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  1. zgast

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Kids are weird. My 'vegetarian' eats chicken strips (not nuggets) or roast chicken, sausage patties, and is a voracious eater of all fish (he devoured half an order or fried calamari when we told him it was fish the other night at Little Beast). The funny thing is this all started with a trip to a crab house on the Eastern Shore where he was so upset at what we were doing to the poor crabs he had to leave.
  2. zgast

    Wine in a Can

    I'm currently drinking a can of Underwood Rose and I have to say I'd buy this again. It's a casual sipper, but hits at or above its weight for about $12 a bottle equivalent. Plus - you're drinking wine from a can. Seriously - I'd rate this among the better wines I can find for that price.
  3. zgast

    Pasta Classes by Fabio Trabocchio - Round 2

    You might want to sign up directly on their website. These things were sold out within a few hours.
  4. Heat retention and convection, I'd think. This slab Kenji describes is 15 lbs. I've never encountered a cast iron griddle anywhere near that heavy. I'm assuming that means a ton in terms of how much heat it can hold so that when the pizza cools the surface, it gets quickly back to temperature based on the additional heat just below.
  5. zgast

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    Top 1% earn about 20% of national income. Bottom 50% earn about 13%. That is essentially reversed from 1980. Source: Chicago Tribune The change from 40 years ago in both wealth and incomes is astonishing. Middle class angst isn't just a mirage - median incomes are stagnating relative to inflation. Averages keep moving up, up, up.
  6. zgast

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    Reading what he actually said, I got a smile when he focused on the same two things I suggested! I would point out, though, that 'hedge fund guys' can't really avoid paying income tax rates on their earnings - that's really the purview of private equity and commercial real estate, mostly because few holdings at hedge funds last a year and no short position qualifies for capital gains at all.
  7. Went to the Bethesda locale after about a five year hiatus. Have to say that it was significantly better than it had been the few times I went back then. Ordered the sautéed spinach (this is always great), Pan con tomate, Caulifower with olives, dates, and paprika (also very good), chorizo wrapped in potato, Chorizo with puree, salmon fillet, croquettes, and also had the special truffle menu item of poached egg, puree, sautéed mushrooms, and shaved black truffle. Definitely a strong enough dinner to win a place back on the dining rotation. Not sure why this one had languished so much earlier, but this was much, much improved.
  8. zgast

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    Neither - it remains equally unacceptable to them.
  9. zgast

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    You mean like this???
  10. Clearly you're traveling between 12 and 12 on a day that ends in Y. How many speeding violations does your BIL have?
  11. zgast

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    I think that marshaling other people's talents is an individual talent. Some (most) people don't want to be entrepreneurs or take risk so they want to work for someone who takes more risk to earn more reward. If it all dissipates when you die, it's inherently self-limiting.
  12. I haven't, but I did get to spend several hours with him at Minibar (while he was essentially running it) and I'd give anything he made a chance. While he seemed a bit shy, he really came alive talking about how some of the dishes there were made - and that evening was a complete delight. Definitely one of my top 5 meals in DC.
  13. zgast

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    I firmly believe one is entitled to earn whatever their individual talents allow. That being said, I don't believe the fruits of my parents' labors are mine. Therefore, it's new money to me. Tax it. Again, I believe in pragmatism, so it makes sense to allow nominal transfers to be tax free. And I'm ok with a debate over what a nominal transfer is: $100k? $500k? $1m? $5m? The key is that treating the individual or single generation family as a unit makes it self-limiting. It's Rousseau meets Locke. Otherwise you begin to validate Paris Hilton's existence and that is a slippery slope indeed.
  14. zgast

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    I tend to be pretty pragmatic. Assessing wealth is simply too hard to do - as you alluded to in your opening question. Rather, I firmly believe that the capital gains tax rate - as a concept - should not exist. If it's new money to you, you should owe taxes on it. Wealth tends to dissipate absent advantaged treatment (or so I believe), so as long as you equally tax the monetary benefits of wealth, you're creating an equal system.
  15. zgast

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Basically as soon as we thought he could get the thermos open and eat it without an assist. Probably late kindergarten or early 1st grade. We lucked out in that our pre-K provided lunches before then. Son is a 'bland-itarian' so lunches are a PITA since peanut butter is mostly banned.