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  1. Probably about the last time I was there as well - sorry to hear it has gone downhill. Maybe a change in ownership or staffing has helped - thanks for updates.
  2. you cannot make this stuff up.... EXCLUSIVE: Reston Town Center’s Vapiano at the Center of Alleged International Money Laundering Scheme by Fatimah Waseem, RestonNow
  3. Yelp had posted the RTC Location of Vapiano's "temporarily closed, will be open June 30th." Their outdoor furniture, and sidewalk area have been removed...it is not looking good.
  4. Enjoyed an impromptu dinner here (Sterling/Cascades) this evening. Fireworks pizza and garlic knots with a nice milk stout was all we ordered, but service was fast as was food prep too. Decently priced for what it is. Warning - surface parking is limited but I guess there is a free garage at the back of the center. Thursday nites there is some live music on the artificial turf area. This place is small - but outdoor seating was nice too - bar area is decent size compared to size of restaurant.
  5. Report: Facelift Planned for RTC’s Common Areas by Fatimah Wasseem RestonNow Over the next 18 months, the company plans to spend up to $5 million to upgrade some of the areas, the Washington Business Journal reported today (Wednesday).
  6. BUNGALOW ALEHOUSE OFFICIALLY OPENING MAY 29 by Chris Wadsworth, TheBurn The building — located in the Ashburn Crossroads center next to Fuddrucker’s and IHOP — used to be a Bertucci’s Italian restaurant, but the Bungalow team has given the space an extreme makeover. It was gutted and rebuilt — including a brand new bar, a large room filled with pool tables and a new outdoor bar and patio.
  7. Guess I wasn't the only one to observe. The article says it has been closed since May 9th. Reston Town Center’s Vapiano is Temporarily Closed Again by Fatimah Wasseem RestonNow 'Major Restructuring" At Vapiano Reston Town Center by Dan Taylor, RestonPatch Italian restaurant Vapiano is undergoing a "major restructuring" at Reston Town Center, the company says.
  8. Happen to be in RTC area today and noticed a sign posted on the Vapiano location. It said something to the affect Closed Temporary, deliveries in back. It does not appear good if the place is not open regularly - hard to turn food, keep staff and just clean the place.
  9. Darker granite colors are more resilient but all granite should be sealed to limit stains. Lighter granites may show stains more easily. There are a lot of more recent finishes to granites/quartzes like leathering, honed, polished, brushed etc. These can drastically change the appearance and I would suggest you get cutting board samples when considering a specific finish. Many of the synthetic stones have lifetime warranties but I have not read them to know what they cover. Pop-up outlets and knife holders can be installed in either type of stone, however if you go with some "exotic" granite or marble often times they are a little more challenging to work with and can make those options tedious. Perhaps the quartzes are more uniform and less troublesome. A good fabricator should be able to accomodate what you need. Good luck out there, there are many new or revised products in the market than just a few years ago.
  10. Natural stone(s) (granite, marble) have to be sealed. This takes about 20-25 minutes every 4-6 months, and is as simple as "wax-on, wax off." Stains, if they do occur, may possibly be removed, but it is the risk you run for having a unique stone. We went with hard marble in our kitchen and it looks fantastic; could not be happier, from picking the slab for our island to the patterns in the perimeter. Regular cleaning is a breeze. Manufactured products, we used in our bathrooms, are no maintenance, and easily cleaned with any normal cleaner. They have distinct looks, but whatever you select is not "unique" and anyone can order the same countertop as long as it is being produced. I believe the general rule is with manufactured products the composition is something like 93/7% stone to resin. Since it has some resin or polymer to bind it, if you set something hot on it, it is possible to scar the countertop. We do not care in the bathrooms and have never had any issues, but perhaps in a kitchen with hot pots/pans - albeit crazy hot pots/pans from the BlueStar range - I would not want to scar the countertops and have to replace. I am certain someone(s) will weigh in with their experience(s).
  11. This family-owned place has been around since 1993 - it is tucked away at the end of a strip-shopping plaza at the opposite end from Outback. Carpool Herndon is 200' away. They are open for lunch and dinner daily. The food is good or good+; just have not been there enough recently to expand. The place is clean and service is friendly. Atmosphere is a little dated, but you will always be greeted as if you have been there before. I had not been in some time, just kind of fallen off our radar, and stopped by last week for a nice lunch. Specials are posted daily and their bread fresh baked. Food comes out efficiently and you can tell they have a lot of regulars.
