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  1. A friend and I spent the weekend trying three recent additions to the Northern Virginia hot chicken scene - it just so happens that all three have an Asian influence thrown in for good measure. Here are our results: 🥉Mama Mei's (inside The Block food hall in Annandale) wings look perfect - great color, slight shine, and good size. While the skin is pleasantly crispy and the meat is juicy, the flavor is dominated by oil and not very interesting - even the spiciest level ("hot mama") barely registers. Highlight is the hot honey walnut nuggs - chicken nuggets mixed with candied walnuts and b
  2. Friends and I are doing a version of Hot Ones this summer - we've procured a selection of hot sauces, so now we need the chicken. My first thought is to just buy a pile of pre-cooked wings from some place and then heat and toss at home, but of course I want them to be plain vehicles for sauce - any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. At the risk of overrating a place that has been underrated in the past, my low expectations were blown away this past Saturday night. My party of 4 had 6:45 reservations (and needed them - the nondescript exterior makes Buck's seem less lively than it was that night, at least) and we stayed until almost 9, not least because we enjoyed our meal so much. Great for out-of-town guests with less adventurous palates (hey, one man's boring is another man's safe), the menu is simple, homey, and almost perfectly executed. Deviled Eggs were unremarkable (not bad! just had better), but Gordy’s Frie
  4. Surprised to see no discussion about this place beyond a final post in the old L'Enfant Cafe thread. Hoping to check it out this weekend and wondering if anyone has recommendations. Write-ups in Washingtonian, Eater, City Paper, and the Post all skew very positive.
  5. If there was any additional seasoning/marinade, it was very minimal - some (most?) places didn't even seem to use much of a batter beyond flour. Henry's (top right above) had the most substantial batter and complex seasoning, but even that was fairly subtle.
  6. Hey all, the runner-up was Henry's Soul Cafe (my personal choice) and the overall winner was Eddie Leonard. Howard China and Full Yum were pretty good, Jerry's and Andy's less so. Yum's was in the middle of frying up a party order of 150 wings, so we had to skip them. We were surprised by the variation across mumbo sauces - at worst, it was glorified ketchup, and at best, something like traditional* American-Chinese sweet and sour sauce or Chick-fil-A's Polynesian sauce. Eddie Leonard's had an almost fermented "zing" that didn't necessarily taste great on its own, but complemented the chi
  7. Don, I saw this discussion in the Shopping and Cooking topic, but I thought my taste test might merit its own discussion in the Restaurants and Dining topic. As always, I defer to your expertise if you think this post should be shuffled elsewhere. This coming weekend, inspired by this video and article, some friends and I are heading out to compare several versions of mumbo/mambo sauce. I made a map of 11 restaurants and plotted a course that will hit 7 of them in about 4 miles of walking, weather permitting: http://bit.ly/mumbomap I also made a simple scorecard that you're free
  8. Tim Carman just posted a fairly positive write-up of this latest franchise from the Tennessee-based chain. Having dined at a couple of the Memphis-area locations over the years, my expectations are very high and I will be investigating shortly. It's pretty spicy (but nothing like Nashville Hot) fried chicken and typical southern sides (menu here) in a relaxed atmosphere - at the downtown Memphis location, it was common to see folks waiting on a table with a 40oz bottle of malt liquor from the shop around the corner. Opening this thread in the hopes that someone has beaten me to the s
  9. Visit was tainted a bit because they claimed they couldn't process my Groupon since it was printed (as opposed to displayed via the app). I try to put the food above all else, but that was very frustrating. Waitress was extremely nice, but the tight basement space made the few loud patrons at the bar absolutely overpower the room. I had the egusi with goat and a side of jollof rice. The entree (menu: "Ground melon seeds cooked with spinach and palm oil") was very good, but I was especially impressed with the rice ("cooked in mild tomato sauce and savory seasonings") - very flavorful and
  10. I'm trying Appioo for dinner tonight and was surprised to find no discussion on here. Anyone been? Recommendations? It's billed as African but seems to be Ghanaian - a cuisine I'm not familiar with. I will report back on this thread later this evening or tomorrow. Appioo on Facebook "A Taste of Ghana in DC: Appioo African Bar and Grill" by Jaimee Swift on blackfoodie.co
  11. Planning to check out the outdoor market at Union Station tomorrow and looking for recommendations. Does that location have the same menu as their Georgia Ave location?
  12. Full disclosure: this review is biased by the fact that last night's dinner was my first experience with Uyghur cuisine and my wife and I let our Uyghur friend order for us in the language. That being said, I think this restaurant is a unique opportunity for our region and everyone on this board should give it a shot. We were the only customers in there for an early dinner (4:30-6:30) on Thursday, so I hope that they get more traffic during peak hours. I didn't take pictures of our meal, so the links below are to Yelp pictures from other users. We started with the Uyghur style salad - our
  13. I have reservations at the Dabney at 6:30pm tomorrow, with time to kill when I get off work at 4pm. Can/should I walk in the Columbia Room at 5pm? Or just Lost & Found happy hour at 4pm? Or Baby Wale at 5... Thanks in advance for filling me in.
  14. I had been to the Charlottesville restaurant a handful of times, but last night was my first experience at the Rockville location. I split a few dishes with my vegetarian wife, so I can't comment on the meat dishes yet. The Hot and Numbing Tofu was a little less numbing and a lot more oily than the version we'd had before - still good. Thanks to the forum, we tried the Cilantro Flounder Fish Rolls - crispy and flavorful, excellent. Grandma's Noodles were also a bit oily, but had a pleasant spice and good chew. Since all of the above were basically beige, we asked them to add steamed br
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