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  1. Things I never thought I’d do on Mardi Gras day wake up at 915 drive a car eat 10# crawfish be conscious for the meeting of the courts of Rex and Comus HAPPY MARDI GRAS YALL!!!🦞🦞🦞⚜️⚜️⚜️
  2. Schultz’s is an absolute treasure, cherished by several generations of the Bawlmor side of my family 🦀🦀🦀🦀
  3. Fabulous restaurant, run by even more fabulous folks, Marcus and Caitlyn. And yes they are dear friends of mine, Herbsaint alums both
  4. Y’all havent REALLY lived/had Popeye’s till ya have it in south Louisiana- it truly is a radically different dining experience; service, decor, food are all wildly superior
  5. I was gonna say something snarky, along the lines of “well, man can’t live on crawfish and boudin and etoufee and gumbo and po boys and bread pudding and Pontchatoula strawberries and meat pies and bbq shrimp and crab meat Yvonne and hot tamales and yak a mein and cochon de lait and...” oh wait...
  6. Ups and downs aside, y’all should be exceptionally happy that 2 Amy’s exists; we ain’t got nothing like it down here and that is a downright shame. 2 Amy’s is the best around (till Frank shows back up...)
  7. It’s pretty bad in Terrebone and Lafourche
  8. For Orleans Parish, at least backatown, it is also a non event thus far; Wednesday on the other hand... 1594C33E-3EA5-4C15-9DC8-9E05E56360FB.mp4 5B0ED31C-9F70-46EC-AFC5-AFA917292614.mp4
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