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  1. Any favorites? I don't need the recipe, I just want to know if anyone else might want to see them in a book, and what would they want to see in said book.
  2. Hi Foodies, I'm looking for the community to sound off on their favorite recipes from Marvelous Market and from Bread Line, both of which were own by Mark Furstenberg. I'm helping put together a collection of recipes from his professional baking career, and would love to know what your favorites were, and what recipe you would like to see. Apparently the brownie from Marvelous Market was to die for.... anything else? Thanks! -Kathy
  3. As a Humanim culinary social enterprise, we’re dedicated to creating good jobs and growing small food businesses. Need a crash course on starting a successful food business? Visit School of Food to learn how to cut the mustard. Want a food service job with perks? Apply within. Want a caterer that sources locally? Get in touch today. Searching for qualified workers to cook for your enterprise? Look no further. City Seeds has something for everyone. We’re secretly hoping to be the best thing to happen to the Baltimore food scene since Old Bay. See attachments for more details Operation
  4. Hi all, I've been tasked with my catering company to help cost out their holiday menu. Can someone tell me what are typical catering number of options from a minimum of 10 people and up look like? I'm thinking corporate lunch to holiday party. In general, how many sides are offered, how many meats on a carving station? Are there any resources for me to learn how to operate a catering company, as my chef is busy making this food, and I'm trying to translate kitchen speak to a non kitchen office staff. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi All, My name is Kathy, and I am employed in the food industry. That's the best description at the moment. The long story is that I have four years of experience as a pastry cook, 1 of them in Washington DC, the rest in Pittsburgh. Ironically, when I left Pittsburgh was when it was named best new food city, and then I landed here in DC and the same thing happened.. I'm currently pausing from the kitchen while I figure out how to focus in chocolate work. Currently I have a few freelance projects doing food recipe costing and other paperwork that new and small food businesses dislik
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