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  1. Actually it shouldn't be lettuce but mustard green. The bitterness of mustard green balances out the flavor nicely. Add the sweetness of Jicama instead of blandness of bean sprout then you are in for a treat.
  2. Just happened to be in the area and checked out some of the items. Their "xôi gấc" use food coloring instead of gấc ̣( Momordica cochinchinensis). They should have changed the name to xoi red no 40 to be more honest. That's an indication of corner cutting establishment.
  3. Just happened to walk by the place today. It's not Pho Hai Duong, it's Pho Han Duong, with an n. In Vietnamese, the one in Eden is Hải Dương - a city in North Vietnam. The one in Loehmann is Hân Dương - most likely a name of a person. So to a Vietnamese person, it doesn't at all sound related.
  4. The problem is you ordered a soup that is Bun Rieu in name only. Bun Rieu is a crab soup with crab broth. The problem is no Vietnamese restaurants in anywhere all over the US offered Bun Rieu the way it's supposed to be made. What they do instead if making up this weird combo of pork broth and MSG laden crab paste from Thailand and doused it with tomato paste to balance it out. It's like making bun mam broth and call it Pho. Sea substitute for land vs land substitute for sea. My suggestion: If the bun rieu costs less than $15, it's not bun rieu. It might seem expensive but then how much would a crab cake served with a side of crab broth, noodles and veggies, herbs should cost? Authentic Bun rieu also must be served with Vietnamese Balm (kinh gioi). The crab broth and Vietnamese Balm go together beautifully. That's the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. Certain herbs must go together with certain dish.
  5. I had ceviche in Lima, Panama, Ecuador. Every country has their own take on it and generally Peruvian is considered the best. I stopped eating fish ceviche while in Peru when I learnt that the white fish they used was actually Tilapia. From then on, I just get the blood clams ceviche.
  6. The name is wrong. It should be Hen Xuc Banh Da. Banh Trang is just rice paper more likely the common thin one used for spring rolls. Banh Da ia a specific thicker rice paper with sesame seeds.
  7. How is living wage possible when most of the review is all about "getting money's worth.", "cheap eats," etc? Look at most of the review on yelp, google, etc and over 90% of them is all about eating cheap.
  8. Just a comment about Pho Ga (chicken Pho) in certain places like Pho Golden Cow and Pho Sate. When you order chicken pho, what you get is pho with beef broth and chicken meat. The broth is not made with chicken stock. So they basically replace the meat and call it chicken pho. I don't go to those places any more because of that bait and switch.
  9. I haven't buy meats from wholefoods for ages. I find their prices too high for the quality you are getting. Their air chilled chicken is pretty tasteless, their pork lack flavors and their beef is just mass market beef. There are much better options out there for cheaper prices.
  10. Chicken Pho. That's what for dinner. Wife and kids refuse to eat pho at restaurant since homemade is way better.
  11. Hoa Vien Quan has been around for at least 5 years . Hoa Vien Quan is next to H20 cafe. It's a restaurant while H2O is a coffee shop.
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