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  1. Last night, I hosted a birthday party for my mom for about 20 people. The challenge was that she wanted it on my roof, which was not reservable and required everything to be brought on trays up the elevator in real time. Plus no room for plates, so it all had to be finger food. And there was only enough table space for two trays at a time. So I made the dinner into several courses, switching trays periodically. I also had only 1 day to prepare. Nuts, olives, wild boar sausage and chorizo Smoked salmon and salmon roe dip, with crudités and grilled crostini Cucumber slices topped with goa
  2. I have now skimmed through the other threads you cited. I don't necessarily disagree with what you said in any of them. I do disagree with what you have said in this one. Yes, this area mostly only has truly ethnic restaurants from the few ethnicities that have settled here (as in most cities), and yes there have been a proliferation of washed down "ethnic" restaurants, some of which get a lot of attention. But from that does not follow that the area can not support ANY true ethnic restaurants. To imply that, much less state it directly, is to discount the hard work of so many families a
  3. I have no idea where Dama Cafe is, but there are dozens of little Ethiopian joints in my neighborhood that have been there for years and rarely see a WASP. The best ones get discovered, of course, and then they become more accessible, but there are tons more out there. I don't know all the names, but the Eritrean Community Center (which is a full service restaurant) most certainly fits that bill. Not that I, someone who would probably be considered a wasp for this purpose, wasn't welcomed with opened arms. But I still wouldn't consider it generally accessible, unless you mean that they sla
  4. Very appreciated, Don. But for us, it is really about the transportation buy in time. We aren't going to spend two or more hours travelling to get there. I know that may be selfish, but it is how we have structured our lives. Arrowine's move to the city gave us our final freedom from frequent suburban trips, and now that is just how we roll. I'm not asking anyone to change the location for us at all. I'm just explaining because I wouldn't want anyone to think that we aren't going because we don't enjoy them or don't like the people. It is just easier for us to run into people around her
  5. I'm late to this discussion, but I figured I might as well chime in on why I don't go to these very often and why I don't even bother reading these threads on a timely basis anymore (I generally catch up after the fact). The location is impossible for me. I have two states - walking and travelling. If I am going to drive that far out of the city, I am going to be staying the night, and there are no campgrounds there. If I'm travelling, I plan stops in the suburbs en route to other things, but to attend a picnic in far flung Alexandria, I would have to write off the entire day and make JLoc
  6. I haven't been to Breadfurst, so take this for what it is worth. But, I just looked at a lot of pictures online, and it doesn't have the problem that I see at Fishnet. The difficulty is the height of the booths. They create walls and layers that trap you in less than ideal spaces that are either too removed from the action (near the door) or make you feel second class (to the side of the booth) or underfoot (near the front). The front booth isn't itself uncomfortable, but it isn't social, and I feel guilty when taking it for only 3 people. It also makes it very difficult to peer in.
  7. I think the aims are not reflected in the design of the space. I think the bar was a good addition, but the rest of the space needs to be made welcoming as well. The booths force separation, make it impossible to window shop, and create a lot of second class seating. I have loved every bite that I have had here, but I have disliked every seat in which I have sat.
  8. I definitely think she should report the attempted rimjob to management!
  9. I agree there is better production value in your picture, but the plating is also much better. The earlier picture shows a haphazard dish created by someone following directions and not really caring. Moreover, the darker plate is a better background. It seems that the picture you posted is not actually what is being served, so I would say it is not the better picture of the dish despite it being much prettier.
  10. If they have good pizza, and they deliver to Penn Quarter and southern Logan/Shaw areas, they will have no problem staying busy late on the weekends. We have absolutely no decent pizza delivery options at this time.
  11. It is definitely on my heavy rotation. Not too expensive, good food, great drinks (Vagabond is my go to), and just a wonderfully neighborhoody atmosphere. It may not be the "best" in any category, but it is an incredible neighborhood add.
  12. I love, and frequent, both la columbe and compass (average 4 cups at each a week). And, I'm glad La Columbe doesn't have wifi. Of course people can still get on the Internet, but it discourages long-term campers. It is just too small for wifi. It is already tough enough to get a table, and a table is needed for those awesome pastries. On the other hand, I adore spending long periods working at Compass, as it is perfectly set up for it.
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