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  1. I cannot edit the original topic header, however this establishment is changing its name to Taco Zocalo - same owners, a simple name change. Their website should be changing soon to reflect the new name.
  2. Have been indulging in Ariake for years (since they opened in 2005) - the original location is a stand-alone across from Hunter's Woods Shopping Plaza in Reston, a block off Reston Parkway. If coming off the Dulles Toll Road, instead of going towards the RTC, go the opposite direction; obviously various mapping services will get you there easily, more pointing out for those less familiar. I am a selective when it comes to sushi - Ariake has experiences Chef's, daily specials for lunch and dinner, and it is a decent sized restaurant if you want to eat-in. Beware, their carry-out business has exploded and if you go during normal dinner business hours the place is hopping. Despite having their own parking lot, it fills up fast and the employees often park on the grass around the restaurant to open up more spaces. Sounds tacky, but like I said the place is consistently busy. Prices are similar to other decent sushi places, the fish is very fresh and they can be creative. They recently opened a Fairfax Ariake location and took their better sushi chef and a few of the other employees there to open. For those who live in the Dulles corridor this place is almost on par with Tachibana in Mclean, and not as far to drive. In the warmer months, they have outdoor seating which is nice; the sound of their waterfall helps mitigate the noise from passing cars on the two adjacent streets.
  3. Oddly enough I guess I never added this place to DR's - if you are at the WooBoi Chicken place Weird Brothers is to the left if facing Dunkin' Donuts or coffee or whatever they are calling it now. Weird Brothers is small, only a few tables to sit at, but the coffee is great. If you want something a lot more small-town than most of the coffee shops it is a great place. They roast their coffee in plain site, and the brother who runs the place (the other is deceased) is there quite a bit. The staff friendly, and they have an assortment of pastries and sandwiches they stock from local shops. They have a NitroBrew tap as well. For the small size, the staff is pretty efficient, so if you encounter a line, it usually moves quickly. NOTE: they also sell 1lb & 5lb bags of beans or ground coffee - I buy beans and go through a lot of coffee on a weekly basis. Embrace the Dark Side is their espresso bean, and strong. The nice thing is since they roast daily, the stuff is about as fresh as you will get.
  4. Wooboi Chicken’s Chef Talks Secret Menu, Spiciest Nashville Hot Chicken Waiver by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestoNow One month after Wooboi Chicken’s opening, Chef Minwoo says that the Herndon eatery still has lines out of the door in the mornings and even one diner who came down from New Jersey for a taste of the Nashville Hot Chicken. Other secret menu items to ask for include The Kracken, which is a double chicken sandwich inspired by Paul from Weird Brothers Coffee, and the Choi Fries, which are fries with D.C. mumbo sauce, chicken, cheddar cheese and mustard. The secret menu isn’t the only surprise. The recipes change a little bit every day, Minwoo adds.
  5. Here’s Why You’re Seeing ‘Store Closed’ Signs at Reston Town Center’s Vapiano by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Locals may have noticed that Vapiano, a restaurant chain that serves up Italian food in a fast-casual setting, keeps posting “store closed” signs at the Reston Town Center restaurant. The closures are temporary as the Reston location (1875 Explorer Street) undergoes management changes and payment delays for staff, which have now been resolved.
  6. Victoria’s Secret Gone for Good at Reston Town Center by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Signs on the front doors say that the location at 11929 Market, Suite 50 is permanently closed. Black tarps were hanging in the storefront’s windows, and the prominent “Victoria’s Secret” sign had already been taken down by the time Reston Now made a visit this afternoon (March 12). NOTE: This store was located on the main street of RTC, same side as Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, just down from Clydes.
  7. Peet’s Coffee Now Caffeinating Locals at Reston Town Center by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow To celebrate the opening, coffee addicts can enjoy “Peet’s Week” with different special offerings every day at the Reston spot. (Ask a barista for the codes.) Here’s a peek at the upcoming ones:Tuesday: $1 off a medium beverage, Wednesday: buy one beverage, get one free, Thursday: half off an artisan baked good, Peet’s opening was the first from a list of several newcomers slated to arrive Reston Town Center this year. Muse Paintbar Aiming for Summer Opening by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Muse Paintbar didn’t open in the fall or winter. Now the wine and paint bar expects to open in a few months at Reston Town Center. Marriott, Comstock bringing 4-star hotel to Reston Station by Michael Neibaur, WBJ
  8. Hey Don - big picture - the "community" has spoken in a semi-boycott of the parking debacle. Boston Properties continues to push ahead, as one would expect (I guess), with some new leases taking up a little of the vacant space(s) created from the exodus. RTC has lost its initial charm as a vibrant area people used to go and hang out, walk around, shop, eat and play. On a nice Spring day you will see people out walking around, but it used to be significantly more consistently busy. The amended parking FREE in the evenings, may have had a little affect, but I do not think it significant. The more recent closure of the large retails spaces, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, has left the main street of RTC barren. If one or two of the other original (or almost original) mainstays (Clyde's, Bow-Tie Movie Theater - opened as another brand - Mortons, McCormick & Schmick's, Big Bowl, Jackson's) - that place will be a ghost town center. I do not have any dog in this fight, and really hope it does not happen. When RTC was thriving, it was a cool place to go for most. There are many who invested in business, condos and THs in the immediate area who may likely see their property/investment values decline(ing), and although there are no guarantees in life, it is hard to believe a ~$20B company like BPX could or would make a decision with only negative consequences.
