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  1. Padaek this past weekend was great and super easy. Order online and pickup only takes a few seconds. The Ping Muu was delicious, Tam Mak Houng was spicy hot in the best of addictives ways. The flavors of the crispy catfish were amazing. I wish we knew all the herbs that were included. It would have been perfect in the restaurant, just suffered slightly from being in the packaging on the ride home.
  2. I will pile on the recommendations for the takeout at Tail Up Goat. We got it a few weeks ago before they opened the dining room. The lamb was phenomenal (as always) and the dessert was perfect (as always). Amazing deal for $45. I'm happy to see they're keeping the takeout going for now as dining in isn't really an option for us for a while. More than happy to do takeout though and support a favorite place of ours until we can go back in person.
  3. We got a takeout feast from 2Amys last night. Porchetta sandwich, bean salad, anchovies, two pizzas, and sorbet. Everything was delicious and traveled well. We re-crisped the pizza in the oven when we were ready to eat. A bit of a schlep for us as well but well worth the effort.
  4. We recently ate at Estadio and had a lovely dinner. It's an old favorite of ours from way back when and we were happy to discover it's still so enjoyable. We went on a Saturday and the place was packed. Gin and tonics are a must for us and they didn't disappoint. We had a selection of some old favorites and some dishes we hadn't ever tried. All great. The menu is the same as years ago, but why change? We go here every year or so to eat well and to feel nostalgic for all those tapas we once ate in Spain. I'd be disappointed if they got rid of the classics.
  5. We returned to the U St location after a long absence. Our general impression was that the flavors were not as good as before. Still tasty, but not as overwhelmingly impressive. The salted caramel just didn't pack as much flavor as I remember. Also didn't like that they changed the ordering options. You used to be able to order as many small scoops as you want and pay by the scoop. Now the scoops are bigger, and you have to order one, two or three from the set price list no matter what. Not as convenient if, like us, you want to try as many flavors as possible.
  6. We lived in Woodley Park for a while and I think you answered your own question: "conference attendees and zoo traffic." That's a lot of foot traffic and you've got to appeal to the masses. We never went to any of the places in Woodey Park itself, wasn't worth it. Our only two exceptions were the breakfast buffet at the Omni (but don't tell all the tourists waiting at Open City) and the Gin Joint back in it's heyday.
  7. The Queen B's at Buttercream are delicious. We were craving them last week after having recently had an incredible Kougin Amann in Montreal, at the aptly named Patisserie au Kougin Amann. The version in Montreal is different, it's a large disk, about 14" across, that they slice into wedges and serve. It might be the most amazing bite of food I've ever had. After having one piece we immediately ordered another, and then went back the next morning and ordered two more. The Queen B's are very good, but not quite the same thing since they're baked as individual portions. Also, Buttercream Bakeshop is an absolutely gem. Couldn't find a thread on it, but they consistently put out some of the best baked goods around.
  8. I'm not sure why, it's readily available. Maybe too off topic but we buy Benton's bacon directly on their website to eat at home. Including shipping it's $13.50 a pound. It's a steal. The bacon at our local farmers market is $16 a pound and not nearly as good.
  9. We went for dinner last week and were thoroughly impressed. The food was outstanding and the service was impeccable. The balance of flavors, textures and temperatures on all of our dishes was perfect. We had the 4 course menu, which was plenty of food, and the little extras they gave us along the way were a great touch (including a generous pour of a desert wine). We prefer cocktails over wine, and ordered two of their signatures, both well-balanced and complex enough to keep me sipping happily throughout the meal. Fiola is an outstanding restaurant and deserves its star, but is the food worth what we paid? It depends. Even though we loved our meal there we probably wouldn't have gone had we not been given a gift card (hello daycare!). We were discussing at dinner that as good as the food was, was it twice as good as places we've eaten that cost half as much? Probably not, but that's an objective measure for something that is inherently subjective. It felt like we were paying for the service as much as the food, which isn't a bad thing. The service and ambiance at Fiola were incredible, and certainly made our evening very memorable.
  10. We enjoyed our dinner here the other night. It's not traditional sushi, but we're not sushi purists. The food was tasty and the service was great, that's all that matters. We had the smoked salmon tataki, octopus salad, crab salad, creamy scallop roll, headhunter roll (eel), and several pieces of nigiri. Best bite of the night, hands down, was fresh uni from Hokkaido. Everything else was very good, but hard to top that. We thought the dishes were well composed and there was a particular focus on texture. The creamy scallop roll surprised me with how well the contrasting textures worked together. Drinks and desserts were fine, nothing special, but good enough to accompany the rest of the meal. The standouts were clearly the fish, as it should be.
  11. Thai Square continues to be at the top of their game. I'm not sure if they do delivery anymore, but it's close enough to our house that we often get takeout. We've probably had 15 or so dishes over the past couple months and finished every bite of all of them. Crispy duck and papaya salad are still highlights. I also really like the green curry, especially with the small eggplants they use. The menu has a huge variety of spice levels. The pad see ew had no kick and was a bit sweet. The country curry and pad ped moo pa are two of the spiciest dishes I've ever had.
  12. We've tried all three soups and the chicken wings with coconut rice. I think the Mee Kathi is our favorite, definitely with the tofu. The chicken wings are spicy but addicting, I only wish they'd come with more pickles. We've been twice and they've hooked us as regulars, especially since our son likes being in the food court so much. At noon on a Sunday I think every table eating Lao food (including us) also had a stroller.
  13. Many thanks to those who posted above about how good the takeout at Haandi is. We were craving Indian food the other night and infant bedtimes meant takeout was in the cards. After some quick searching through the forums it was an easy decision. Lamb vindaloo, chicken biryani and a stuffed naan. All great! We even had leftovers for the next day.
  14. We're fans as well. Went here for the first time last week and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We had smashed cucumber, okra, carrots, duck, and fish curry, with lime pie for dessert. Every dish was spot on, but our favorite was the carrots. Can a carrot be that good? When it's cooked that well with those sauces - yes. Food is always the focus, but a lot of thought about everything else clearly went into making this place what it is. The dining room is open but not too loud. The service was excellent. The staff are friendly without being stiff, and the 90's rap playing on the speakers made me smile.
  15. This place is great! I love the sign, I love the small space, and I love how when you walk in you just see hundreds of pies right in front of you. What could possibly be a more welcoming sight? The quiches and savory pies had great flavor combinations. The sweet pies were outstanding. And the crust on everything was delicious of course, beautifully buttery and flaky. So often dessert pies are sickly sweet but the three we tried here were perfectly balanced. My favorite was definitely the key lime. We got mini 4 inches, but afterwards realized they sell some flavors by the slice. We'll know for next time as I suspect that yields a better crust to filling ratio.
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