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  1. Okay, long shot here, some eight years since the last post: The McLean Giant usually has the half sours, bless their heart. But where can I find Ba Tampte Wonder Peppers (note: not their hot peppers; these are sweet bell peppers marinated like no one else's)? I used to find them at Moti's in Rockville and, perhaps many years ago at the Shalom market in Wheaton (haven't checked there recently). Ba Tampte's web site is not helpful.
  2. Although I don't remember candy there, I'm going to guess Lazy Sundae, now at its third location and now called Lazy Mike's.
  3. I was 21 and in OCS at Newport, RI. As officer candidates we were eligible to use the Officers' Club. Not just any Officers' Club, this was the one across the street from the Naval War College. Thick with Captains and Admirals. The saying in the Navy is the only thing lower than an Ensign is whale poop, and that is at the bottom of the ocean. Well, OCs are apparently somewhere between ensigns and whale poop, but there I was at one of the Navy's poshest clubs, perhaps with admirals. (We had to be in uniform, but real officers could wear civvies there, so I rarely knew the rank of the guy at the next table.) Almost literally straight off the farm in Minnesota, I was unfamiliar with seafood aside from Mrs. Paul's and the freshwater fish from our local lakes. But in Newport I had my first shrimp cocktail and my first steamed clams. (I fell in love.) The waitstaff treated us larval-stage officers with all the courtesy they showed senior officers. I'm sure I made lots of naive choices and asked stupid questions ("And for wine, could I have a nice little bordello, please?"). It's a lovely memory.
  4. I've also noticed some toughness of bottom crust recently. But not all the time. Couldn't discern a pattern, but eventually decided that life is too short to be eating tough pie crust. It's a shame, because until then I considered their pies among the best I'd had. (Randolph's tarts, etc. are excellent, but pies are not their main focus.) (I got some great pie in Leesburg at Mom's Apple Pie, but I don't get out that way much.)
  5. Just discovered Vinh Kee. (Oddly, I had ignored it, even though it's right there in plain sight by the old Loehman's Plaza.) Good selection of Dim Sum's Great Hits (and if you don't see what you want, just ask--as we did and got some excellent green beans). Even on a Sunday the place is relaxed and you can actually hear your dining companions. Recommend highly.
  6. Backyard Barbecue is closed as of this week. Bad news. They were great neighbors. But their location will be taken over by the owners of Alexandria's Smoking Kow. Good news! Place will be dark for a while during the transition. (Meanwhile, get your ribs at Peking Pavilion next door.)
  7. Mmmm...Fried clams with tots, preferably at an outdoor table. Perhaps not today, but soon, soon. Owners are great; really into the community. And those clams and tots.
  8. Atami. Where the CVS now is. And while we're memory flogging, what was the name of the Chinese carryout in what looks like it once was a Little Tavern? They had great sweet and sour cabbage.
  9. Oh, now you've gone and made me do actual research. The department store was Pacific Department Store, at the corner of Wilson and Highland. The restaurant whose name I couldn't remember was Cafe Saigon, notable for its orange beef and beef with grape leaves. I believe My An (I recall that's where I ate my first pho) moved and became Nam Viet. Cafe Dalat had a marvelous all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that was unbelievably affordable. Queen Bee benefited from a lot of good press, but the cuisine at CD was superior. And Nam Viet was and still is excellent. We loved Little Viet Garden and were sad to see it close, then gladdened to see it reappear at Eden, only to have it close again. (It never seemed to regain its old magic there.) Now I'm hungry for cha gio. But I always am. And if you find out if and where those people from Cafe Dalat are still cooking,please broadcast it.
  10. There were at least two others: My An and one whose name I forget but it was where the Indian place is now opposite the Metro entrance. And there was also a lunch counter at the Asian department store.
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