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  1. We enjoyed our dinner here the other night. It's not traditional sushi, but we're not sushi purists. The food was tasty and the service was great, that's all that matters. We had the smoked salmon tataki, octopus salad, crab salad, creamy scallop roll, headhunter roll (eel), and several pieces of nigiri. Best bite of the night, hands down, was fresh uni from Hokkaido. Everything else was very good, but hard to top that. We thought the dishes were well composed and there was a particular focus on texture. The creamy scallop roll surprised me with how well the contrasting textures worked together. Drinks and desserts were fine, nothing special, but good enough to accompany the rest of the meal. The standouts were clearly the fish, as it should be.
  2. Thai Square continues to be at the top of their game. I'm not sure if they do delivery anymore, but it's close enough to our house that we often get takeout. We've probably had 15 or so dishes over the past couple months and finished every bite of all of them. Crispy duck and papaya salad are still highlights. I also really like the green curry, especially with the small eggplants they use. The menu has a huge variety of spice levels. The pad see ew had no kick and was a bit sweet. The country curry and pad ped moo pa are two of the spiciest dishes I've ever had.
  3. We've tried all three soups and the chicken wings with coconut rice. I think the Mee Kathi is our favorite, definitely with the tofu. The chicken wings are spicy but addicting, I only wish they'd come with more pickles. We've been twice and they've hooked us as regulars, especially since our son likes being in the food court so much. At noon on a Sunday I think every table eating Lao food (including us) also had a stroller.
  4. Many thanks to those who posted above about how good the takeout at Haandi is. We were craving Indian food the other night and infant bedtimes meant takeout was in the cards. After some quick searching through the forums it was an easy decision. Lamb vindaloo, chicken biryani and a stuffed naan. All great! We even had leftovers for the next day.
  5. We're fans as well. Went here for the first time last week and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We had smashed cucumber, okra, carrots, duck, and fish curry, with lime pie for dessert. Every dish was spot on, but our favorite was the carrots. Can a carrot be that good? When it's cooked that well with those sauces - yes. Food is always the focus, but a lot of thought about everything else clearly went into making this place what it is. The dining room is open but not too loud. The service was excellent. The staff are friendly without being stiff, and the 90's rap playing on the speakers made me smile.
  6. This place is great! I love the sign, I love the small space, and I love how when you walk in you just see hundreds of pies right in front of you. What could possibly be a more welcoming sight? The quiches and savory pies had great flavor combinations. The sweet pies were outstanding. And the crust on everything was delicious of course, beautifully buttery and flaky. So often dessert pies are sickly sweet but the three we tried here were perfectly balanced. My favorite was definitely the key lime. We got mini 4 inches, but afterwards realized they sell some flavors by the slice. We'll know for next time as I suspect that yields a better crust to filling ratio.
  7. Amazing! Can't believe it took us so long to drive to down to Springfield to check this place out. Best Afghan food we've had in the area. Surprised to see it so packed on a Tuesday night, but they were kind enough to squeeze us in without a reservation. We split kadoo bouraanee, mantu dumplings, vegetarian platter, braised lamb shank, and chicken lawaan. All incredible. The chicken stew was especially good I thought. The kadoo turnovers were addictive, I easily could have eaten another 5 of them. This place is a gem.
  8. We went for a hot pot lunch at Mala Tang over the weekend. Overall, very tasty and we'll definitely be back. Dan dan noodles and pork dumplings for appetizers, both great. I thought the dan dan noodles were particularly good, spicy and loads of flavor all at once with great texture on the noodles. We all wanted spicy broth, but they still give individual bowls anyway. Not a complaint at all, just different from how I've had hot pot elsewhere. All the veggies and meats were fresh and well prepared. Broth was very good. Could even have used a bit more mala, but we also didn't notice the fix-in bar until well into the meal. An oversight on our part. Service was prompt and friendly. We'll definitely be back again soon, especially to try more of the non-hot pot menu.
