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  1. My parents, brother, my boyfriend and i came here for my birthday dinner (my choice although it was my first time here). I ordered the Filetto al Mirtillo-filet mignon in a blueberry reduction sauce. WOW! Do yourself a favor and order that! It was perfectly cooked medium rare per my request and the blueberry reduction was a flavorful tasty treat. There was a lot of it and I enjoyed dipping every bit of filet in it. My father ordered the same thing and had my sentiments as well. My brother approved of his steak, while my mother was slightly less impressed with her pork chops. She tried some of
  2. this is one of my favorite BBQ joints in DC! I love the duck with the blackberry carmelized onions as well as the brisket with the delicious side of horseradish sauce. The pulled pork is always a good option too-very tender and I like that you can put your own sauce on once it's served. The goat was also delicious when I had it, and I loved the curry blend of spicing. I've had both the jalapeno cheddar and the bacon gorgonzola mac and cheeses, and my preference is the jalapeno. It has a nice kick and was very cheesy. The fries are fresh cut-which is always a plus. I also appreciate that the ho
  3. Meridian Pint is a haven for craft beer and the food is tasty too. I've eaten both inside the restaurant and on their lovely patio. If available, go for the patio obviously. The taps rotate frequently and always offer new surprises. As for food, carnivores and vegetarians unite-there is surely something for everyone here with all options clearly marked. I've had the pulled pork-very tender and tasty-and the lamb shish kabob sandwich-pita was fresh, lamb was tender, plenty of tzatziki and feta too. I've been meaning to return for brunch so hopefully that will be soon.
  4. I ate at Floriana for RW this past winter and it was delicious! The muscovy duck breast was phenomenal, the burrata app was very tasty, and even the beet salad was on point! I love the cozy atmosphere in this converted house. Service was excellent throughout our dinner as well. The wine list is very nicely curated. I'd recommend Floriana for date night, but do make a reservation if going on the weekends as the spacing is tight.
  5. I echo the sentiments of the beef brisket-the horseradish and gouda are the perfect toppings for this very tender meat. My dining partner had, essentially, the meat ball sandwich and loved it too! I wish they had hours more conducive though to someone who is not often in this area during their operating hours.
  6. Pho Viet in Columbia Heights is excellent as is Pho 14 also in Columbia Heights
  7. Taylor Gourmet is leaps and bounds above most chain sandwich shops. Get one of the seasonal sandwiches. I recommend the memphis raines-it has a nice kick mellowed out by citrus slaw.
  8. I LOVE Cava as a fresh, quick option for a workday lunch! I always order in advance to avoid the massive line. I always get a salad bowl with eggplant&red pepper, roasted red pepper hummus & tzatziki as the dips, chicken as the protein, diced cucumbers, tomato and onion salad, and kalamata olives and both the yogurt dill and sriracha greek yogurt. it's always a filling, healthy lunch and staff is always friendly.
  9. I was not impressed by the chili here. I did appreciate that you could sample all 4 types first. I found the cincinatti chili to be overly sweet (yes, I know it is supposed to taste a tad like cinnamon) and the Terligua chili to be not spicy at all. I found the chili to be greasy. I heard the Clarendon location has since closed.
  10. This was an excellent find for my boyfriend and I this past weekend! We ordered a Nepalese appetizer, Namaste Choe-La, to start. This was boneless chicken marinated in Nepalese spices with peppers, green onions, garlic, ginger, and mustard seed. It was more than enough to share! Entree portions were large; we had leftovers for the next evening. We ordered lamb madras and lamb rogan josh. I believe the dishes could have been a tad spicier but were creamy and delicious nonetheless. The lamb was very tender! The garlic naan we also ordered was the absolute best I've had yet! It was generously gar
  11. Hello, my name is Laura and I am still relatively new (just about 1 year) to the DC area. I enjoy reading about restaurants in the area so I can choose which ones to visit myself. I also enjoy writing reviews on the places I visit. While I am not working in the food industry, I do have extensive experience serving at various restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. I am going to become a full-time student in August 2016 when I go back to school to earn my Masters in Social Work. I enjoy all food, beer, and cocktails and am happy to be a part of this community!
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