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  1. Nested in a nondescript yet neat strip mall in the heart of the city of Vienna, this restaurant is truly a neighborhood gem. We have been to Clarity a few times in the past, but this was the first visit since the beginning of the pandemic and the phase 3 reopening in NOVA. We were a little hesitant about sitting inside. However, we peeked in and noticed that the restaurant had one of the best organized social-distancing dinner settings we have seen so far, with partitions made of thick fabric curtains between one booth and the other, while also allowing for way over the mandatory 6 feet
  2. We had dinner at Al Tiramisu this Thursday. Al Tiramisu is like an old friend who never lets you down. The food is traditional Italian, without flights of fancy, but always carefully, and very tastily, executed. We chose the arugula and beet salads, the lobster linguine, the pappardelle with duck ragu and the branzino. The duck ragu was a variant on the Neapolitan ragu, namely with the meat braised and shredded rather than minced and then braised. Everything was perfectly cooked and delicious. Of course, no need to ask for pasta to be cooked al dente here...Chef Diotaiuti is a stalwart represe
  3. We had takeout from Takumi in Falls Church a few days ago. We ordered nigiri, maki, sashimi and a few other items. For sashimi, we got the larger assortment provided by the restaurant. Nigiri included oh-toro (fatty tuna), tuna akami (lean tuna), saba (mackerel), unagi (eel), orange clam, Hokkaido hotate (scallop), seared sea scallops, uni (sea urchin), hamachi (amberjack), ikura (salmon caviar) and branzino with lime jest. For maki, we had the spicy tuna rolls, the mackerel with garlic and shiso roll and the redskins roll. In addition, for appetizers, we chose the miso soups, wak
  4. Located inside the space once occupied by the former Ruth Chris’ steak house in Penn quarter, Cranes welcomes you with a tasteful and minimalist decor, accented by the recurring motif of the eponymous crane (obviously…), including in the holders for the chopsticks. The restaurant defines itself as a Kaiseki (haute cuisine) establishment. The chef, Pepe Moncayo, a Spaniard who has lived and worked in Singapore for ten years, offers a Spanish/ Japanese fusion menu constituted of small and medium plates. We visited Cranes a few days ago and tried a large assortment of meat, fish and v
  5. We had been aware for some time that an outpost of Chinese imperial cuisine manned by a famous chef, named after the latter “Chef Guo”, was hiding fairly close to where we live. We found out that Chef Guo was located in an unpretentious strip mall in the Alexandria Landmark neighborhood, curiously sitting next to a Peruvian roasted chicken take-out place. We were intrigued by the presence of an ambitious gastronomic establishment in such indifferent surroundings. Thus, we decided to try it for dinner, on a chilly Valentine’s Day evening. From outside the restaurant looks like a nondescri
  6. Just to report that Chef Imperato has recently added to the menu two (presumably seasonal, but maybe not) items: a boudin noir appetizer and a breaded skate wing main course. We tried them and both were very good.
  7. Maialino Mare is the recently opened DC transplant of the well-known Maialino in New York City’s Gramercy Park. Maialino Mare is located Inside the newly opened Thompson Hotel in the Navy Yard neighborhood. The restaurant is large and nicely designed. The ambience is comfortable, with lots of light filtering through large windows that provide a sense of open space, though it feels a bit colder, less cozy than the Gramercy Park original. Maialino Mare also has an upstairs bar with roof terrace (Anchovy Social) which serves mostly small plates and drinks and has an outstanding view of the Anaco
  8. We had thoroughly enjoyed Chef Ruta’s culinary mastery in his previous digs, Palena and Mirabelle. Thus, we were anxious to try his new restaurant near Dupont Circle and went there last weekend, just one week after Annabelle’s opening. For main courses, we chose the smoked olive-oil -poached Chatham cod, the home-dry-aged rib eye beef steak and the roasted free-range half-chicken with tarragon jus, oca root boulangere and wilted spinach. The entrees were all excellently executed (meaning that we liked them a lot, lest somebody might think we possess superior technical knowledge…). Though
  9. This (fairly recently opened) Peruvian restaurant near Dunn Loring metro is really charming, from the kind servers to the tasty menu. Perhaps we never had a better ceviche than the ceviche clasico offered here. Fresh and tasty, with a great leche-de-tigre marinade. Our quinoa salad was beautifully presented as a dome-shaped pudding with avocado at the bottom. Besides, it also tasted really good... In addition, we got the main fish dish (pescado a lo macho), the arroz tapado (upside down rice bowl with ground beef and fried egg) and the bistec a la pobre (fried-egg-topped steak with
  10. We have returned to Chloe after a few months and we liked it perhaps even more than the first time, if at all possible. Chef Karoum (previously at the now shuttered Proof as well as at Estadio and Doi Moi) is presiding over a smooth-functioning establishment, both for the food and the overall experience. Nested in the vibrant Navy Yard District, Chloe delivers excellent new American food with a twist. The restaurant mainly serves small to medium plates (like tapas), which range from the hamachi crudo to grilled Path Valley scallions with romesco sauce (a close relative of the typical Cat
  11. Semeli Taverna is an interesting new Greek concept perched atop the Sakerum sushi establishment on 14th street NW--in the refurbished rooftop of the latter. The menu is based on a choice of 14 mezze and one main dish, always a “fresh catch of the day”. Though you can order the mezze separately a la carte, the try-all-mezze option seems the default option here and at 39 dollars for the all-mezze menu is quite a bargain. While not attaining the quality of the outstanding Greek places in the area (Nostos, My Mom Eugenia, and, on the fast food front, the Greek Deli on 19 h street NW), the foo
  12. We have been patronizing Tachibana for nearly three decades, since the early nineties when it was still located in the Cherrydale neighborhood in Arlington. Our daughter is probably the greatest fan of Tachibana worldwide, as it is engraved in her childhood memory as her go-to-restaurant. Over time we have tried most of the menu items: sushi, sashimi, ankimo, salads, tonkatsu, shabu shabu, udon, tempuras and more. During our most recent visit last week, we ordered sashimi special and sushi assortment. Uni, toro, saba and the hand rolled sushi options were the standouts, but everything els
  13. This little restaurant at the corner of Lee Highway and I66/Washington Boulevard is truly an hidden gem of the Falls Church neighborhood. Our entire family enjoys it. My wife often goes there for lunch with her girl friends. The menu is mainly concentrated on typical French fare , but it also includes Lorraine-Alsace specialties and other regional dishes, including the seasonal choucroute Alsacienne and the Cassoulet which I enjoy so much. My wife finds it very difficult to pass on the sole meunière almost every time we go. Though, over time, we have tried several delicious dishes on the menu
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