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  1. I once flew back from Moscow to JFK (this was 20 years ago) when I rolled up to the gate area - after spending 12 hours in the airport as my day trip into Moscow was cancelled due to the horrific apartment bombings that day - it was almost entirely couples with infants and small toddlers. According to the gate agent, this was the flight that adoptive parents took to bring their newly adopted children - who didn't know their new parents or understand a word they were saying - to the US. I was stuck between a couple with 18 month old twins who they had now spent three days with. I'd discovered a circle that Dante failed to describe in his famous book. That being said, I think asking parents not to fly with their children is not realistic. Suck it up. That's why God made wine and earplugs.
  2. Did she not get to anything out there today? It's like the Energizer Bunny developed a wicked backhand all of a sudden.
  3. Nope - unfortunately my too short workout needed to end - work beckoned.
  4. I got to watch the second set at the gym in my office and Cori Gauff was amazing. Still young - you never know - but can't wait to see what else she can do.
  5. Is this theft?? If I pay $10.00 but the restaurant receives $9.00 and gives the server the $9.00, what are they stealing? They're not paying the processing fee out of their own pocket to make the server whole. I just really struggle to see that as theft - it's magical thinking to say that no one should bear the price for payment convenience.
  6. @DonRocks - Have you still not tried Vace? It's our go-to since we live a few blocks away and it's really cheap relative to the alternatives. I'll avoid commenting on other favorites since they're all in MD rather than DC.
  7. It accounts for singles twice. Perhaps adding walks to the numerator and denominator would do the same thing (but I think they actually value the dispersion that results from the current method). As for the 'Other', I think these have fallen out of favor not because they're not valuable but because they rely as much on someone else's work (getting on base ahead of you) as your own. That external effort is not available equally across the batting order and would influence the stats. And I'll be sure to tell every kid that gets put in right field that defense is just as important as batting.😉 That being said, I'm sure that none of this is what they're actually measuring players on today, rather I'm guessing there are machine-learning algorithms that are directly interpreting video footage of the hits somehow. Maybe I'm wrong, though.
  8. Is it wrong that this makes me think that the next party is guaranteed to be dessert heavy with few carbs and cheese?
  9. They all ended up going in here. For casual seafood (maybe semi-casual), try Awful Arthur's. I can also second the Ava's recommendation. --- Awful Arthur's (yeah)
  10. My hazy recollection is that yes - this is how they served me too much. It was their fault, really.
  11. zgast

    Street Food

    I’ve enjoyed the first few. Tried showing Singapore to someone and had to switch after five minutes. It started dreadfully slow.
  12. Worth reading for the backstory on Larry La. My relatives are huge fans of Meiwah and Larry's from the City Lights/Dupont days and I've eaten there (mostly the Chevy Chase branch) a lot as a result. My take would be that it serves the market that wants what it serves - and that place is never empty or even half full. It's packe - and the delivery/takeout area is constantly humming as well. About a year ago, I sat next to Larry at a Peter Chang/ChiKo Chinese New Years dinner and heard his backstory for the first time. Pretty amazing. What was even more interesting was the conversations between Peter Chang and Larry, who seemed to really respect each other despite the very real contrast between their restaurants.
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