  9. A few friends and I went to check out The Block last weekend. Overall, fun atmosphere, lots of choices and good food. We got there at 11:45 on a Sunday and by noon all seats were taken. Lots of people also just stopping in to get something to go. We tried pork belly buns (good, but the pork could have been a bit more tender), chicken nuggets (deliciously crispy and spicy), chicken rice (my favorite), poke (didn't try this one but everyone else was impressed), Thai tea boba (I'm a sucker for this anywhere, but this was a very good version), and ice cream (good stuff, especially the coconut). The ice cream place does donut sandwiches, but we were too full. I like the anachronism of this place in its location. Our country would be much better off if abandoned stripmalls everywhere were converted to Asian food halls.
  10. Weekday dinner here the other night. We hadn't been since just after they first opened. A lot has changed. First, no ramen. Second, pretty pricey. In general all the dishes we had were good, but nothing wowed us and nothing was worth the price tag. We were a little surprised by the menu, when I think of Momofuku and David Chang I don't think of Hangar steak with bernaise. Is this thrown on there for the tourists? We enjoyed our first visit long ago but now it just feels like it's regressed to the middle. I don't know what to make of it, but then I again I don't know what to make of most of CCDC. Who exactly is shopping at all those luxury stores?
  11. Ate here last week with a couple friends. I had the bogan bun. Also tried a bite of the hot tiger bun. Everyone agreed they were good, but not amazing. We also tried the spice bag at the suggestion of our waiter. Also good, but messy and the fries weren't quite crispy enough (a cardinal sin according to my wife). Service, however, was excellent. Small, but good, selection of happy hour drinks. I'd go again if I was in the neighborhood and wanted a burger, but wouldn't make a special trip for it from where we are in VA.
  12. We stopped by for dinner recently and very much enjoyed it. We had bolani, mantoo beef dumplings, buranee kadoo, and morgh kebab. All very good. Kadoo is a particular favorite of ours and the version here is a little different than we've had elsewhere, with the pumpkin kept in large chunks instead of pureed, but cooked until is was soft and sweet. Very tasty with the yogurt sauce. We finished with the dessert special of the day, a pistachio and pomegranate cake. Delicious as well. More french with Afghan flavors, expected since the chef at Malmaison prepares the desserts. Topped with pomegranate seeds that were very well soaked in alcohol. The dining room is very full, with as many tables as can possibly fit. When it's full, as it was when we were there, this makes for a bit louder background noise - you have to speak with a slightly raised voice to be heard across the table. But the space is inviting, the service is good, and the staff are very friendly.
  13. Jeni's is delicious, no doubt about it. Friendly service who let me try a few too many samples before deciding. I really like that you can get as many half scoops as you want to try as many flavors as you're up for. Brown butter almond brittle and Pistachio & honey were the standouts for us. We've tried Jubilee but think Jeni's is a step above. I admit we haven't tried 2Amy's (didn't know people thought so highly of the ice cream until recently), but at the moment Jeni's is definitely at the top of our DC list. For several years now we've lamented the lack of an ice cream place in DC to rival our favorite of all time, Toscanini's in Cambridge, MA. Glad to find out that we've finally got one.
  14. Went here for dinner the other night. We only tried three of the tacos but they were very good (asada, al pastor, and carnitas). It's counter service, very casual, with very friendly staff. The tacos were full of flavor and the meats were perfectly cooked. Both green and red salsas served with everything were delicious, spicy in the best of ways. They've also got huaraches, tortas, and quesadillas, as well as several other meat fillings. We'll definitely be back to try out some more of the menu.
  15. We enjoyed an amazing dinner here a few weeks ago to celebrate our anniversary. We first ate here in February and were blown away, couldn't wait for an excuse to come back in summer and try a different menu. Pasta with trout roe and squash blossoms - wonderfully creative and unexpected dish. The strachiatella (with peaches and oats right now) was rich and delicious. The star of the show for us this time was the lamb ribs though: fig puree, with olives and yogurt sauce. Service was incredible as always. They brought us the wrong pasta dish and immediately said we should enjoy it as a treat while they prepped the one we ordered. In no time they brought it over with more apologies. Amazing drinks, amazing food, amazing service: can't wait for another excuse to go back again.
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