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  1. Even better/worse: Beal could be named to one of the All-NBA rosters this season, which would make him eligible for a supermax extension. (Wall's supermax takes effect next season)
  2. As of April 2019, MUME has moved to a tasting menu only format; the second seating has an added option of a slightly longer menu (2880NT or 3680NT). Previously it was a la carte with a min spend of 1500NT per person, which wasn't that difficult to reach (apps around 500NT, mains 900NT).
  3. A few limited-time things: - Tonight is Chef Sono's last night at Kyo Ya. *sadface* - 5-7 April, Cedric Grolet will be at Dominique Ansel (original Soho store). "Dominique Ansel invites C├ędric Grolet to New York" More details from their IG. - Paul Liebrandt (of Corton fame) is the latest chef-in-residence at Chefs Club NYC. His most recent gig was a similar popup/residency at Racines wine bar.
  4. Eater Guide to Taipei A bit sloppy (hey, it's Eater) but they did dig up Wenzhou St Daikon Buns/Cakes, which was a few blocks from where I was staying last year. Still, 20% of that essential list are not really restaurants and I think you are unlikely to feel like you've eaten "outrageously well" on the train bento boxes.
  5. Nitpicky: Carman wrote that Cora had the 2nd highest winning percentage on Iron Chef America but the link to Wikipedia does not support that. She is a very strong #2 alphabetically, though. Also, Tock collects tax on service charges properly ;)
  6. I think that outpost of Underwest Donuts closed a while ago - it was on the left before you entered Penn Station from 7th Ave. The original shop may still be open, up near the Intrepid. The donuts at the booth were just ok (not a connoisseur) - I'm more of a Doughnut Plant person. Some or none of these may fit your definition of walking distance: Keens (oh, SteveR already mentioned), Wolfgang's (NYTimes location), Ushiwakamaru (solid mid-tier sushi, Harbs bakery around the corner), Nomad or Nomad Bar; up by Bryant Park, Gabriel Kreuther (plus its chocolate/pastry shop next door), Sushi Ginza Onodera (lunch is almost reasonably priced). Have not been, but recommended by friends: Noda (Ginza Iwa alum), Odo (former Kajitsu chef, now with meat!) If it's very late/early there's always Koreatown.
  7. I was more curious if there were other considerations for the schedule, beyond chefs' availability, like how far in advance people would pay. That season pass package carries a 33% premium ($200 per person per dinner); it might be sold out or they didn't hold back seats for it. That space must have some odd table configurations: max party size is 6, but for, say, Dec 5, there's no available for a party of 2, but you can book 5 or 6 in the dining room and 3 (and only 3) at the bar. I thought Resy had some feature to manage seat pools. Odd cost breakdown too: $116.39 per person $23.28 service charge <- wouldn't this be taxable? (vs calling it a gratuity) $10.33 (8.875% tax on 116.39 only) Because of rounding, I think if you book a party size other than 1 or 2, you save a penny!
  8. Interesting monthly dinner series at the Freehand hotel: The Neighborhood although I'm not sure there's any order that I would find worth it to prepay up to 9 months in advance...
  9. Oops, I just noticed that they had loaded the times - I didn't actually try to book! Maybe they will be unlocked later.. ETA: I missed the exact time, but it might have been around Wed noon? I checked around 12:20pm (not 100% sure) and all the new slots had been booked.
  10. Might not be so disingenuous, in the PED Era...
  11. PSA: Bad Saint extended their holiday prix-fixe menu an extra week so a la carte does not resume until after this weekend. They've also accepted some reservations during this time so walk-in spots could be very limited (the night I went, it wasn't too bad - 8 seats per turn were held back). On the plus side, lines may be much shorter - some people in line bailed upon learning of the $85 min spend. It's higher than last year's $70 menu, but is it that out of line with an avg check? As a singlet, I'm ordering 3-4 dishes, and as a pair 6-7. The menu I had (don't know if it changes at all):
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