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  1. I buy my meat almost exclusively from the Organic Butcher. Ask for "Frenchie." He is the best. They give phenomenal customer service and will pretty much cut the meat however you want it. I get ground turkey and like a mix of white and dark and they are always wiling to do it for me. The meat is so fresh and the quality is so much better than anything you can get from the supermarket. We also get bacon there for the weekends and it is also top quality.
  2. I did not know that. Thank you!
  3. There are lots of restaurants in the DC area that have southern Brazilian cuisine (rodizio/churrascaria). Does anyone know of a restaurant that has northeast Brazilian food such as casquinha de siri, bobó de camarão, and acarajé. If you know of any place, I would appreciate it if you could post here about it. Thank you!
  4. I have to agree that the sides at Popeye's are the best thing about the place. However, growing up in NY, our greasy chicken chain was Church's. I know Popeye's has good biscuits, but Church's biscuits are more buttery, and fluffier.
  5. Sugar Mama's in Fairfax. It has seating, old time candy, and the back wall is a chalk board where kids can draw. The ice cream is handmade and absolutely delicious. The owner is there a lot and is very friendly. http://www.sugarmamasicecream.com/
  6. Has anyone eaten at both Eddie V's Steakhouse in Tysons and J. Gilbert's in McLean? If so, which location has better food and which location has a better atmosphere for a romantic dinner? Any information is greatly appreciated!
  7. Morris is opening next month (Feb). It will be the sister establishment to Sheppard. Quotes from DC Eater: "Located at 1020 7th St. NW, Morris will be twice as big as The Sheppard and divided into two stories spanning 1,400 square feet. Morris, which is backed by Mendelsohn, business partner Vinoda Basnayake, and Strauss, is now shooting for a March opening." "Potential offerings include: East New York Flip (bourbon, tawny port, honey, egg yolk, cream, nutmeg); American Trilogy (rye, apple brandy, brown sugar, orange bitters); Ivy City Swizzle (vodka, lime, mint, peychaud’s); and Feminist Gent (vodka, luna amara, lime, orange, ginger, soda), among others. Cocktails are priced at $12 each; cheese and charcuterie pairings from local provider Cheese Monster will be available for sale. " Website
  8. Have to agree with DanielK - Fogo, Texas, and then Chima. If you are up for a road trip, Churrascaria Plataforma is my all-time favorite in the east coast for the service, food, and atmosphere. Their salad bar puts the DC chains to shame.
  9. Caboose Brewing Co. in Vienna is a local brewery/restaurant. It is an a very non-descript and industrial looking parking area. You have to pay close attention to the sign to see the arrow for the establishment. Once inside it has a very industrial and modern look and feel. There is a bar and seating upstairs and downstairs. We stayed downstairs. I went with a group from work. There were seven of us. We got a table. The waitress explained that they brew 15 different beers in the brewery. You can see the brewery through the glass wall behind the bar. They also have a good selection of local wine. I didn't drink beer, but my colleagues did. They said the standouts were the Vanilla Bean Stout, Dutchess Porter, Crossroads Vienna Lager, and the Boxcar Brown Ale. I had the root beer pure can soda and a co-worker had the ginger ale. We both enjoyed them. You can really taste the vanilla and anise in the root beer. We also had food. The food was average in my opinion and my co-workers agreed. The risotto I had was woefully under-seasoned, it lacked even basic salt. I also had the pork belly, and that OK, but also not very flavorful, but seasoned more than the risotto. We all agreed that the best thing we had on the menu was the fries (called "hand cut potato frites). Out table also had the chicken thigh, mac and cheese, "Big Mac" burger, roasted mushrooms, and the mussels. The people who had the burger, loved it. I found the service to be a bit rushed and the restaurant was extremely crowded, which made it very loud. Not a place for a romantic or intimate meal at all. If you just want good beer and some fries at the bar (it is very hard to find a space at the bar), I would try it in the off hours.
  10. Found this neat little coffee shop in Georgetown. Very small and almost hidden. No parking. Very modern feel to the shop - very light and airy. I didn't have the coffee. I had the iced tea and it was fresh brewed to order. People in the shop said the coffee is fantastic, that it has almost a cult following. Blue Bottle Coffee
  11. I took my family to this museum and it is worth the wait in the lines and the crowds. The history is impactful and interactive. We learned so much and were truly moved by some of the oral and written exhibits. I want to encourage people to visit the Emmett Till exhibit. When I visited we were told no talking - just really absorb the experience. Also, there is a room where you can record your reaction to the museum and what the experience means to you. This was such a moving experience.
  12. Hello, I hope all is well. My name is Angela. I am originally from NYC. I now live in northern VA, right outside of DC. I am a lawyer and have moved a lot for work. My husband and I love eating out and trying new food and wine. We were truly introduced to how wine can compliment food by the former sommelier at 2941. He was part sommelier, part storyteller, and part wine historian. We love to travel and find new and unique food and drink in other places. I have found a deep connection between food and culture and have found dining a great way to connect with people all over the world. I look forward to learning and contributing to this forum.
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