  12. The BS Platinum is definitely worth the co$t. We did the 36". The added features and attachments for the Platinum were worth the upgraded investment. Since we did a custom color - the lead time was about 4-6 weeks. Ferguson has several on display and depending on where you live and what showroom you go to, you may find the appliance person knowledgeable on BlueStar. They do not have the branding of Wolf, Thermador or Viking. Hood we went with the Zephyr Canopy-Style hood, Tempest II - 650 CFM standard, but you can upgrade it easily and get double the capacity. The Canopy allowed me to raise the hood up higher than code recommended installation height. I have seen others installed and if too low, you literally hit your head on it if you are taller than 6'. We have a window above our range, so the chimney-style would not work. The baffles in the hood are really easy to clean, just throw them in the D/W and let dry. It even signals you to do this after 30 hours of use. Vent-a-hood makes a great hood as well, but there was a significant cost difference for similar performance & features.
  13. Yes, in re-reading my post, I did not mean to pigeon-hole the wok (only) utility of BlueStar. Great range no matter how or what you cook with. It is extremely versatile and highly adjustable for all cooking types.
  14. Just completely redid our entire kitchen from studs out - if you use a wok, check out BlueStar ranges, locally made in PA. If anyone watches "Chopped" those are the ranges they use. There is a 25,000 BTU burner in the front center which boils water in minutes. All the burners have an insert that pops out by hand and conveniently fits a wok. You can custom-order knobs, trim, door panel etc, which was a great addition to our home. The custom color is really cool. The Platinum range is worth the extra $$ and we have 6 burners with an interchangeable griddle and grill as well. It is awesome and I prefer it to some of the other high end ranges - it is simple and does what it is supposed to do, a virtual workhorse. Range vents above 450 CFM, often require installation of a "make-up" air vent. In new home and retrofits it is usually a code issue. We have a 1200 CFM fan which is certainly overkill, but having gone from a very inefficient downdraft originally, which could not do much of anything except interfere with the efficiency of the cooktop, I did not want to under-size the hood and have to redo it later. For comparison's sake, your bathroom fan is likely 100 CFM or less. 650 CFM is substantial, on 1200, which we rarely if ever use, you can dry your hair and blast the scents of your cooking all over your neighborhood.
  15. Had lunch here today as was in the area and wanted to treat myself to something not in my normal rounds. Great lunch, small Caesar Salad and Lasagna - yea pretty basic, but great. I rolled myself out of there as I managed to clear my plate. Service was excellent and the owner stopped by my table (eating alone) and asked to make sure everything to my liking. I watched him do this with every table, which, despite having a solid business, it is nice to observe at lunch on a Tuesday. If you like Italian food and weekly specials which are unique, this is certainly worth a visit.
  16. Was there two weeks ago as the CAPS made their end of the season run for the playoffs....enough said about that. La Tasca has a Wizards & CAPS menus that include a selection of four (4) tapas dishes from numerous options, with a pitcher of sangria for $49. It is silly reasonable and enough for a good meal before a game. The menu is not listed online, but available if you request it when there.
  17. Obviously would love to see them play a solid game tonight and put this away to take on the Islanders. They got outplayed on Monday and if they play any sort of game like that it is lights out. The Carolina team is fast and seems driven to make a run to round 2.
  18. We went to the CAPS practice today, and it was pretty busy. The DSP jerseys were on sale again, which was interesting to see. Hopefully they can get back in the groove at home and end this in 6 games. They were working Holtby really hard. Nic Dowd kindly stayed after practice and signed every, single person's stuff, and posed for numerous pictures; VERY cool of him as he was there for probably 30 minutes after practice ended.
  19. Just adding to the post above for more info - Pupatella Pizzeria is Coming to Reston Next Year by Fatimah Wassem, RestonNow Taking over the current location of Pizza Hut at the corner of Wiehle Avenue and the W&OD - directly across from the fire station and adjacent to the McDonalds and TacoBell. This will be an interesting location for outdoor seating.
  20. Very tough loss, I was hoping the CAPS would take one on the road as a good confidence builder coming back to CapOne Center for game 5. Oshie being cross-checked and potentially hurt can do a number on the team. He is a leader and really does a lot to help bridge the gap on this team. I really hope he is OK. Update: Capitals T.J. Oshie 'won't be playing any time soon' after being hurt in Game 4 loss by Mark Brehm USA Today
  21. Footnote - many of the places now take credit cards, but most of the breakfast places do not so cash is king.
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