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  1. you know, as i think about it, there's enough on those quick lunch options they would eat: patatas bravas/croquetas pollo/gambas or pollo al ajillo/helados.
  2. jaleo would work for dinner but their shorter lunch menu is harder for our boys--we'd have to pull a lot of stuff out of any sandwich they got. those $20 quick lunch sets do look tempting though...
  3. seki doesn't do reservations for groups of 4. and i'm not chancing a wait with the kids after a long day of museuming.
  4. alas, we are only there from aug 12-16 (leaving the morning of the 16th). currently: daikaya izakaya on night 1, laos in town on night 2. will figure out nights 3 and 4 soon, or maybe just night 4: it may well be the case that we will order enough food at laos in town to bring it back to our hotel for night 3 (our room has a kitchenette).
  5. alas, it appears that thip khao may be closed the entire week that we are in dc! at least all those dates are struck through on their reservation system. just my luck!
  6. thanks for the suggestions so far. kids are 8 and 10. they are unpredictable eaters but i can always look at the menus of suggested restaurants and suss out feasibility. that's actually easier than for me to try and explain what they will or won't likely eat as it doesn't really follow a pattern. speaking of which, convivial seems doable--either the burger or the grilled mackerel would be enthusiastically eaten (though they'd probably leave everything else on the mackerel plate to us). if we ate there we'd most likely get the poulet rouge for 2 and the mackerel and share that among the four of us, along with some apps for the two of us. and daikaya would go down well too. a very specific question about a place a little further away: does anyone know if the grilled pork/chicken skewers at thip khao are done with a spicy marinade or if the spicy sauce comes on the side? i'm hoping the latter because then we could very happily eat there as a family. coming from the twin cities area, i'm very interested to see what a hip lao restaurant is like. there's a large hmong and laotian population here but no restaurant comparable to thip khao.
  7. we will be in dc for a few days in just over a month. staying in a hotel near the convention center. days will be spent taking the kids to the smithsonian museums. interested in recommendations for places for dinner in relatively easy reach of the convention center area where parents can eat interesting food and kids can be pleased as well. easiest ways to please them: grilled meats, roast chicken and similar. the menus of le diplomate or maydan, for example, seem like they might be doable, as would any good thai or other southeast asian place sans long lines. also interested in any decent lunch within easy reach of the museums. thanks in advance!
  8. alas, i don't know anything about rochester food except that on the few occasions i was down there it was hard finding a decent meal. i have been to st. louis park, mostly to eat just barely acceptable dim sum at yangtze (which sadly is the best we get here). it's also where andrew zimmern's new restaurant is--i'm sure you've all heard all about his amazing success in finally improving chinese food!
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