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  1. I still enjoy it. It's theater, but fun to see what great chefs can do when thrown a curveball. Even better when they just say - cook a great meal. I have to say that by the final five or so, I kept thinking how great the remaining contestants were as people (and I'd throw Eric from DC in this group as well). In other seasons, there were always a few jerks who you actively rooted against. Who goes on national tv and presents themselves that way?
  2. Tortilla chips - crappy, industrial tortilla chips. Oh - and Popeyes. I've never had Beluga caviar, actually, so can't make any comparison there.
  3. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree here. While I do - on occasion - eat a McDonald's cheeseburger, it is not something I welcome or enjoy in any way. I would put any number of things light years ahead of MickeyDs. Forget some exquisite taste from Annabelle or Minibar or P&P, I mean even the simple stuff. I do agree that simple tastes can be just as pleasurable as the truly transcendent ones, though. They're just different.
  4. Veering between sharing your reaction and about to explode. Forget the crazy political and social views for a second, who thinks that treating employees like this is remotely acceptable? What made them stick around for so long? Not blaming the victims, but we've got to do better teaching people to out this early and often.
  5. Sign of the apocalypse #245: The only decent place in this shopping center to eat goes down before Cici's and TGI Fridays.
  6. If the apps are having a hard time making money in the current environment, the business isn't sustainable. Adding a cool, scalable tech platform to a low-margin, manual business doesn't really change the core business. What do they say about solving negative gross margins with higher sales? As to discriminatory pricing, it absolutely does exist. Here's an article that's more comprehensive, but does include some discussion of that. There are other, trickier ways to get at the same thing. Popeye's, for example will include specials for in store that aren't available on their app for pickup or delivery.
  7. I've encountered them in Malaysia as well.
  8. I bought a set from StringKing, which is a lacrosse company that ended up making masks. Really soft and comfortable and the ear elastic is way more comfortable than most of the other ones we have. Whole family wants more of these ones rather than the earlier purchases.
  9. Honestly, Cava would get my vote. Sweetgreen is good as well, but you somehow end up paying $18 for a salad, which seems absurd. Barrel & Crow has a good beet salad, but it's a smaller portion. Persimmon has a wedge salad that's not remotely healthy but tastes really good. Maybe Jaleo, where you could assemble some good tapas and call it a salad? Endives with goat cheese, Catalan spinach, and the Sauteed cauliflower with dates and olives are all good. The first is actually really easy to make at home. Good luck.
  10. Just had that awful moment where a restaurant that's been a big part of my life here in DC will have to close permanently if things don't turn around in the next week or two. I work in finance, I know this is all real in the abstract, but hearing it from a family favorite really was just a heart wrenching moment. What makes this even tougher is that this is a place that does delivery and carryout - and they're still just weeks from the end. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.
  11. Clone Wars is a bit more violent than Airbender - there's actual (cartoon) deaths. They're of clone troopers, usually, but I don't think that's really a distinction that the 6 year old mind can make. Our son watched it at age 7-8 and was totally fine, but it scared his slightly older friend so your mileage may vary. For what it's worth he - at age 11 - basically took the day off after school ended to finish watching Season 4 on May 4th - the day the last episode was released - so it made an impression.
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