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  1. was here with two others and ended up with the bread, scallop crudo, kanpachi crudo, champon noodles, fried chicken, jewel bowl (the uni dish maybe?), and the pb&j panna cotta. no salting issues, everything was varying levels of fantastic. i can walk here from home, so i'll be here a lot.
  2. lots of places you flush poop but not toilet paper. here's a guide for your travels: https://wheredoiputthepaper.com.
  3. it's good, especially in a neighborhood where there's not much, let alone late-night options. it doesn't beat the Arlington favs.
  4. if Sietsema's review is correct and the food is that good, yet it closes in 12 months, Borgognone was probably right.
  5. this was pretty fantastic. i'll definitely be returning. wife and i popped in for an impromptu dinner. everything we ordered was good at minimum and most were great. we started with cocktails - the Viens Avec Moi (gin, green chartreuse, citrus, absinthe, pineapple cordial - $13) for me and the Bresca French 75 (honey gin, clarified citrus, bee nectar, champagne syrup - $13) for her. both of these were outstanding. my wife remarked that she may enjoy the still take on the French 75 more than the classic. we ordered a myriad of dishes and our waitress divided them into an appetizer course and a main course. for the appetizer course, we had the Buckwheat Pancakes (parsley root ice cream, trout roe, herbs and flowers - $25). this was pretty good, though not perfect. the ice cream and caviar were on the cold side of their respective expected temperatures. the flavors worked well enough, but i felt the execution could be better. next was the Nantucket Scallop Crudo (yuzu, asian pear, ponzu, charred scallion - $17). this was outstanding. just the ingredients alone make this a superlative dish, but it really was executed perfectly. the scallop was fresh and delicious and paired so well with the asian flavors without being overwhelmed by them (as something delicate can be if you just pour ponzu on it). final appetizer was the Foie Gras "PB&J" (madeleines, concord grape, celery - $17). and just holy crap. this was outstanding. i'm a sucker for foie gras in any form, but this was the essence of a super rich and decadent "PB&J". the house baked madeleines were still warm to the touch and were divine. this is a must order on every trip. another round of drinks was the Boisson Royale (dark rum, cognac, pandan cordial, lime, strawberry bitters - $13), a take on a tiki type of flavor it seems without the cloyingness of the imitators pervading DC right now, and the 1906 Old Fashioned (bourbon, creme de yvette, bee nectar, bitters - $12) -- which, well, what can you say about an old fashioned, but it is really good with the creme de yvette - a welcome floral note. the two main courses were the Koji Veal Breast (kuri squash, apple, kohlrabi, pumpkin seed & oil - $21) and the Sea Urchin Linguini (truffle, chili, yeast butter, porcini - $22). the veal was perfectly cooked - tender and a mix of unctuous fat with the breast meat worked perfectly with the accompaniments. i share this thread's concerns about the linguini, but ultimately, it was one of my favorite dishes. yes, the uni gets lost in the dish -- i actually heeded this thread's advice and isolated the uni pieces to have with a small bite of noodles rather than attempting to mix it in. but the pasta without the uni is just so divine. i'd order this every time at $16 with no urchin. the desserts received high billing so we also shared one Foie Gras Cake Pop (hazelnut, chocolate, amaretto, gold - $5) and Tropical Ambrosia (tapioca, mango, meringue, passion fruit - $11). the cake pop was the best cake pop you'll ever have. it was reminiscent of the Foie Gras Snickers at Chicago's Aviary. if starbucks sold these i'd be 500 pounds heavier. the Ambrosia is my subjectively perfect dessert. light, but with the meringue and tapioca to ground it with some substance. tropical fruits are my favorite, and passionfruit tapioca is every bit as good as i wanted it to be. i'd absolutely return, and want to try some of the other dishes, particularly the seafood ones. i also find the prices incredibly reasonable given the ingredients used and compared to other tapas places (even other tapas places just on 14th Street NW).
  6. you could have saved us argument time if you would have said upfront "I don't like proper cheesesteaks" tbh diet dr pepper is great tho
  7. easily my least favorite foie gras in DC trend
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