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  1. I live in F-burg, it actually really depends on the time of day relative to traffic. If 95 is backed up taking 17 to 1 is actually a good way to go.
  2. I had the Fish with Special Sauce at the Fredericksburg location last Saturday. it is an awesome dish.
  3. It's about Thyme also owns the Copper Fish and the Thyme Market on the same street. The Thyme Market is a good place for sandwiches and the like. They often have suckling pig. Their pizza's aren't bad either. There are a few cool shops on that same street as well. GREEN ROOST (sells cool accessories for the home, many repurposed), HARRIET'S GENERAL (sells made in the USA clothes and other items), and TASTE (sells olive oils, vinegars, and spcies). Also, about 5 miles outside town is Cibola Farms. They sell bison, free range pork, goat, chicken and turkey. We make a trip there every quar
  4. Guess some of you will be headed down my way now. http://news.fredericksburg.com/businessbrowser/2013/02/14/broker-new-fredericksburg-restaurant-likely-to-draw-from-no-va/
  5. Try Taco Bus the food there is pretty authentic.
  6. Stanardsville (near Charlottesville) I have not seen this one mentioned so i thought I would add it. Did a 3 day weekend near C'ville and while looking for a place for our anniversary dinner came across The Lafayette Restaurant and Inn . It's in Standardsville, VA. After checking out the website i noticed they did a Chef's Tasting Menu for $125/pp that included wine. I was intrigued, so i made a reservation. I can safely say it was well worth the money. Since we went on a Friday evening, we basically had the whole restaurant to ourselves and even had the chef come out for basically every co
  7. Anything new in in Louisville? Have a business dinner there in a couple weeks. looking for something more laid back.
  8. I'll second the El Dorado Kitchen recommendation. Had a great meal there our last trip. Also agree with the Deerfield Ranch, Matanzas Creek and Arista nods. Both Matanzas Creek and Arista are in beautiful, but very different settings.
  9. Well I'm back from Bali. My meetings were in Kuta, which as you know if you've been there is the main tourist spot. Nothing food wise really stuck out at the restaurants. The best meal we had was at an Italian restaurant called Rosso Vivo. The "Indonesian" cuisine was toned down tourist grade. Had some pretty good Indian food at a restaurant called "Queens" and a fairly good burger at the poolside bar at our hotel. Agree with the above poster that the fruit was awesome. Our hotel had a gigantic breakfast buffet that included pretty much every kind of breakfast food from every part of th
  10. That would be Olde Town Butcher. Yes it is great. I get most of my stuff there. Lee, the owner is able to get just about anything you want with a couple days notice. He will actually be expanding his space soon.
  11. Borned and riased in and moved back to F'burg in 2007. Unfortunately Poppy Hill has been hit or miss the last year or so, not sure what is going on. Our last meal there was good, but the previous two were lacking. I always have a good meal at Bistro Bethem, they have an excellent wine program also. The small plates at Kybecca Wine Bar are also very good. The newish Bavarian Chef is very good as well. If you are lloking for something a little more simple, Soup & Taco is awesome (and definately my favorite restaurant for the money in F'burg) and for a great burger go to Old Towne Grill
  12. Had great lunch at Balliceaux today. Started off with roasted sweet onion soup with olive oil crouton. The onions are slow roasted and you really get a nice depth of flavor. My wife started with the coastal blue crab soup with sherry cream. She said she loved it. My Main course was the fried oyster po' boy with truffle fries. It was served on a really nice grilled baguette with butter lettuce, tomato, a really nice creole sauce and some really great fried oysters. The truffle fries are awesome, by the way. My wife's main was the potlikker braised catfish served with long grain rice and pigeon
  13. I think maybe the latter. K Street was the "power address" back in the 80's& 90's, but I think today it's just another street in DC. There seems to be no shortage of restaurants opening up in DC, just not on K St.
  14. PS7 could take us. thanks for the suggestion.
  15. In a meeting in Penn Quarter. About 15 want to go to dinner this evening. not having much luck on OpenTable. Any thoughts or help is appreciated.
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