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  1. "How a Local Bake Sale Turned into a Global Fundraiser in Support of Black Lives Matter" by Jeremy Repanich on robbreport.com
  2. Yes, both Shouk locations are offering the Fried Shouk’n. I recommend it in the pita with harissa mayo if you are good with spicy. Also the Shouk’n nuggets are amazing with harissa mayo! Better than chicken.
  3. Le Comptoir du Vin offers a limited menu of prepared food + House Sourdough for pickup from Wednesday through Saturday 2PM-6PM along with pantry items, wine, cocktails and merchandise. You must order online and then schedule a time for pickup. When you arrive, you text the number provided in your email confirmation with a description of your car and where you are parked. Your goods are delivered to the back seat of your car. Since I drive from Virginia, I plan for the earliest pickup time to mitigate traffic. I place a large order. Most food items and House Sourdough can be frozen for later enjoyment. New pantry items are frequently added. I just purchased the Ramp Salt made of locally foraged ramps and Trapani Sale di Gucciardo (Sicily). This morning I reheated the French Lentils w/ Grilled Flatbread for breakfast. My favorite lentil dish in all of DC! Yesterday I enjoyed one of the Chicken Liver Paté + House Sourdough. I still have 3 Chicken Liver Paté + House Sourdough and 2 Braised Beef Cheeks, Kimchi and Barley Stews in the freezer with one in refrigerator for tomorrow. A new stew is offered each week on the menu. I highly recommend following their Instagram stories for updates. Prepared food + House Sourdough can sell out quickly, but keep checking daily as they are generally replenished each day. For items sold out on a Saturday, you can check back on the next Tuesday or Wednesday.
  4. REPOST from SCRAPPY's Bagel Bar on Tock: ** ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 6/6-6/7 **Scrappy's team will be taking a pause on bagels this weekend. Instead, we'll be cooking and serving meals (vegetarian) for Estadio's Community Kitchen. We're here to support our neighbors and community.We welcome anyone and everyone to come and get some daily nourishment, from distraught peaceful protesters and freedom fighters to all the good cops trying to do their best to protect our community. From locals overwhelmed by the militarization around their homes, to business owners consumed with cleaning up their damaged storefronts, to visitors displaced during these trying times. From the very financially secure to those of you scraping to get by right now, the best thing we know how to do is feed you, and taking a moment to say a quick hello to try to fill our days with more love, compassion and moments of joy.Estadio will be retaining up to $1k of the donations each day to help offset, but not completely cover, our costs, and will be dividing any excess proceeds evenly for donation to @campaignzero @innocenceproject @blackvisionscollective and @blacklivesmatterdcBeverages will be available for purchase, but otherwise our daily offerings will be limited to our tasty community meals. We ask those of you who can afford to do so to pay what you might usually spend on a nice dinner, and we encourage you to send anyone you know would benefit from a good, free or inexpensive meal our way!We hope a little nourishment for all is at least a baby step for healing. We hope that peace, justice, and freedom for all soon prevail and that we can soon feel good about moving to resume our “normal” operations.Thank you for your support in these tough times. Together we will get through to brighter days soon!To order a meal or to donate, please head to: www.toasttab.com/estadioWeekend meal pickup will be posted at 7pm on Friday.
  5. Comprehensive list by Anela Malik: "DC's Black-Owned Restaurants Open during COVID-19" by Anela Malik on feedthemalik.com You can follow her on Instagram at @feedthemalik.
  6. "DC Pastry Chefs Launch a National Bake Sale to Support 'Black Lives Matter'" by Daniella Byck on washingtonian.com
  7. Since it's debut, I have enjoyed Dennis Friedman's genius creation the Fried Shouk'n many times. Finally had the patience to take a photo of this Fried Shouk'n w/ extra Harissa Mayo. I ordered a 5-ounce container of the Harissa Mayo + 8-ounce container of Tahina from the Shouk Pantry online so I could keep in the refrigerator as go-to condiments. Since then, Shouk has added more delicious and convenient pantry items online for purchase.
  8. From the beginning of this month, delicious dinner takeaway of Kamo Nanban, a Japanese Soba Noodle Dashi Soup of Duck + Scallion beautifully prepared by Chef Yuh Shimomura.
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