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  1. TwentyTables is re-imagining the relationship between patrons, restaurants, and the food insecure. TwentyTables first of its kind mobile marketplace of $6 fixed-cost lunches empowers the 50% of consumers who brown-bag their lunch everyday to rediscover the convenience of professionally prepared food. The predictability of our price point allows budget-conscious consumers to plan ahead, and restaurants to choose and prep profitable meals. But TwentyTables not only reopens restaurants to marginalized consumers and drives precious in-store foot traffic, we also help those who can't afford to feed themselves. For every 20 meals purchased, TwentyTables donates 5, so that as we grow so does the benefit to communities around us. And from city to city, as we scale, so will the impact we make. Affordable meals for patrons; increased business for restaurants; help feed the hungry. Join our Community of Food!
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