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  1. Worth reading for the backstory on Larry La. My relatives are huge fans of Meiwah and Larry's from the City Lights/Dupont days and I've eaten there (mostly the Chevy Chase branch) a lot as a result. My take would be that it serves the market that wants what it serves - and that place is never empty or even half full. It's packe - and the delivery/takeout area is constantly humming as well. About a year ago, I sat next to Larry at a Peter Chang/ChiKo Chinese New Years dinner and heard his backstory for the first time. Pretty amazing. What was even more interesting was the conversations between Peter Chang and Larry, who seemed to really respect each other despite the very real contrast between their restaurants.
  2. Ava's is the pizza place. I'm a fan. Also really like Awful Arthur's for seafood in St. Michaels.
  3. This CNN article does a pretty good job. Evidently the algorithm was designed to do just this one thing. MIT wrote about it three years ago.
  4. I don't know, I've had several really good meals at Kith & Kin - perhaps a young chef succeeding after failing in spectacular fashion is a compelling story?
  5. Both left their employers because they were offered a better package elsewhere. I've done so several times and no one boos me (although they might do so before I'm out the door).
  6. Contrast that with the return of Albert Pujols to St. Louis in a couple months (you should probably mark this on your calendar). Yes, more time has passed, but I know the St. Louis fan base - the man would have gotten a standing ovation if his return was on Day 1. As an aside, the best Cardinals fan story I can tell is from my teen years. A utility player named Mike Laga fouled a ball to the first base side, with the ball sailing out of the park. The crowd immediately jumped to its feet for a several minute standing ovation. Everyone there knew this was the first time a ball was hit out of the old Busch Stadium. Mike Laga? He was completely baffled and a coach had to run out and explain things to him. Hey - we're weird but knowledgeable and loyal.
  7. Enjoy Paris! Be sure to report on all the great places to dine.
  8. I've never been able to bring myself to book this place. The Goodstone Inn has the great meal, great room, etc. that tick all my boxes. I don't need the overpriced amenities. This fits within my overall philosophy of expensive hotels. I will pay up for international business class at times, but never for an expensive hotel (well, almost never). I'd rather have a nice room and blow the extra $200-300 on a couple nicer dinners. What's the difference? Someone to grab my roller bag and carry it to the check-in desk?
  9. You have appropriately calibrated my trendiness level. I stand corrected.
  10. Cowgirl Creamery is still there. Not quite the same in my book as it lacks the liveliness. Glad to see the local expert agrees with a place I randomly discovered!
  11. St. James Cheese Company has become a lunch standard for me as I visit my daughter at school. Wish there was someplace like this in DC. Great cheeses, wine & beer, and a fun atmosphere.
  12. I'd probably grab pasta at Sfoglina, then walk across the street for bread/pastries at BreadFurst.
  13. Unfortunately that weekend went from difficult to impossible due to book-ended travel on either side. Please enjoy and post some tips!
  14. Less cake-y. I’m not sure how else to describe it. The ratio of cookie to icing is too high.
  15. If you can stretch to four blocks, Go Go Curry is at 38th and 8th. Good Japanese curry in a fast-food-ish environ. That area really is a wasteland for food. Other than that, I'd second the Shake Shack and respectfully disagree on the black and whites at Zaro.
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