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  1. So, my return to DC has me wanting to throw some dinner parties. But my DC work schedule makes MAKING dinner a little hard. Can anyone think of markets, groceries, delis, or other places where you could pick up some great home-style food? Like pan-fried whole chickens, fancy soups, etc? Sort of like Whole Foods Hot Bar, but a lot better? Something like Eataly or more ethnic might work.... Thanks! I could direct you to places like this in Chicago or LA, but I'm lost here! G
  2. Thank you so much meatwad! I will head to both these places this weekend!
  3. the first time i tried them, i really thought they were a heretofore undiscovered form of fruit! i had no idea they were grapes. i have a report that muscadine grapes have been sighted at Food Star in Alexandria. This has not been confirmed yet.
  4. Has anyone seen these lovely, more flavorful and challenging grape varieties on sale in the DC region? This is the season!
  5. Hello. I'm Gary, digital strategist, and returning to DC after a year in Tel Aviv and Chicago, both great places for the "ethnic dives" that I specialize in. I am always searching for incredible food lovingly served up in nondescript surroundings that delight the chef's own community. My claim to fame is breaking the news of an amazing Pakistani joint that opened up, strangely, in the northern suburbs of Chicago -- I got a sweet mention in the write-up of it in the alt weekly Chicago paper Here I am bowled over by Panda Gourmet, stachowskis deli, and kabob palace. I am always looki
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