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  1. Three of us were going to be in Springfield last evening and I was owed a Father's Day dinner. Based on the recommendations on this list, we chose Osteria Marzano. It surpassed our expectations in food (including a terrific "fisherman's" soup and fabulous osso buco), service, and ambiance. A very welcoming, warm place. I'm looking for an excuse to go back soon!
  2. I've had two burgers at the Springfield location recently, and they really are stupendous. The best burgers I've had in a long time. Fuddruckers and Five Guys aren't close, although Five Guys fries are unbeatable.
  3. Oh, crap! My SO and I were there just a week ago. The food and service were great as usual. We're going to miss it.
  4. Not remembering that this restaurant had been sold (and it probably would have made no difference to me anyway), I stopped in for lunch today and sat on the patio on a beautiful day. I had in mind one of the lunchtime specials the place used to have. No dice. When the waiter, who was standing not three feet from me, finally finished his chat with the diners at the next table (which went on for over five minutes after I sat down) and found me a menu, he told me the place was doing a "soft opening" and they didn't have any specials nor did they know whether there would be any specials in the
  5. Since July 4th just passed, can anyone suggest a restaurant in Virginia that has a really good view of the fireworks on the National Mall? Preferably with good parking? Believe it or not, I'm planning a car club event for next year. Thanks for your input.
  6. With lion, we have a total of 16. See you all tomorrow at 4:00 pm!
  7. We now have a total of 14 who have confirmed: Koolpaw +3 Darkstar965 +1 Barbara +1 MarthaG +1 Ilaine +3 lion and noahcofc, let me know if you are still interested. We have six seats left. If you have any questions, you can PM.
  8. Yes, the event is still on. This special menu (see above) was put together personally by Peter Chang for our DR group. It looks really interesting and almost unbelievable at this price ($30 per person including tax and tip). I have two tables of ten reserved in my name, Sheldon Hofferman. I will have +3, so it looks like a total of 13 so far. Any others who want to go, please check in so I know what to tell the restaurant. And those who have previously checked in, please reconfirm so we have a firm number. Thanks.
  9. Since there is no apparent interest in Sunday, Feb 10, I am scratching it. From the little feedback I've gotten on this so far, it looks like late Saturday afternoon, Feb 9, will probably work best. That way, everyone will be able to get back home at a reasonable hour. Also, it will probably be easier to get good service and all the seating we want at that time. I plan to call the restaurant today or tomorrow to set this event up, so if you are seriously interested I hope to hear from you TODAY so I have a realistic estimate of how many we will be.
  10. I'll work up a menu after I see there is enough interest to fill at least a large table. I have done this before with Chef Chang.
  11. The Chinese New Year 4711 (Year of the Snake) begins on Sunday February 10. Is anyone interested in celebrating the New Year at Peter Chang's in Richmond? I am willing to arrange a special feast. I have no idea now of the cost, but it will surely be more than a "$20 Tuesday" with a preset price and list of dishes. If so, please indicate your preferences for : Saturday, Feb 9 afternoon Saturday, Feb 9 evening Sunday, Feb 10 afternoon Sunday, Feb 10 evening Remember, it's in Richmond, so if you are going to imbibe you will need a way to get a ride home or stay overnight. Sheldon
  12. Based on this and other similar comments, I recommended the bologna sandwich to a friend at the game the other evening. He said it wasn't as good as the ones his fraternity brothers made at college about four decades ago late at night after a round or several of drinking. I stayed with the $1 hot dogs (special for the evening) and I'm still here to tell the tale. Nats won big, too!!
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