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  1. Getting ready to open a bottle of Linden Vineyards Wabi Sabi. First time they ever made it - basically it sounds like they threw together some leftover lots of wines and it ended up tasting good (that's a technical term there), so they released it. Viognier, Vidal Blanc and Semillon blend.
  2. Agree completely - I work in the building across the street and almost never ate here because it simply wasn't good enough. The owners were often there, though, and were still quite friendly. I wanted to like it (and did like them) more than I did.
  3. I don't disagree with this at all. Just for places that have their own delivery, I try to default to that instead of uber or seamless.
  4. The points guy did a great review in January of how these guys hide their fees: I forget how to properly do links They each mark up the food in different ways - some hide it in the food prices (while claiming its the restaurant), others do it through a service charge or delivery fee. It's all the same bucket, though. It doesn't go to the restaurant. We're definitely trying to call in orders and pick up (where that's reasonably safe) or to use delivery that the restaurants do themselves.
  5. That and taking Rock Creek Parkway. If you need signs, you don't belong here seemed to be the mantra.
  6. I did read last week that they're working on a plan to change these horrible blind merges (some on the left) with no merge area. It's a wonder there aren't more accidents on that parkway.
  7. This is the Beltway, every day. When I drive to work, my return includes a left entrance followed 1.5 miles later by a right exit. In standstill traffic, every day. 90% of Beltway drivers will aggressively accelerate to prevent you from merging to the right, which i have to do six times.
  8. Yes - some men's workout pants (although more shorts than pants) do lack pockets. Or the have a tiny zipper thing that might hold one key if you took it off the key ring.
  9. Not sure - same thing happened to me, though. They even got into my e-mail account as well. I've switched the family to 1Password at this point. There's simply no way to remember all of the passwords, each with their own special rules, that are needed in this day and age.
  10. Quarantine for months should not be necessary - we really need to ramp up the testing capability, though. That's what has allowed China, Singapore and other countries to flatten the curve. Identify cases and ringfence them aggressively. That buys time to work towards a vaccine.
  11. Extremely important. We wrote to our favorite local restaurants last night asking to buy gift certificates. Would encourage everyone to do the same to the extent they can.
  12. Patent trolls suck - these guys have a particular level of suck that goes beyond the norm.
  13. Here's what their website says: Since 1997, our Bib Gourmands have been awarded to restaurants offering a good quality menu for a modest price. These establishments have a menu (starter, main and dessert) for a maximum of 33 euros in the provinces and 37 euros in Paris. Quality and price … those are the only criteria in the awarding of our Bib Gourmands.”
  14. We tried to order face masks for our Hong Kong employees in January - there were no supplies online. I think you missed by more than a day.
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