8. Pizzeria Da Marco in Bethesda has a patio that could accomodate that many. I'm not sure if MoCo regs allow parties larger than 6 at a single table, so you might need to be seated across two or three tables. Alatri Bros also has patio seating as well, but is probably not as strong pizza wise.
  9. Whatever you did, the UK did it too. I think this is about EU tracking rules. Rather than comply, some sites just block international access. Washington Gas is one of many I’ve come across.
  10. Whether I think the fees are too high or not (I do, for what it's worth), this is insane and not how a local county should be spending it's time. Elrich is going to squander tens of millions in federal aid because it's unspent, and he's worried about this????
  11. I still prefer Pho Nam in Gaithersburg on Shady Grove. They even let you pay with a credit card now. --- Dining in Merrifield (Ericandblueboy)
  12. It is, but most places in the US do pour 5-6 oz, so 4 oz looks stingy, as you said.
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