  9. Peet’s Handing Out Free Coffee and More This Weekend in Reston by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Before its opening next week at Reston Town Center, the coffeehouse chain will hold a free pre-opening gathering where locals can get a free cup of coffee from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. tomorrow (March 9). As part of the celebration, Peet’s will be collecting in-kind donations for Shelter House, a non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention, safe housing and supportive services to homeless families and victims of domestic violence.
  10. A wall of fame or shame...another article on the Nashville Hot chicken in Herndon. Hot Opening: Wooboi Chicken in Herndon by STEFANIE GANS, NoVa Magazine “We don’t mess around here,” is what the man behind counter said to the customer who just ordered the hottest of the hot: level Cold Blue for a chicken sandwich. It’s described as super extra hot and also includes an extra warning: waiver required.
  11. Bizarre end to the Caps v Islanders game - shootout - you do not see this very often. Alex Ovechkin's shootout attempt was interrupted when Alexandar Georgiev threw his stick to stop the puck, but the attempt ultimately counted as a goal to secure a 3-2 shootout win over the Rangers Sunday.
  12. House sends guns background check bill to the Senate with bipartisan support by Elizabeth Landers, CNN The universal background check bill, H.R. 8, requires background checks on all firearm sales in the country. Currently, only licensed gun dealers must perform background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a firearm. Most unlicensed sellers do not; H.R. 8 would make that illegal. It is not likely to pass the Senate, but something like this closes the loophole for gun show purchases - it also has a provision for 10-day background checks vs the 3-day currently.
  13. Here are the DC-Area Semi-Finalists for the James Beard Awards
  14. The Tasting Room Set to Close Next Month in Reston Town Center by Catherine Douglas Moran, Restonnow A sign recently posted in the window of The Tasting Room Wine Bar and Shop (1816 Library Street) says that the location will close on March 24. DC Row Set to Open in Reston Town Center This Summer by Catherine Douglas Moran, Restonnow News of the Reston location first appeared in late January when it was named as one of the six anticipated newcomers for Reston Town Center. The address has not been announced yet.
  15. Tempted to try it tomorrow for lunch, but it is Valentine's Day and I would not want to jeopardize a HOT Chicken sandwich lunch that may affect my dinner and basketball practice. I am sure I will have to check out in the near future.
  16. Yes, same business park, across parking lot from Dunkin' Donuts. Aslin Beer Co is opposite side of parking area, but all the way at the end of the row.
  17. Maryland out of NFL stadium talks for now By Michael Neibauer, WBJ Unless Virginia jumps into the mix — say, the team’s home of Loudoun County — that leaves Snyder with one option: D.C. and the current site of RFK Stadium. Mayor Muriel Bowser has expressed interest in seeing the team return to the District, and D.C. is where Snyder reportedly wants to be. But that path is just as fraught with challenges, as the federal government still controls the 190-acre RFK campus, several D.C. Council members have already voiced opposition, and there’s strong public resistance as well.
  18. FWIW - the Weiner's Circle was a few blocks away from this location on the other side of Herndon Parkway. There used to be a small restaurant at this location. Glad to hear it was excellent, I will have to check it out.
  19. So owed someone an lobster roll and went here today. Called in the order, was ready in 10 minutes. They said business has been good which is nice for a small business. Only got the Classic Lobster rolls - but they were tucked full of fresh meat and the toasted bun was perfect on a cooler Sunday. It was excellent. CLASSIC ROLL Served chilled with mayo and lemon butter
  20. True Food Kitchen Plans to Fill Former M & S Grill Spot in RTC by Catherine Douglas Moran, RestonNow Restaurant chain True Food Kitchen plans to open its Reston location at M & S Grill’s former spot in Reston Town Center. The restaurant will fill the vacant spot at 11901 Democracy Drive, which has been empty since M & S Grill closed last year on New Year’s Day. When True Food Kitchen will open, though, remains unclear. NOTE: Article references "Spring 2020"
  21. Doner Kabob as good as ever today for lunch. Place was 85% full at 1 PM and service was spot-on. Flanked by hummus, house salad and orange baklava made for an excellent meal, albeit no room for dinner tonight. Their 38th year in same location, in an area with few non-chain restaurants.
  22. GREENE TURTLE IN LEESBURG HAS CLOSED by Chris Wadsworth, TheBurn In the least surprising news of the week, The Burn has learned that The Greene Turtle location in Leesburg has shut its doors permanently. We’re told it closed yesterday.
  23. I have been here several times, only for lunch, but it is a treat. It is small and packed, but the food is excellent. If you can, sit at the bar as they typically have chefs preparing the fish for dinner and it is fun to watch. Their lunch menu is good and they have "boxes" of good value including salad and soup. Fish is really fresh and they tend to be creative with their presentations.
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