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  1. The developer needed to fill a space after planned operator had finished build out as they were ridden out of town on a #metoo rail. Y’all are sensing that.
  2. You're astute! There are many variations on a theme instead of more one-offs. IMO Jeni's operates on a very high level and the shops do seem *slightly* less magical. Consider that the 35 shops are over half of company revenue. This is compared to e-commerce and over 3,000 retail accounts.
  3. Pardon, by restaurants I meant independent chef driven places with a pastry chef(2 Amy’s). I’d be amazed if The Rusty Scupper or Lebanese Taverna was making their own ice cream The milk cooperative produces 100k gallons of milk daily. The brand is Maola. Different beast than TS.
  4. Quality is subjective. Here is some background info that might be informative. I don’t know of any independent ice cream stores in the area who produce their base. It’s either coming from a distributor, SMC or formerly TS. Of those 3 TS had the highest quality milk. Restaurant ice cream is usually very high quality because it’s made with good ingredients without extraneous functional additives and with a focus on taste.
  5. Aug 31, 2015 - "Change, Listeria, and the Reopening of our Kitchen" by Jeni Britton Bauer on jenis.com Their response and success after 2015 is is worthy of a case study. I presumed this was something the type of folks who read wonky local food sites knew. Zoinks. Anecdotally, the CEO of a similar sized Columbus area food business said that this is the strategy, from discussions with company leadership.
  6. patagonia MLC for high speed/low drag. see red oxx for brash and overbuilt.
  7. 2 companies make sauce exclusively for the pizza trade. stanislaus and escalon. both use tomatoes grown and packed in ca. they both make some good stuff. not aligned with *current* trends. whatever. definitely tasty and consistent. i guaranteed if you're the average 'murican you've had, and probably enjoyed, sauce from both of these companies. of course being in dc, you're above average. they both make a variety of spicing, texture and flavor and what i'd call extraction levels. if you make pizza at home grab some and try it. i've never had canned grocery store tomatoes that could hold a
  8. The re-built Generous George’s building has been in progress for some time now. They were interviewing “real” chefs awhile ago. Any idea on what they’re now planning for that giant dining room?
  9. You can rent a snake from Home Depot for a few bucks. It's good fun if you like getting your hands dirty. Knowing how to use one is a good life skill. Sure youtube can cover that. Reverse only as a last resort. And make sure the snake works before taking it home. The machine is likely overkill and there are simpler/cheaper steps to do before you rent or call a plumber. But first(now!), buy a drain cleaning bladder and keep it around. Cobra and Brasscraft make them. But you want the versions by GT. The have kits that adapt the bladder to your sink drains. These pulse water from a garden ho
  10. I speak for peoplekind when I proclaim that the fetishization of food has become hyper-exhausting. But shit Mark, I could listen to you sing for awhile.
  11. ""We believe employers will pocket between $523 million and $13.2 billion in workers’ tips annually, with $5.8 billion being our best estimate," according to the study. It based its analysis on the notion that employers would pocket anything their tipped workers earn that is over the hourly wage that these same workers could get in a non-tipping job." This is propaganda, not journalism.
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