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  1. What's your early take? Esp. now we know he didn't direct or write any of the episodes.
  2. Re: BALLSTON QUARTER [Initial impression/snap judgment] My bold prediction: In a year or so from now, the food hall will suffer from the Yogi Berra problem ("no one goes there anymore; it's too crowded"). Thursday for lunch, tried Turu's by Timber Pizza Co. and Hot Lola's. Both were pretty good food court options but disappointing given their pedigree. Turu has already said they're intentionally straying from the Neopolitan-ish style at Timber, but neither was it in anyway the New York-style slices claimed in this article from just two weeks ago -- and I'm not being precious abo
  3. Officially open: Jan 9, 2019 - "Old Dominion Pizza Company Opens along Lee Highway" by Alex Koma on arlnow.com Swung by for dinner on Monday. Available slices were limited to pepperoni and cheese, in both traditional slice and Grandma style (and gluten-free which I did not try). Summary judgment: this is decidedly a step down from Upper Crust, which was itself middling in quality but at least creative. That said, I won't write it off -- they just opened like a minute ago and they're calling it a soft launch. Also given the owner's restaurant experience, I'm optimistic it'll improve with t
  4. [Belated post from a mid-October overnight visit] Thank you thank you thank you all for this magnificent thread. Having only one day to try a sampling of spots, I pulled almost exclusively from here and it did not disappoint. We spent the afternoon cruising through a couple breweries and then did dinner and a couple drinks. Breweries: Hardywood Brewery, Veil Brewing Co., The Answer Brewpub, Buskey Cider, Blue Bee Cider Dinner: Brenner Pass Lodging: Clarion Hotel Central (<-- decidedly NOT recommended) I'm big on cider. Buskey's products are all fairly flavorl
  5. First visit! Essentially riffed off @eatruneat's order strategy but ate in. Last Fri, around 1130am. I'd say half dozen tables seated. Steam Dumpling in Red Hot Sauce / Dan Dan Noodles / Shaanxi Style Homemade Noodle / Grilled Lamb Skewers / Shredded Beef in Spicy Oil Broth (don't recall the name; my Chinese friend ordered off the printed menu and it came in a large white pot with choice of protein) The Shaanxi noodles and the skewers were my favorite. The dumplings and Dan Dan noodles made for pretty decent leftovers hours later. My one nitpick on the latter, these struck me as over
  6. Oh, I grabbed that one reservation before I even posted! Like I said, not really any other options for us. And knowing me, if I had your experience from a couple months ago,, it would've just ruined my night. Figured, worst case scenario, better satiated with mediocre food than hangry during the show. I know my show in the concert hall is sold out, and can safely assume Hamilton! in the Opera Hall will be as well.
  7. As far as I can tell, this was the most positive clause from @monavano's post! Any updates from more recent visitors? We're planning on going for dinner Friday before a show. Not our first choice, but with a forecast heat index of 101, we don't want to bother with hoofing it between locations or paying addtl parking/cab. The dinner menu looks more interesting than I assumed. Should I be surprised there was only one reservation time available, or is that primarily a function of having a captive "audience"? UDATE: Should I be surprised there was only one reservation time available[?]
  8. Been able to try a couple of the recs on this thread (thanks again gang!): Taqueria 3 Reyes -- I need to revisit to sample more of the menu, but of what I've tried so far the tacos (natch) are far superior to the tortas (which are nonetheless a big part of the menu, seemingly a feature) and the beef (ground, lengua, et al) better than other proteins. Great value; can make a very filling meal (or two) for less than $10. They seem to fire as much as possible to order but one can still get in and out fairy quickly if you don't hit a rush. Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken - The two pi
  9. Thanks guys for all the recs! Haven't had a chance to swing by Gus's but I definitely will in the next few weeks. I guess I should clarify the circumstances of my visits. I have a standing Wednesday evening and occasional Saturday midday/afternoon comitment at the stadium - in other words, NON game day whatnot. I'm familiar with the "FedEx consumes your life for hours before and after the show/game" scenario but fortunately that's not this. I'm typically coming from the Capitol Hill area and return to Arlington by car. Basically I generally have up to one hour (though often less) around
  10. Appreciate the gesture Don, but, uh.... The closest restaurant on this list of dining "near" FedEx is 11 miles away, easily over 30 mins drive. The furthest is over 20 miles! (in Bethesda). This isn't so much a list of dining around FedEx, by a "Washington local expert," as it's a grab bag of general "greater Washington area" spots.
  11. Hoping for you as well, but I can't think of any reason why it would be. But this prompts a good question: what are your best bets in that little corridor for a pre-theater (or pre-event) bite? I don't go to National Theatre often, but I do end up at JW Marriott for receptions and Warner Theatre is right there too - what are one's options? Occidental? Central? I'll quibble with @The Hersch's suggestion. Not the "Jaleo, with spectacular food" part, but it's just too far for this purpose - strictly speaking that's a full mile roundtrip. Am I being too precious? Maybe. But consider given the
  12. [Bumping this thread] It's been quite a few years since this anyone added on to this convo. I'm going to be at and around FedEx fairly often over the next several months, so hoping folks have some updated food options! Any improvement to the area's dining? I noticed, unfortunately, KBQ and Ray's at East River are closed. Jerry's Seafood still open but a little further out. There's a Wegman's very nearby now: is takeout from there my best option? I'd be okay with that. Ideally there's some other fast-casual/moderately-paced service places, but honestly I'd take anything promising.
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