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  1. I just looked at the menu (only the terrace menu is available, so can't comment on inside dining as it's not open at the moment). Someone may need to convince me since the 'snacks' start at around £22 (about $30) with entrees up to £125 (albeit for steak for two). If I'm paying that much for outside dining, I want views and ambiance, not a department store. I'll check out the inside dining menu when it's back online, although I'm unlikely to do much indoor dining until I'm fully vaccinated at the end of July.
  2. Truly sucks. Not sure what more one can do - but it's horrible that someone thinks that this is ok.
  3. I never made it past the Quenelles for an appetizer. Always meant to try other things, but then they just called me - softly, subtly, but oh so nicely.
  4. Finding a place that's open for outdoor dining in West Chester was a bit harder than I anticipated. Mercato has been pretty good in the past - https://www.mercatowc.com/ If it were me, I'd probably go to Gadaleto's, which is a seafood store run by a former chef just outside of West Chester (closer to the gardens). They are doing a takeout menu now to replace the business they've lost as a restaurant supplier. Eat outside nearby as it's mostly fried or sautéed, but I can vouch that we've never had anything that wasn't very good from there and my kids demand their crab cakes and salmon ev
  5. The Mexican places near the gardens are better than one might guess in ex-urban Pennsylvania. Evidently the mushroom farms have spurred a mini-Little Mexico in the area. Can't really flag anything more upscale unless you're willing to go past Longwood towards West Chester. Dilworthtown Inn was great, but now closed. I'm sure you know, but getting off at Exit 93 and taking Rt 1 up is a much nicer drive than continuing up I-95. My parents live up in this area, so we're old hat at this.
  6. Benefits of having a post, but near-teen child - I know this one. It means exactly what @Keithstg said. If you want to see it's use in the wild, can I recommend this song, which really pushed up the term's usage by being repeated on TikTok approximately 47 million times an hour last summer. Just imagine yourself trying to do some goofy dance in front of a phone recording you to get the real picture. It does contain some foul language, so don't view if you're easily offended or under the age of 18. Nowhere near as foul as her duet with Cardi B. Don't google that one if you're at work.
  7. This is one of the guiltiest pleasures of parenting. Show them something they won’t be able to afford for years. About ten years ago my family got a 4 person upgrade to business class on our flight back to the US. I actually posted a picture saying this may be the worst thing that ever happened to me as a parent. Well - several upgrades later (BA is liberal with these when you’ve got Gold status) we took a train trip to Venice for Carnival. My 4 year old lost his s!^t in his seat. Once we calmed him down he explained that his seat was broken because it wouldn’t turn into a bed so he could slee
  8. God that looks good. 5 months on from my last restaurant meal (other than what can be delivered).
  9. Don't ever, ever read the comments. Anywhere.
  10. Anyone know a recipe for making something similar at home? Thinking of breaking out my souls vide to give that a try. Roast breast always seems to dry out. Perhaps I’m just overcooking it.
  11. The pectin is exactly what I was thinking of - basically how do you keep it thin? Thanks for the links!
  12. @DonRocks - The WSJ must be reading your posts! What Is the Brobdingnagian Base? The phrase, a nod to ‘Gulliver’s Travels,’ describes a stock-price pattern that some analysts believe is particularly bullish
  13. Would Ray mind if you shared it here? I've been experimenting with simple syrups and would love to try a cranberry one.
  14. Yes! We've appeared to have a breakthrough with our blanditarian son. And it all started with Szechuan peanut sauce (little sweet, a little spicy), which opened him up to the idea that flavor might not be all bad. Specifically it was Jade peanut sauce, but we've made our own and even branched out into dan dan noodles and currries since. Salmon remains king in our house too. Teriyaki, preferably.
  15. Terrifying. Eagerly awaiting the vaccine.
  16. I'm going to defer to Andy for this one. Who buys these things? Last time I lived in London, I almost rented a place near Harrods. After returning in the evening to check out the neighborhood, the constant rumble, then acceleration, of car engines was noticeable and quite annoying. Turns out there are individuals who still turn out every afternoon/evening in the vicinity of Harrod's to show off their Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, whatever. Almost as bad as the planes constantly flying over Richmond that made us say - no way.
  17. We saved over $100 per month dropping cable (and phone). Our bill was a bit inflated since I wouldn't do a two year contract, but the savings are real. We went from 100 Mbps to 1Gb internet (not that we ever got that speed level as we discovered the wiring in our house couldn't go that fast and wifi sure couldn't 3-4 years ago) and still had those savings.
  18. I'd agree with this. We're debating a rotation strategy for our streaming services so that we have access to say D+ for 3 months, then HBO Max, then whatever is next. It fits with the way we binge.
  19. Same here. Except production was closed and all you could do was buy bags of chips in the lobby. All part of what my family still describes as the worst vacation ever.
  20. Not Red Truck, but drooling thinking of the apple hand pies that Jeff Heineman made at Grapeseed. Damn, I miss him and the great food he made.
  21. I would be fascinated to know how this tastes. Was quite thrown off by the white wine appearing black. Unfortunately, I have no clue how you should go about tasting this.
  22. We did. 14 days in 900 sq ft. It sucked. Figured getting kicked out of the UK 2 months into a 5 year job wouldn’t be the smartest move. UK is in lockdown now so no reason to travel here. You couldn’t do anything anyway. I do think quarantines will move to 5-7 days plus a test, which may make the whole thing more doable.
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