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  1. Their outside appearance is unassuming, however the inside is nice and the presentation of selection is beautiful. I have been a few times and have not been disappointed
  2. Hey Ktmoomau! We are happy you found us! I love the in depth details about the experience you had. (A little secret, our bread is only 3 ounces! The way it expands in our clay oven makes it seem larger than it really is..and IT'S VEGAN We do offer a veggie platter that has all of our cooked vegetables over rice and comes with bread. Please know that we cater to all dietary needs and can gladly swap out any carbs for more veggies. If you get a chance, come by our Courthouse location, the eggplant stew that is prepared there is AMAZING! I thank you for checking us out and look forwar
  3. Don! Happy new year and thank you so much, I hope all has been well with you! Also, a thank you to cheezepowder for forwarding our exciting new info. We are thrilled to have 2 locations. To share a bit of info, the courthouse location has more seating (close to 50 to be exact) we do offer the same menu as our original Lee highway location but have added weekday lunch specials, vegetarian samosas and a couple more vegan veggie sides that we are unable to do at our smaller lee highway kitchen You can check us out at www.courthousekabob.com or feel free to email me directly with any qu
  4. I will say I had boat noodle soup last weekend over at Rabieng Thai in Falls church that BLEW ME AWAY it was so good (Sorry Crystal Thai..don't hate me!)
  5. Some of their dishes still are on the sweeter side (The sweet and sour chicken was almost like eating pure candy 😣) The Street food I have had the boat noodle soup and Sukiyaki which are very good, I'm just a sucker for Panaang Curry
  6. Thanks for adding that..that may help a bit too lol
  7. Under new management and located in Sterling VA this place hits the mark for all things kabob and a restaurant should be. Great food, cleanliness and customer service. The grape leaves and bone in chicken are perfectly seasoned with the perfect char. If you're in the Sterling area I would definitely say to try it out 😄
  8. I wait for the day INO hits the east coast. I'd literally work out 7 days a week just to eat it more than once every few months I travel back to Cali
  9. I spent many years every summer traveling to Ocean City, MD and surprised I had never tried a small place nearby I was staying called Crabcake Factory on 122nd St. From the outside it looks like a small neighborhood bar, not much to offer but ohhhh man! I had the best crab cakes I've had by far anywhere in the DMV and west coast! I had their signature 5oz crab cake with a side of fries and coleslaw. The crab cake was jumbo lumps held together with possibly a thin egg batter, there was ZERO fillers, just pure crab and old bay The coleslaw had a nice creamy crunch and the fries (I drenched with
  10. My favorite Chinese place! The duck, kung pow chicken, garlic sprouts, lo mein and orange chicken wings are out of this world. You can see bits of fresh orange zest in the sauce. I'm sure it's not so much traditional for orange chicken wings but they are definitely delicious.
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