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  1. I use to think I traveled a lot for work until I saw this exchange....
  2. Interesting article about House attempt to eliminate the concept of a tipped minimum wage - apologies as it's behind a paywall. While I was not (and am not) supportive of doing this at a local level, I do think the idea has merit at the national level. Could we move away from a tipping culture in the US and simply pay people for doing their jobs well?
  3. Agree that this doesn't really matter. You can use the points for stuff, but they don't have any value to Hilton or Marriott or whomever until you transfer the points to their particular program. Even then, they care about your status (which transfers don't help with) as that indicates ongoing spend with them. Do ask about a day room rate though.
  4. I lived in Bologna and had never tried Pignoletto. I’m here now and did a vineyard tour at a local producer called Manaresi - I’m a convert. The price to value on this thing is a fraction of the industrial production Prosecco we can get in the states (clearly I’m most partial to the Frizzante).
  5. Africa, actually. But the cover.
  6. I have at least two of those songs downloaded to my phone. In my defense, I use one (I'm Blue) to annoy my family. Totally works.
  7. Uber or Lyft. Washington Flyer is the only cab company at Dulles and they run about 50% more than Uber whenever I fly into Dulles, which is 1-2x per month.
  8. Can't relate - never been skinny.
  9. No - but seriously - please take one check and split it yourselves. At a low price point, 30 separate checks are going to take this from low-margin to near money losing for a restaurant given the private room. Credit cards charge a flat fee plus a percentage.
  10. If you're still looking for a last place, I'd put Zaytinya up there. Huge variety of food and a great atmosphere for adults and kids. Respectfully disagree with Eric on the food - it's not Michelin caliber but always a very good meal. It's where all our out of town guests ask to go back to.
  11. I once flew back from Moscow to JFK (this was 20 years ago) when I rolled up to the gate area - after spending 12 hours in the airport as my day trip into Moscow was cancelled due to the horrific apartment bombings that day - it was almost entirely couples with infants and small toddlers. According to the gate agent, this was the flight that adoptive parents took to bring their newly adopted children - who didn't know their new parents or understand a word they were saying - to the US. I was stuck between a couple with 18 month old twins who they had now spent three days with. I'd discovered a circle that Dante failed to describe in his famous book. That being said, I think asking parents not to fly with their children is not realistic. Suck it up. That's why God made wine and earplugs.
  12. Did she not get to anything out there today? It's like the Energizer Bunny developed a wicked backhand all of a sudden.
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