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  1. Since it's debut, I have enjoyed Dennis Friedman's genius creation the Fried Shouk'n many times. Finally had the patience to take a photo of this Fried Shouk'n w/ extra Harissa Mayo. I ordered a 5-ounce container of the Harissa Mayo + 8-ounce container of Tahina from the Shouk Pantry online so I could keep in the refrigerator as go-to condiments. Since then, Shouk has added more delicious and convenient pantry items online for purchase.
  2. From the beginning of this month, delicious dinner takeaway of Kamo Nanban, a Japanese Soba Noodle Dashi Soup of Duck + Scallion beautifully prepared by Chef Yuh Shimomura.
  3. From May 14, 2020, dinner takeaway of Chilean Sea Bass Agedashi Udon Noodle Soup. Chef Yuh Shimomura"s creations are well crafted with careful thought to ingredients and exquisitely executed. His food is always delicious and so much fun to enjoy.
  4. From May 23, 2020 Saturday Chef Choice To-Go pickup, beautiful braised Artichoke with Fava Bean included as one of the 10 Market Salads. This is my favorite variation of braised Artichoke by Cagla. It is best enjoyed at room temperature.
  5. Insanely delicious Sunday morning pickup from SCRAPPY's Bagel Bar: Spring Bialy w/ Sugar Snap & Purple Snow Peas from Karma Farms, tender Spring Lettuces, Garlic Scape Crema and Baked Egg B.C.G. w/ Bacon Jam (bacon from Nate Anda), Whipped Cream Cheese, Karma Farms Spring Greens, Pickled Onions on Salt Bagel Sandwich Pizza Bagel w/ Organic Tomato Sauce, Provolone Cheese and Fresh Herbs This was the first time I have ordered the Spring Bialy with a baked egg. The cross-sectional view shows all the layers of ingredients. Beautifully crafted and executed by Rob Rubba! I look forward each weekend to see what new creations make it to the menu.
  6. Saturday pickup of Chef Choice To-Go bag from Green Almond Pantry: Photo 1: Fava w/ Fresh Herbs; Stuffed Pepper (Arborio Rice, Sweet Onion, Cinnamon, Allspice, Cloves, Salt & Pepper, EVOO, Currants, Pine Nuts); Confit Eggplant w/ Marinated Peppers; and Braised Artichoke Photo 2: Black Eye Pea Salad; Roasted Rainbow Carrots; Braised Cranberry Bean; and Farro & Asparagus Salad Photo 3: Leeks & Rice (I like to enjoy with a tin of Matiz Wild Sardines as a meal. For a splurge, Ortiz Ventresca.) Photo 4: On the Green Almond Pantry Lunch Menu (before COVID-19), Cagla would plate five Market Salads of her choice for her “Little, Little in the Middle” and serve with her house-made bread. For dinner, I plated a little of all 10 salads here in the style of “Little Little in the Middle.” Hummus is plated below the Roasted Rainbow Carrots. Small bag of house-made crackers is also included in the Chef Choice To-Go, but not in photos. Note: I highly recommend you bring the amount of salads you want to eat to room temperature instead of reheating. That is how I became accustomed to taking the time to plate my food and actually enjoy it now.
  7. Yesterday's Super fun and delicious Summer noodle dish from Nasime Japanese Restaurant! Kani Hiyashi-Chuka (Blue Crab Sesame Cold Ramen Noodle) aka "Japanese-Style Sesame Sauce Crab Chilled Chinese noodles." Each ingredient elevated the other and complemented so well together. So refreshing on a hot evening. Makes me look forward to Summer!
  8. @DonRocks: Would you be so kind to delete my following posts here. I updated and reposted on the respective restaurant threads.
  9. From Saturday, May 16, 2020, playful, fun and insanely delicious ultimate Japanese comfort food from Nasime Japanese Restaurant. Panko Crusted Aji (Horse Mackerel) w/ Japanese Tartar Sauce on Rice with perfect accompaniments of Napolitan “Japanese Comfort” Spaghetti and Japanese Potato + Egg Salad. So good I ordered it again for Sunday dinner the following evening!
  10. From Saturday, May 16, 2020, beautiful Sapidus Farms Oysters w/ Ramp Mignonette (Keepwell Vinegar) that I shucked for the first time. I purchased my Oyster Oyster Shuck Kit for $36 online via Tock on Friday from SCRAPPY'S Bagel Bar Pop-up. On Saturday, I picked up at Estadio Restaurant. Included in the kit were 1 dozen Sapidus Farms Oysters, Ramp Mignonette, 1 Oyster Shucking Knife, 1 Kitchen Towel and 1 set of easy instructions to follow. Oyster kits are still offered online at SCRAPPY'S and will feature a merrior tour each weekend. You can order Friday starting at 2PM for Saturday pickup and order Saturday starting at 2PM for Sunday pickup. Once you have your Oyster Shucking Knife, Kitchen Towel and set of easy instructions, you can purchase just a dozen oysters w/ sauce or other various kits. And the Spring Bialy, Pizza Bagel, Bagel Sandwiches and assortment of Bagels and Schmears are super tasty.
  11. Yes, love to see posts whether it is carryout, delivery, al fresco dining, etc on the respective restaurant thread instead of here. If a new restaurant thread needs to be created, it would be great to have one for restaurants not yet represented in their city/country location.
  12. With the second half of May 21, 2020 Green Almond Pantry's amazing dinner of Branzino w/ Salsa Verde, I composed a delicious lunch salad with The Chef's Garden Best of the Day Mixed Greens, Spinach, Lettuce, Asparagus, Summer Squash, Microgreens and Herbs + finished w/ Organic Lemon Juice and Zest located on The Chef's Garden thread.
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