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  1. Y’all havent REALLY lived/had Popeye’s till ya have it in south Louisiana- it truly is a radically different dining experience; service, decor, food are all wildly superior
  2. I was gonna say something snarky, along the lines of “well, man can’t live on crawfish and boudin and etoufee and gumbo and po boys and bread pudding and Pontchatoula strawberries and meat pies and bbq shrimp and crab meat Yvonne and hot tamales and yak a mein and cochon de lait and...” oh wait...
  3. Ups and downs aside, y’all should be exceptionally happy that 2 Amy’s exists; we ain’t got nothing like it down here and that is a downright shame. 2 Amy’s is the best around (till Frank shows back up...)
  4. It’s pretty bad in Terrebone and Lafourche
  5. For Orleans Parish, at least backatown, it is also a non event thus far; Wednesday on the other hand... 1594C33E-3EA5-4C15-9DC8-9E05E56360FB.mp4 5B0ED31C-9F70-46EC-AFC5-AFA917292614.mp4
  6. Mopho is fun and different, definitely no egg brunch things; if it’s the 3rd Saturday then you will be in great luck as that is spit roasted lamb day! (Its pork the other saturdays...)
  7. Does that Cowgirl Creamery joint still exist? That’s the only thing comparable in DC that I recall (granted that was many many moons ago)... Stick to St James Uptown, it is light years better than the downtown farm team
  8. The Galley in Old Metry and Harbor Seafood out in Kenner (brah) also fall into this most noble of restaurant categories; indeed, ask any industry folk and I would wager that most spend their hard earned time off in establishments such as these (if they choose to go out to eat at all but that’s a whole different topic...) The crawfish at both are exemplary, also the gumbos, fried things, honestly you can close your eyes and point and it’ll be fantastic (but defitnely the crawfish). Yall can find me at either, sometimes both, on my hard earned days off
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