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  1. Hi, Dean! Huge fan of Panda, not a huge fan of the location. Having dined at both Panda and sister restaurant Xi'an in Rockville, and seeing no appreciable difference between the two from a cuisine standpoint, would it be reasonable to consider seeing which venue would draw the most interest? Just an idea I wanted to throw out there. Thanks for trying to get some group dinners going!
  2. Going tonight w HS baseball player son. Seats are Section 108. What are the recommended options for food and both adult and young-adult bevs. Thanks!
  3. Can anyone give a complete run-down of the Happy Hour experience at Sushi Taro? I've heard it's only at the counter, but am unsure about what's offered. Ive heard it can be a wait-in-line situation, which I'm loath to do, but would consider, if the whole menu is available at 50% off, which folks I've spoken to about it are remarkably unclear in their responses...would be most grateful for any 1sthand experience anecdotes. Thanks!
  4. The LH T is a little outside my personal price comfort level for trying something, but I feel really great about the Rioja I picked up today and am enjoying right now: C.V.N.E. Vina Real Crianza 2014 ($16). Brought in from car and uncorked right away. I like mine a little chilly, and to warm as I drink them. From @Pool Boy's wine-related posts I've read here and there, I gather he enjoys red wines at appropriate temps (slightly cooler than often served), so I think he'd have liked it how I poured it. Surprised me how smooth and easy to quaff. Started feeling it (admittedly on a somewhat empty
  5. Soft opening Rockvllle today, 3pm. To the best of my knowledge this has not been announced publicly...they were pasting a handwritten sign on the front door a few hours ago when I was driving through the plaza.
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