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  1. An unplanned visit to Alborz with my friend's Persian friend led me to quite a surprise. At first look, this unsuspecting Persian Kabob joint looked like a liquor store. However, once you are inside, it is quite an amazing contrast. As far as service is concerned, they are obviously very proud of their restaurant and their food that you feel the sincerity in their hospitality. One other noticeable attribute of this place is that Persians actually eat there. That is a great sign. The menu is pretty simple, pricing is about the same as Moby Dick's. However, these folks serve Cornish Hen kabob. Apart from the bones on this smaller cousin of the chicken we are accustomed to, the Cornish Hen actually tastes magnificent. Also, not in the menu is tahdig with gheymeh. Ask for it. It's the crispy rice from the bottom of the rice cooker, and they serve it with a tomato based meat stew. Yummy! I have since brought my Egyptian friend in this place who just moved here from Egypt a few months back. Let me tell you, this uncompromising friend of mine actually felt very happy with the taste. According to him "this is close to the real deal, man". I think that's a great sign. I since brought my very particular foodie connoisseur friend who is also a Don Rockwell rockstar. And she liked it as well. Score! Give it a try. Google it up! Alborz, McLean, VA
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