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  1. Hi, I will be visiting San Diego early next year. What are some of the ethnic food places one can find? Obviously Mexican, but anything else worth going to? In terms of Mexican, does any one know more hole-in-the-wall kind of places in San Diego? And finally, any restaurants/dishes that one should really go to when visiting?
  2. Going to Milwaukee next week, only spending a day in the city, and unfortunately will not have a car to drive to nearby locations. Any more recent recommendations besides the ones already listed here?
  3. Many thanks. I will be in Richmond for 2 nights, so basically will be having 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners. I am particularly interested places that have/use local dishes, cuisines, products. Coming from Europe, I am less keen on going to 'European', 'French', 'Italian', and so on restaurants, even when they might be some of the best in town, just because I can eat those types of cuisines relatively easily. So with that in mind, if you have any other recommendations, let me know.
  4. That's what I thought. It seems that all of those places only serve sandwiches/salads for lunch; which is a shame given that some of their dinner menus seem far more interesting. If that is the only option though, do you have a personal favorite? (Besides Eileen's, as I won't be in a huge rush). Actually, I just noticed that Foode does brunch on the weekends. I might try one of their dishes there then, or would you recommend something else?
  5. I get your point. Since I am new to the forum, I am still unsure as to what the proper 'etiquette' in these situations is. I suppose a 'master' thread might make sense, that is why I decided to 'resuscitate' it, instead of creating a new one with the exact same title.
  6. Going to Fredericksburg in a couple of weeks, any suggestions on where to have lunch?
  7. Like the forum user who started this thread, I will be moving to Takoma Park. The place seems to lack any particularly interesting places to eat, and the fact that no one has updated this thread since 2007 seems to confirm my perception, or am i wrong? Any suggestions?
  8. I will be moving to Takoma Park at the end of the month, not that far from Silver Spring, so would be quite interested in having some recommendations, particularly for the first few weeks when I am still settling in.
  9. In a weeklong trip through Virginia, I will spend one or two days in Williamsburg. If some of the members of the forum could provide me with one or two recommendations I would be most grateful, as some of the establishments I was considering seem to less than ideal after having read some of your reviews.
  10. I will be visiting Richmond for a weekend in Virginia. Do the recommendations in this thread still stand, or does anyone have any updates on the local restaurants?
  11. Many thanks for the recommendation and the link.
  12. Thank you. If anyone could either comment on the breads and or point me to some good bakeries around D.C., it would be great.
  13. I have made a reservation for Prequel/Honeysuckle, probably dining alone. Do you think it is a good option, or is it one of those places where a party is almost a necessity given that the whole purpose is to share multiple smaller dishes? Any reason you skipped the desserts? Unappealing?
  14. Will be going to Philly in a few weeks. Any forum members willing to give an update regarding some of the best places to eat a cheesesteak? During my last visit to Atlanta I had a great one at Fred's Meat & Bread, but granted, my experience is fairly limited!
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