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  1. I go once or twice a month for lunch - new office is right next door. I'm a fan. Mostly stick with the Akira ramen (which I think is a tonkotsu) but have also tried the volcano and the tantanramen (basically dan dan noodles in a broth). Latter is a bit heavy, but all are good to very good. Hope this place does well as the crowds have started to die down a bit - lunch yesterday was in a mostly empty restaurant at 12:30.
  2. When we moved to the Bethesda area over a decade ago I brought my five or six year old daughter to Uncle Julio's (we had been deep in Salvadoran territory in Columbia Heights prior to this). After about five minutes she asked if she had to finish her food because she didn't like it. I had already stopped eating. I'll buy into Cactus Cantina/Lauriol Plaza and ate both places not infrequently, but Uncle Julio's is simply a step too far for me - and yes I've tried it since.
  3. Never - although I constantly look at Capital Wine School's sold out classes - and the wine education dinners at restaurants that I attended and relied on for years are dwindling more and more each year.
  4. zgast

    The Gin & Tonic Project

    In the same vein as DaveO's response, I thought G&T fans would at least enjoy trying the variant at Rasa if they're in the neighborhood. The tonic is infused with Indian spices (not sure of the exact blend) and mixed with Green Hat gin. I've had a couple and enjoyed them.
  5. Ditto to this. The salads have also been quite good each time I've been. The Hot Mess is my favorite. Have also had a couple make your owns, the Margherita, and the Mushroom.
  6. Italy might be perfect for this. Orvieto is within a short drive to most of Tuscany (wine, history, cycling) and is a very pretty walled city. If you want to go more urban you could go full on tourist and do Florence but my off the wall suggestion is Bologna. it's the center of the spoke for Italy's train system, has the best food in all of Italy, and has some phenomenal day trips within 1.5-2 hours either by train or car. It's actually cheaper to fly into than Milan, Venice, or Florence for some odd reason from the States as well. On the car theme, Ferrari and Lamborghini are headquartered nearby.
  7. Caveat: I have no dog in this fight and am watching bemused from across the state line. That being said, I tend to focus on the substance of the policy rather than the actors on one side or another. I absolutely support the idea that those working in restaurants deserve a better living wage. However, this policy targets the wrong part of the house - the one that's more highly compensated by and large! The issue for the owners (again, don't really know any on a personal level in DC) is that they will absolutely bear the cost of this because MD & VA restaurants will not have to do the same thing, which limits the ability of DC restaurants to pass on price increases directly. This is exactly what's happened to MoCo restaurants with the absurd DLC monopoly. They're just structurally less profitable in a business where margins are low anyway.
  8. Great to see you back. Hope the surgery went well.
  9. zgast

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    You could cross-reference the trite foods thread and make a couple things from there. Sort of a meta-critique on criticism.
  10. zgast

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I'm sincerely hoping that you watch Atlanta and that's from whence the Ostrich egg mention stems. Teddy Jenkins episode, specifically. I would love to commit, but may be out of town for work. Will know more as the date approaches.
  11. zgast

    Chinese in Rockville

    Corrected. Can't comment on consistency after one visit but my lunch Dan dan noodles were quite good. Struggling to not fall asleep as the portion size was quite generous. Will definitely head back again.
  12. zgast

    Chinese in Rockville

    I've found China Bistro's dumplings to be incredibly consistent. PC definitely can have an off night - once the dry fried eggplant fell short of transcendent. I actually haven't been much, though, to PC Rockville since Q opened closer to my house. Sadly, I haven't been to Joe's Noodle House at all. Since my new office is in walking distance, though, I intend to correct that in the short term.