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  1. Oops, I just noticed that they had loaded the times - I didn't actually try to book! Maybe they will be unlocked later.. ETA: I missed the exact time, but it might have been around Wed noon? I checked around 12:20pm (not 100% sure) and all the new slots had been booked.
  2. It looks like 12am Wednesday for the entire 4th week out (Mon-Sun) if that makes any sense. They just opened 3/4 - 3/10.
  3. guanabana

    Words/Phrases You Wish Were Retired

    Might not be so disingenuous, in the PED Era...
  4. PSA: Bad Saint extended their holiday prix-fixe menu an extra week so a la carte does not resume until after this weekend. They've also accepted some reservations during this time so walk-in spots could be very limited (the night I went, it wasn't too bad - 8 seats per turn were held back). On the plus side, lines may be much shorter - some people in line bailed upon learning of the $85 min spend. It's higher than last year's $70 menu, but is it that out of line with an avg check? As a singlet, I'm ordering 3-4 dishes, and as a pair 6-7. The menu I had (don't know if it changes at all):
  5. 4 Dec 2018 WaPo/Tim Carman review: Momo Yakitori serves spot-on Japanese skewers with a side of kitty-cat kitsch.
  6. guanabana

    Mario Batali - Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

    NYPD has closed its investigations against Mario Batali. [possibly a dupe?] Grubstreet recently had an update on the Batali & Bastianich group. (still not divested)
  7. The NYC location only accepted reservations for 2 at the counter when it opened, but maybe they've softened that now. If you were to walk in or arrive on a dining room booking and there were open seats at the counter (more likely in DC?), would they really turn you away? (in the USA; I could totally see this happening in Japan)
  8. guanabana


    If you don't see anything you like, can you get your points back? In my reading of the instructions, the process seems to be: convert points into a voucher with expiration date, then use that voucher to search/book (I don't see how to find the list of participating restaurants, without first getting a voucher). What also isn't clear to me: if a restaurant participates, is it guaranteed that it will accept all denominations and/or keep the same exchange rate? (i.e. if a place accepts 2000 points for $20, will it also accept 5000/10000/20000 points and still at $50/$100/$200?). OT also sells gift cards for some restaurants, but that list may not match the set of rewards restaurants - I don't see any Isabella gift cards available. Zero actual knowledge but It wouldn't surprise me if the old system wasn't so great for restaurants - I could totally see OT not reimbursing the full value and consolidating checks in monthly/quarterly cycles.
  9. guanabana


    Noob question: is there a way to check the available restaurants and their redemption rates before committing points?
  10. Depending on your schedule and the show length, you could try booking a late dinner (Vernick, FriSatSun late seatings are around 10:30pm) and pre-game closer to the theatre. If BYOB is a priority, Russet is very close. I thought it was pleasant enough; Steve R visited more recently and wrote about it somewhere here, maybe in the Help Needed section. Res Ipsa is BYOB too, but it might be a bit far and too much of a time suck for pre-show (if you do the tasting) and what do you do with the leftovers? Vedge: you'd likely need a booking or go there early for bar seating Abe Fisher: Jewish-American riffs, might get too heavy for pre-show Double Knot: would not be my first choice, but it's very popular and more knowledgeable people seem to like it; need to book downstairs main room, or do happy hour upstairs or at Sampan next door The Safran+Turney group (Barbuzzo, Jamonera, Little Nonna, etc) is not bad for a less "event-" more neighborhood-type meal. Possibly dicier options: I've never been but am curious about Volver inside Kimmel Center - it might be less ambitious now that Garces isn't his own boss. Oloroso: single visit was somewhat disappointing; too many dishes felt the same and the paella was odd (finished in oven so the crusty part was on top); chef also owns Townsend and A Mano and looks like a cross between Patton Oswalt and Jeremy Renner Spice Finch: Jen Carroll's newish place inside the same hotel as the Prime Rib; my one meal there was uneven and had a bit of the sameness problem but it hadn't been open very long; desserts were meh, maybe get the kataifi and skip the rest
  11. The same organizers are doing an event on Nov 9 at Center Stage: Pop Up Night Market. Admission is included with show ticket, or can be purchased separately for $8-10.
  12. Gabrielle Hamilton and Ashley Merriman Dreamed of Writing the Second Chapter in the #MeToo Story; Instead, they got scorched, by Maggie Bullock 14 Oct 2018 Grubstreet/New York magazine Crafty PR, but I'm still left with more questions than answers and the sense that there's some amount of eliding.
  13. guanabana


    Is that a global setting on Opentable? It would explain why so many restaurants don't (can't) align the start of online and phone booking. On Resy it's either configurable or locked to a different default; I know Dabney in DC starts both online and phone booking at noon.
  14. Do they release the number of candidates each year? It's difficult to say whether 24 passes is abnormal in a given year without knowing how many applicants there were. Previous high was 16* but since 2002 (not including 2018) the average per year is just over 9. [ETA: Interweb says pass rate is 3-8%] Why have they not identified the accused MS by name? They seem to have removed his/her name off the website, so it's not really a secret anymore, correct? (I believe that the deceased remain on the membership list.) [Oops google tells me that wine-searcher also did the same thing here] Maybe not so irresponsible speculation: * or was it?
  15. guanabana

    Restaurants near MoMA Thanksgiving Weekend with Two Children

    Is the restriction $100++ and under per person? Or can it be higher b/c the kids would not be full participants? They might not have to order the full menu at Del Posto or you could try lunch: 3 courses $60, 4/$70 (Geez, these lunch prix fixe prices have really gone up, I remember when Jean Georges was 2/$29). I liked Le Coucou but the tab adds up very quickly (or it's a difficult place to dine solo without over-ordering) . Mimi's original chef left shortly after the NYT review, but it's still around so they're probably doing something right. For French you could also look into Benoit in Midtown or shiny new toy Frenchette in TriBeCa (can be loud AF so get an early booking for dining room or try new lunch service) Other options I like, geographically: (assuming ~$100 limit) Midtown: Torishin, Gabriel Kreuther bar area (their chocolate shop next door is worth checking out; it should have more desserts now that summer is over), Modern bar, Sakagura, Hakkasan (dim sum prix fixe lunch is right at the edge of reasonable; ALC/dinner is very pricey), Sushi Ginza Onodera lunch ($100-150), Agern inside Grand Central (Great Northern Food Hall adjacent is an interesting stop for breakfast/lunch too), Kajitsu Flatiron/USQ: Gramercy Tavern lunch or something else in the Danny Meyer universe (USQ Cafe, Maialino, etc), Nomad/Nomad Bar, 15 East (counter, great sobe too) East Village/LES: Contra, Dirt Candy (sentimental favorite, fun but not high-end), Pig & Khao (not fancy either), Secchu Yokota (tempura + some Western dishes, I prefer second seating 8:30pm), Chikalicious (dessert bar, for pre- or post-meal), Kanoyama, Kyo Ya (tricky; now bookings only for $150 kaiseki, short ALC menu for walk-ins) [walks-in?], not a fan of the Momofuku spots overall but would give Ko bar a try. -> Not fancy: I really like Ho Foods for Taiwanese beef noodles; tiny single-dish place with a few apps (they recently added minced pork over rice/lu rou fan) TriBeCa: Paul Liebrandt's ongoing gig at Racines wine bar might be worth a look, Jungsik's regular menu is over budget but they do have a dessert tasting at the bar for $60 or so, which I consider fair (OTOH the bar's leg room is too shallow - I am of avg height and it's side saddle or manspread), Sushi Azabu