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  1. From Wednesdays through Saturdays until May 2, from 6-10, Mike Isabell's G sandwich place is Yona, a Japanese-Korean noodle and small plates pop-up that is the precursor to Yona's brick and mortar opening in Arlington later this year. We recently went and enjoyed it. The menu is comprised of three kinds or ramen, a miso ("Miso Porky") that lives up to its name, a tonkotsu-style heavily shoyu ramen, and a vegetarian ramen, and then a larger selection of 8-10 small plate/appetizers. There is a decent drink menu featuring house-made cocktails, Japanese beers, and whiskey. I had the Hak cockt
  2. So glad to have Beau Thai in the neighborhood. I agree it's not a destination place, but if you're nearby, it's a pleasant and reliable standby for good Thai food with a few little twists. The happy hour from 5-7 is worthwhile for the drink prices, and the service is relatively fast and friendly. The menu is distinctive for the number of noodle soups offered - more than I've seen at other Thai places - with offerings like duck, chicken, roast pork, spicy pork, yellow curry and your choice of thin, medium or large noodles. The chicken satay and shrimp cake appetizers are standard but tasty. The
  3. We are big fans of Ren's, because it was really the only place to get good ramen for the longest time. We checked out Sakuramen because we were excited about the Korean spin and its location. We really like it. The broth is lighter but also more refreshing. The noodles have good texture and are plentiful. The toppings are generous. I had the Shoki which was loaded with meat (bulgogi and grilled pork belly) and bean sprouts with a piece of nori and shoyu egg. Husband had the ramen with roasted kimchi and bulgogi. We've had the pork buns at Momofuku, and the pork buns at Sakuramen are differe
  4. Being big fans of the original Komi which was more of a homey, casual neighborhood joint with great vision, delicious food and quirky character, and watching its transformation into one of the best fine dining spots in D.C., we are thrilled to see some of that original vision and unique character shining through at Little Serow. Little Serow's Thai dishes knocked our socks off. Perfect family-style portions for 4 hungry adults. Frequently filled water cups, sticky rice served and refilled in cute little woven baskets, and a selection of raw vegetables (cabbage,lettuce, endive, daikon, lime r
  5. Perhaps the whole pop-up restaurant thing is precious and trendy, but having read the Mission Street Food Cookbook and story, I see the pop-up restaurant phenomenon as something very cool, opening possibilities for good cooks who live to feed people but don't have the means to open a restaurant. We went to People's Noodle Bar on the recommendation of a friend, and we liked it, although I guess it's been around for a few months with not very good reviews. It's located on the Park Road side of the DCUSA shopping center in Columbia Heights, in the Senor Chicken. Three kinds of broth (tonkotsu (po
  6. Ripple is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood, a casual, clean, cheerful spot for snacks and libations, bonus for being kid-friendly. I don't think this is going to be a culinary wine bar destination, but it has a vibe that is appealing and earnestly tries to serve good products. The wines by the glass (6 for $6, a sparkling, some white, some red) are always interesting and great. The charcuterie (a selection of housemade and other sources like Benton's and LaQuercia), cheese and snacks (like bacon peanuts and/or bacon pecans, olives, housemade pickles) are highlights here. One can sele
  7. Woodberry Kitchen and Salt had no availability for a party of 6, so we ended up at Meli Bistro, and we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it. Everything I had here was perfectly cooked, some things exceeded expectations, and the service was good. Started with the seared scallops with honey powder and pancetta atop green apple polenta. Sounds weird right? It was amazingly yummy - 3 good-sized Diver scallops seared with a sweet/salty powder made from honey/pancetta ground together, resulting in a unique caramel flavor. The green apple polenta was a smooth, not too sweet, puree that complement
  8. Had often passed by this place on Columbia Pike without stopping but dropped in for lunch today and was surprised to find not only a full German deli with all kinds of sausages, hams and coldcuts, but also a store with German wines, beer, coffee, cheese, cookies, candies (Haribo gummis), jams, etc. They serve 8 different kinds of bratwurst sandwiches, including a currywurst and thueringer, several types of hot and cold sandwiches (including liverwurst), and a variety of sides/salads. I had the Deutscher sub - assorted German coldcuts served on a baguette with remoulade (with added onions and
  9. Trekked to Falls Church from DC to try Orso and we were not disappointed. We had a great meal although being less than 2 weeks old, Orso was definitely experiencing some issues with their service and consistency. We felt bad because our food came fast and was done right, but tables around us were having meltdowns (sending back burnt pizza, not getting food although they had arrived earlier than other tables, etc.). Of note, the General Manager (who is a familiar face from 2 Amy's) was handling it well and making things right. The pizza is as good as, if not better, than 2 Amy's. We had the
  10. Some of my best memories of childhood involve the "special" occasions when our family would go out to try different restaurants, and wherever it was, we were expected to be quiet, stay seated and eat all our food (for the sake of starving children in Africa). If we had started screaming, we would have been yanked out of our seats and taken outside or to the bathroom immediately. The same is true for our kid (except for the guilt trip about eating everything on the plate). Because pizza places are usually the most kid-friendly, we have frequented them more than others, and pizza is one of his
  11. The Sofitel is not too far from Hay-Adams. Their bar, Le Bar, is quiet and cozy with lounge-y seating areas that would accomodate 6 people. Drinks aren't cheap but they are large, and the bar menu is quite good.
  12. Had reservations for an early dinner. We get there with 2 yr old in tow, and we're informed that they don't have high chairs and they're not "kid-friendly" (not in a mean way, sort of apologetic). Husband asks, "Do you want us to leave?" Thankfully, we are given a booth where child could be parked between us. Server neglected to tell us about specials and seemed in a hurry to turn our table. Noise level steadily grew as evening progressed. Food was very good. The frisee lardon salad was one of the best I've had - generous portion, just the right amount of dressing, perfectly poached egg, lots
  13. Pedro Almodovar movies make me hungry. There's one, I forget the name, where Carmen Maura makes gazpacho and you wish you could be tasting some of it through the screen.
  14. Been there, and it's totally worth finding it in the weirdly empty Block 37 shopping mall, underground in the "Pedway" (pedestrian walkway). Cream puffs 3 ways (plain, chocolate covered, or burnt sugar covered) with your choice of custards: vanilla, strawberry (with fresh strawberries), chocolate (and a special at the time - caramel). My favorite was the burnt sugar with strawberry custard. The puffs can be ordered in sixpacks with a take-home box. The Chicago location also serves illy coffee and Haagen-Dazs frozen coffee drinks to go with the puffs. This location also had a yummy custard fil
  15. Have hesitated to be ecstatic about several meals here because they were hit or miss with misses balanced by the hits. Past misses: sometimes pizzas soggy in middle, pasta served lukewarm and turned gummy, slow and less than attentive service. Tonite was definitely a hit overall. The asparagus salad with fingerling potatoes and crispy egg is as good as others have described. Also had the goat cheese bruschetta special - 3 huge pieces of grilled bread with a tangy herb goat cheese spread topped with a lemony arugula salad. Lemon zest slices were a nice touch. The rabbit cavatelli with olives
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