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  1. My Mom's internment at Arlington National Cemetery will be taking place this coming Wednesday, February 24th. She's been reunited with my Dad, in spirit, since December 1st, and now will be reunited in body, after a very understandable wait, in ANC. We've been blessed (at least as of right now) with a very pleasant weather forecast for Wednesday. Internment will take place at 1pm. Looking for suggestions for restaurants close by. I cook for a living, and Mom was my guinea pig for years, from the time I entered culinary school in 1998 right up 'til her last days (we lived together and I was her full-time primary caregiver for the last several years). As such, looking primarily for great food, regardless of 'level' (example: I have very strong ties with the Black's Restaurant Group, and I know Black Salt isn't far from ANC, but by no means do suggestions have to be at that level - 'bang for your buck' is perfectly fine. Although the weather looks to be beautiful that day, not anticipating many people, due to C-19. Thanks so much, in advance, for your help!
  2. Deleted (posted here by accident instead of creating a new Thread).
  3. Hi, Dean! Huge fan of Panda, not a huge fan of the location. Having dined at both Panda and sister restaurant Xi'an in Rockville, and seeing no appreciable difference between the two from a cuisine standpoint, would it be reasonable to consider seeing which venue would draw the most interest? Just an idea I wanted to throw out there. Thanks for trying to get some group dinners going!
  4. Going tonight w HS baseball player son. Seats are Section 108. What are the recommended options for food and both adult and young-adult bevs. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone give a complete run-down of the Happy Hour experience at Sushi Taro? I've heard it's only at the counter, but am unsure about what's offered. Ive heard it can be a wait-in-line situation, which I'm loath to do, but would consider, if the whole menu is available at 50% off, which folks I've spoken to about it are remarkably unclear in their responses...would be most grateful for any 1sthand experience anecdotes. Thanks!
  6. The LH T is a little outside my personal price comfort level for trying something, but I feel really great about the Rioja I picked up today and am enjoying right now: C.V.N.E. Vina Real Crianza 2014 ($16). Brought in from car and uncorked right away. I like mine a little chilly, and to warm as I drink them. From @Pool Boy's wine-related posts I've read here and there, I gather he enjoys red wines at appropriate temps (slightly cooler than often served), so I think he'd have liked it how I poured it. Surprised me how smooth and easy to quaff. Started feeling it (admittedly on a somewhat empty stomach), and checked the abv (13.5%). Pleasantly surprised that it drank with much more finesse than I expected. Very much like a cool-climate PN, imho. $16 is an easy experiment price. Interested in what you think, if you try...and always interested in anything Mark Slater has to say. Sorry for the hijack...🍷
  7. Soft opening Rockvllle today, 3pm. To the best of my knowledge this has not been announced publicly...they were pasting a handwritten sign on the front door a few hours ago when I was driving through the plaza.
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