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  1. We actually prefer the pork and dill or pork and nappa here. Steamed or fried. Never had anything watery.
  2. Had to do some sleuthing - turns out Pedro and Vinny's replaced the burrito cart I was thinking of. Honest to Goodness Burritos was - as I recall it - started by a lawyer who worked in the building right at that corner. There was an interview in the WaPo where he said he actually made more running the cart than he did working as a corporate attorney. And here's a completely random paper on food regulation in DC (not the WaPo one) with the lawyer's background I just found - page 4. I hadn't realized he was re-opening the cart when I started going there rather than just opening it. Or that DC's street food regulations were that absurd.
  3. Next time I fly to Michigan, I'll try it out. Does anyone remember the burrito cart at 15th and K St. from the late 90's? That was great food. And cheap. And I was poor.
  4. Finally got around to dining here. Really enjoyed the meal and think I'd head back again in the future - certainly to try the duck and burger that everyone raved about. We shared: Scallop crudo - similar to the above comments. Enjoyed the dish - particularly the little garnishes that hit the tongue with little bits of lime. Not sure if these are natural or made by the kitchen, but I enjoyed them. Clam and crisped rice salad - This was just ok. Definitely the least favorite dish of the night. The lemon sort of overpowered all the other flavors except the dairy. The bread - It's dark multi grain bread, but we enjoyed it enough that we almost ordered a second. Agnolotti - Lotus125 described this well. It had a cream sauce but ate fairly light. The fish flavor was there but the roe didn't overpower anything. Lamb - This was the favorite dish of the night. Really well cooked rare lamb that ate almost like a pastrami - that tender. So, so good. Cherry Granita - This was over something that I can't recall right now but served as a very tasty end to the meal. We migrated through wine glasses with the meal, trying a sparkling rose from Spain, California Chardonnay, and the Brouilly. All were solid choices. The service staff were excellent. Casual but welcoming.
  5. No - just no. I love the part about how they're perfect for the physically challenged? Pray tell who can't lift a shot glass but can insert one of these in their own mouth? My own anti-whiskey views played no role in this review.
  6. Probably because it has the same demographics as Bethesda (which you should visit before you complain about your choices) and even closer proximity to the great new places opening up farther east.
  7. These moves make no sense (IMO) until back and front of the house are paid equitably. These moves just make the more highly paid FOH even more highly paid and leave the back of the house massively underpaid.
  8. Non-competes are horrible, horrible things and should be made completely illegal. I wish him the best of luck. No clue on the chance of success in DC, but under MD law, being fired vs. quitting isn't relevant to the suit.
  9. I use to think I traveled a lot for work until I saw this exchange....
  10. Interesting article about House attempt to eliminate the concept of a tipped minimum wage - apologies as it's behind a paywall. While I was not (and am not) supportive of doing this at a local level, I do think the idea has merit at the national level. Could we move away from a tipping culture in the US and simply pay people for doing their jobs well?
  11. Agree that this doesn't really matter. You can use the points for stuff, but they don't have any value to Hilton or Marriott or whomever until you transfer the points to their particular program. Even then, they care about your status (which transfers don't help with) as that indicates ongoing spend with them. Do ask about a day room rate though.
  12. I lived in Bologna and had never tried Pignoletto. I’m here now and did a vineyard tour at a local producer called Manaresi - I’m a convert. The price to value on this thing is a fraction of the industrial production Prosecco we can get in the states (clearly I’m most partial to the Frizzante).
  13. Africa, actually. But the cover.
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