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  1. Seeing that there is only one post here, I'm guessing that maybe there wasn't a whole lot of interest in this restaurant. But in the event that anyone was looking to make a visit soon, particularly to see what Raphael Francois' cuisine was all about, it looks like he is leaving for LA just as soon as he's arrived in DC: Eater LA: Bill Chait Blazes LA Comeback Trail With New West Hollywood Restaurant
  2. Sounds like you and Sietsema had the same server. I'll be going at the end of April. One the friends who will be joining me loves this kind of service (me, not so much). So if he's working our table, he can expect a generous tip. I appreciate the detail in your review. After reading about your experience, I'm starting to wish I were going with 4 people instead of (possibly) 6.
  3. Lisa, lamb's brain was not part of the meal. However, we were served small empanadas filled with lamb meat when we did the toast with Kwame. Those may have been filled with tongue.
  4. We really liked the lamb's head. My friend, Mike, asked for the eye while we were in the kitchen. Kwame said, "Sure", plucked it out with a knife and gave it to him. When we were served the Mojo course, Mike's plate had the second eye on it, which he shared with me (my other two friends weren't interested). I really liked it. You're right, most of the meat we were served was from the cheek. It was the only time during the meal that Donna (or anyone, for that matter) had any criticism of the portion sizes.
  5. I was impressed with how the kitchen tour was incorporated not only into the structure of the meal, but the design of the restaurant. I've had some excellent kitchen tours (EMP) and some awful (Grace), and this ranks with the best. The first visit to the kitchen follows the pre-dinner drink at the upstairs bar. We were offered an amuse platter inspired by the hallal carts of New York. We were free to take as many photos as we liked. Kwame stood at the end of the pass with a smile on his face, ready to shake hands and answer questions. Once at the table, we were given the option of either a la
  6. Evaluating my meal at The Shaw Bijou within the first week and a half of its opening is a lot like being assigned to jury duty for a high profile murder case: with all the controversy surrounding a restaurant before it even served its first meal, I wondered if I could be objective. To assist me in my evaluation, I was joined by three friends: Katrina, Donna, and Mike. The name of the restaurant, according to Kwame, is in honor of his mother, Jewel (Bijou being French for "jewel"). But Kwame has also menti
  7. I appreciate the detailed write-up, Justin. I'll post some thoughts about my experience, along with a few pictures, hopefully by the end of this week.
  8. Michelin has released the DC's first Bib Gourmand list. Bad Saint is on the list, so it looks like it won't be getting a star after all. Washington Post Going Out Guide: Michelin announces its first D.C. honors: the Bib Gourmand list of affordable restaurants
  9. The release of the Michelin Guide is about one week away. After reading the predictions above, I thought I would offer my own. Three Stars minibar Two Stars Komi Métier Pineapple and Pearls One Star Rose's Luxury Bad Saint Marcel's Kinship Rasika Masseria The Dabney Little Serow There is always the likelihood that no restaurant in DC will receive three stars. But if there is any restaurant that I think has a chance, it's minibar. Of DC's top-tier dining establishments, it's one that has been around the longest. I'm sure that Michelin inspect
  10. Tickets go on sale Monday for $185 (not including tax, gratuity, or drinks). Comparing that to the cost of tasting menus around the country (and the city), I think it's a fair price for 13 courses. Washington Post Going Out Guide: Dinner at Kwame Onwuachi’s Shaw Bijou will cost $185. That’s without drinks.
  11. I was also present at the Philly Wing Fry. I arrived about 45 minutes early (umbrella in hand) just to make sure I was not at the back of the line. My friends and I were all pleased with his cheesesteak interpretation and are looking forward to the opening of Shaw Bijou. I read on one of DC's food blogs (I'm sorry, can't remember which one) that he may at some point turn the Philly Wing Fry into a fast casual concept. This is a story I've been following since it was first announced in April of last year. At that time all that was available was a video of a faceless chef cooking and platin
  12. Great write up, Bart! It looks like you and I were there the same night. I agree with you 100% about this being the best value in DC for a menu of this kind. I think this is the best time to go to Pineapple and Pearls, as I predict it will only be harder to get a reservation here not only as its reputation in DC grows, but it's national reputation. Not to mention that they will be in a (well deserved) position to raise prices in response to greater demand.
  13. A few years ago there was reporting on a couple of DC blogs that Dino Tapper was going to open a restaurant at the space where Fat Pete's BBQ is now. In addition to the main dining room, the restaurant was going to have a chef's counter that would serve a menu he described as "David Chang meets Rene Redzepi". Of course, I understand that not every restaurant idea is realized, however much commitment there is to the project (see John Shields, now in Chicago). Still, this sounded like an interesting concept, and I would like to have seen how it turned out.
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