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  1. Hard to compare to other places when the dishes are mostly different, but the old Baan Thai was definitely my favorite. Only one meal so far from the new location, and it seems every bit as good. The menu is slightly different-many items have edged up about $1, and a few old dishes are gone. But favorites like the Vermicelli with Shrimp, Chicken and Peanut are still great. They are also selling a couple of spice/chili pastes for use in home cooking-I used too much of the red chili one and the spice blew my head off, so use sparingly, but great flavor. --- Thai Restaurants (captcour
  2. I’ve ordered cheese steaks several times from the Fedwich popup, an offshoot of Federalist Pig operating out of Kramerbooks. Much better than other local versions, though more in the style of Woodrow’s (cherry pepper mayo and cheese sauce) than older Philly places.
  3. I prefer Popeyes sandwich to the one at Shake Shack, but I find the popularity of Shake Shack generally mystifying. I would much rather get the sandwich from Hot Lola’s, with tenders replacing thigh, and removing the excessive slaw.
  4. I’ve read his article the last couple years, and the list seems to bounce around alot. Maybe this reflects the difficulty of maintaining consistent quality, but there also could be shifting criteria. Last year’s emphasis was smoke, but I could never justify the praise for Hill Country. I admit I hate their ordering system, so I may be biased. I may also be biased in favor of Federalist Pig, I love it but it’s in my neighborhood. Generally positive experiences with all the things you mentioned, but no one ever mentions the turkey, which may be my favorite thing there.
  5. Yes it’s not very good, but to be fair I think the Cleveland Park location has alcohol. Weirdly, the Post BBQ article talked this place up two years ago, but retreated in his BBQ ratings last year.
  6. This is a bit of a bummer, because the Ballston location is in the path of some of my errands, and the original isn’t I’ll still make the effort to get over there occasionally, though. Ballston was always pretty crowded in the noon hour, but generally quiet other times. Still surprising, there are a lot of places with less business that seem to hang on.
  7. The only reason to go there is the beer, especially with Federalist Pig only a few blocks away on Columbia Road. The beer selection is often great, but really this and its Sister Pint restaurants are bars with a food program. Most NRG places the same.
  8. That’s brave but understandable, maybe they could have just added a dish. I don’t really love lamb ribs, though It was a really well made and well thought-out dish. After the first visit I always ordered the fish i was there two weeks ago and still think it’s very good, especially the fish, the focaccia and sherry pork tagliatelle. Service at the bar was terrific. I live only a few blocks away, and would be a regular if I could afford it.
  9. Inspired by the pictures above, I finally got there this week, and it seems like the best of the casual-modular food places I’ve tried. I chose my own ingredients and they came out well, but I will try one of their suggested combos next time. The only lackluster element was the naan, which was a bit more like a pita bread.
  10. I have nothing to do with Pittsburgh, but usually get the Pork and Fries when I find myself in Ballston. The Pork and Fries is really good.
  11. Stopped by for a late lunch yesterday, now that they’re open weekend days with a slightly modified menu. The place was packed and the kitchen and staff had trouble keeping up and getting orders right. They offered a discount for the delay without me saying anything, and I’m sure in time they’ll figure out their logistics when slammed. The products were again quite good, probably best burger in Adams Morgan, though there are plenty of decent competitors.
  12. if he had just written that Wawa’s appeal is more about nostalgia and convenience than absolute quality, then fine. But he then makes a bunch of apple and orange comparisons, adds a bunch of observations about the customers that don’t match my experience, and apparently orders things that no one would order at a Wawa. (I did once order their club sandwich, and agree that it’s not very good, but at least there’s no avocado nonsense). Also, It sounds like he ordered his Italian sandwich toasted, which I really can’t endorse.
  13. Hipster burger place, fits right in the neighborhood. Two visits, creative burgers very good both times, fries okay. Service was laughably awful soon after opening but pretty good last time.
  14. For me, it’s a shade better than Dolcezza and a lot better than Pitango. Pitango is about to open almost next to me and I would much rather have Jeni’s. I also likethe fresh waffle cone gimmick.
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