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  1. Strongly recommend letting someone behind the counter guide you through a tasting. Yes, you want to feel good about something you're paying $25+ /lb for. Chances are you will, and your palette and exposure to cheeses of the world will get a good workout in the process.
  2. Turkey legs are excellent, not shy with the seasonings. Dirty Rice stuffed leg is tasty as well, though at some point the salt got a bit overwhelming. Creamed corn somewhat counteracted it until it didn't. I wouldn't eat this every day, but I'd say go early for takeout (lines get crazy long from what I understand) and feast. https://theturkeyleghut.com/
  3. Last time I was at Rosenfeld's (OC location), I was given par-boiled bagels with some instructions for finishing in the oven the next morning. That was the way to go. Rosenfeld's is just generally awesome, sorta can't go wrong there.
  4. Highly recommend the Chicken and Rice bowl from Balo. Get it spicy, the coconut milk rice will even it out. Also, get the large and you've got at least two substantial meals on your hands.
  5. The whole shopping strip, with the former K-Mart now subdivided into a grocery store and several restaurant sites, appears to be on the cusp of transforming into something interesting. Worth keeping an eye on it.
  6. Gran Marnier hot toddy--Gran Marnier, squeeze of lemon, hot water. Proportions to taste.
  7. Off season, Rosenfeld's in OC doesn't open until 11am. I came by in the afternoon and mentioned we'd be eating the bagels I was ordering the next day for breakfast. The wonderful person behind the counter asked if I wanted the bagels "unbaked," which I guess meant they were parboiled but not finished in the oven. We popped four in the oven this morning at 350 for 10 minutes and were duly rewarded--just incredible. Excellent smoked salmon too.
  8. Apple hand pies--a vastly superior version of the only thing I can eat from McDonald's. That's almost certainly underselling it, but eating the two side by side would be an excellent reminder of why you should pay up for quality.
  9. Check out a 2nd floor room at the Double Tree. You can access the hallway from street level and walk 100 feet to your room. Larger rooms have kitchenettes.
  10. This was the Annandale one. Interesting history of that location, from being the area's first BonChon location to becoming Chi Mc and now "Chi Mc in name only."
  11. Chi Mc was firing on all cylinders this past Saturday. Every wing juicy, meaty, nothing over-fried or over sauced (have had this issue with Bon Chon and Pelicana, respectively). Fried gizzards were an unexpected hit with 5- and 7- yeah old as well.
  12. Kabobs for four today from the Lee Hwy location were excellent. The green sauce bright and tangy, all meats charred and smoky, naan warm and crusty. All the textures and flavors we needed to break up the monotony of our increased home cooking. Everything about this place is suited to the moment--local biz serving comforting food that also travels well.
  13. Way too much sauce on the chicken at Pelicana. The joint would function surprisingly well as a sports bar--big TVs, good views of them from all seats--but our meal was ruled a death by drowning in sauce. Should have heeded the server's subtle between-the-lines to get it without the sauce.
  14. The eggplant parm at the Ballston location is excellent. Excellent ratios of sauce to breading to cheese to eggplant. Eggplant texture was perfect, not mushy at all. And on top of a bed of fresh, springy pasta. Having tried most things in the revamped Ballston food court, Cucina al Volo is the one place I'd recommend unreservedly.
  15. On the topic of by-the-slice from a grocery store--the North Old Town Harris Teeter is much better than you might think, but only when Al is controlling the oven. All bets are off otherwise.
  16. Thanks for the recommendation above to visit Oxford. We went on a day when both the Creamery and its affiliated coffee place, Oxford Social, were closed. All was not lost though, as it was a beautiful day and we could easily improvise a picnic lunch at Oxford Town Park with sandwiches from The Oxford Market. Mine was a riff on a reuben with some very tasty cole slaw inside. The park is shaded and has several picnic tables and a spectacular view of the Tred Avon.
  17. Rise Up Coffee's location right on Rt 50, just past the Hyatt on the left, has a full breakfast menu, which they've branded as Bad Eggs. Biscuit sandwiches and huevos rancheros were all solid wins here. Coffee wasn't spectacular (we hit the Ceremony Roastery in Annapolis on the way over, so it was bound to be a come-down) but was easily better than anything else we tried in Cambridge. Very nice space inside and a good crowd coming through getting their morning pick-me-up, so eating in is a good option.
  18. Spending a few days in the Cambridge/Easton/St Michael's orbit, will have two young kiddos in tow. Many good suggestions upthread here, but could use an update.
  19. No ara yaki for me on Saturday, but the hamachi kama was similar enough and quite delicious. The beets were very flavorful and refreshing as well.
  20. The set Spoken English breakfast available at Brothers and Sisters (the lobby) is excellent. Congee with bonito flakes and wonderfully woody shitake mushrooms, perfectly broiled salmon with crisp skin, egg in dashi stock with salmon roe. All very savory, so the fresh fruit is a helpful offset. Endless coffee as well. Not "cheap" at $25 but so much more satisfying than the oversweet dessert/booze brunches nearby.
  21. The Kubideh here last week melted in my mouth. Lean, not in any way rare or even "medium," but doesn't suffer for it one bit. Bread is wonderfully fluffy and slightly charred as well. Even left over several days later it has held up very well.
  22. Yup, same one. This area is not in my usual orbit; my being there had more to do with a large mouse named Chuck than anything else. I did walk by Blue Ocean, it looked open, but that's all I got.
  23. Pho Duong in the shopping strip at Pickett Rd and Main St in Fairfax City was excellent on a rainy, cool Sunday afternoon. Had it with skirt flank and added little else. Broth was wonderfully aromatic, skirt flank pieces were a perfect balance of fat and lean. Can't speak to the rest of the menu but this was strong pho.
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