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  1. Don Rockwell peeps! Tonight is Fried Anchovy Bones Night. It is beyond delicious: deep fried, crispy, salty, anchovy heaven. If you've never tried this cheap bar treat ($4), you really, really should brave the crowds and get in here. Also out of the (different) fryer: Carciofi alla Giudia. See the video clip of them bouncing away in oil on our Instagram page. Wait, that's not all! It's also Tuscan Steak Night: 28oz of 3 week dry aged sirloin served with spinach and potatoes for $35. I'll just leave this right here...
  2. tonight at 2amys: a killer panino (lamb with olivada and frisée), porchetta (it’s saturday!), and 7 oz beef filet with braised endive and super crispy potatoes. $21. pretty much free, if you ask me. i posted some little plates on the dinner specials on instagram, in case you’d like visual.
  3. ok, then, onward. (i hope i'm replying to the correct thread) covering 2.5 topics here: 1. yes, we are trying to get with the program and be up to date on our site with daily offerings, by 6pm at the latest—hopefully earlier when we get our act even more together. 2. the Tuscan steak night answer: we will offer it as available. we can’t be as reliable about that as say, Porchetta Night (wednesday and saturday evenings), but we will most certainly post it on the menu (and on instagram) when it’s around. .5 there are not enough exclamation points to properly tout that beef tonnato, be it tongue or breast. seriously.
  4. hello don rockwell community! my name is tina, and i’ve taken over the social media interface for 2amys, hopefully in an informative, helpful way. (e.g., posting pics as often as possible on insta/fb, and keeping the website updated with all available menus, etc) a teeny bit about me: i worked for peter at obelisk for 18 yrs as his DR manager. what an amazing job that was!!! i learned to cook passably by osmosis, dealt with a wide variety of ppl both on the industry/consumer side, and had a ball the whole time—even when i was weeded within an inch of sanity. bc of this long term relationship, i (mostly) understand the quirks/awesomeness that 2amys presents. i will try to answer your questions (or get answers if i don’t know), convey your beefs, pass along your compliments...any/all things. look forward to getting to know you!