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  1. We used to eat at House of Fortune when I was a kid (which was about 25 years ago!) and it was our go-to family Chinese restaurant. This was back when they still served Pu Pu platters. Maybe they still do, but it has been a long time.
  2. A friend of mine ordered a cake for her daughter's birthday from Baked and Wired last weekend and it was delicious. It looked like a massive, old-fashioned icebox cake. Three layers of vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. The cake was dense and moist and the buttercream was so so good. I would highly recommend ordering a cake here for a special occasion. Unless you are looking for fancy decoration, I don't believe they will do it. But if you are just looked for an awesome cake, you will find it here.
  3. I would like to frequent Open City more, particularly for an easy weekend breakfast, since options in this area are so limited. But the lack of parking anywhere around there keeps me away. We mostly go to Furins, even in Georgetown, there is always ample parking on a weekend morning.
  4. We were up in Rockville a couple of weekends ago for a child's birthday party and decided to stop by Houston's in Rockville on the way home with our two young kids. The primary thing that bugged me was that at 5:30 pm, the restaurant was practically pitch dark. I could not believe how low the lights were! I could not see a damned thing. Other than that, their chicken sandwich, which used to have a grilled chicken breast, is now made up of rotisserie chicken with skin on it. I am glad that I peeked inside my sandwich before I ate it because I would have been turned off had I bitten into a big hunk of flabby chicken skin. All in all, not the Houston's I remember going to as a kid in Georgetown.
  5. Are we allowed to talk about turkey reubens here? If so, I must say that Cafe Deluxe makes a great one. The rye is grilled until it is crunchy. Just right proportion of russian dressing, kraut, turkey and cheese. I think they griddle the turkey which gives it even more flavor. I had one for dinner the other night (you can always order off the lunch menu) and it hit the spot.
  6. I *just* saw this recipe published somewhere in the past two weeks...was it the Washington Post?? I am trying hard to remember but I do know it was very easy to prepare. If I recall correctly, there was tahini in the dressing...Edited to say: Found it! It is on the Washingtonian website: http://www.washingtonian.com/blogarticles/restaurants/bestbites/13722.html
  7. Interesting that they call it the "dirty golfer". I have seen it many places referred to as a "John Daly".
  8. This is one of my favorites, and I usually get it on rye. I love living so close to Wagshal's. My husband usually gets the Mikey's Special sandwich. They have a salami and brie with mustard on baguette that is quite good. The staff is always very friendly. I also always eye the shrimp salad, but have never tried it.
  9. My two favorite spots for fries are Brasserie Beck and Central.
  10. Has anyone else tried the grilled mushroom and cheese sandwich? It is so rich and very good. I am always willing to try new menu items at Central and tonight, I was glad I did. I believe it comes with the same dipping sauce as the fried chicken, and while I was uncertain at first, I felt it really enhanced the sandwich. As I said, this is a very rich sandwich. I was very hungry and couldn't even finish half of it.
  11. I am pretty certain that Wagshals has them.
  12. Sounds much better than the remaining chicken fingers and fries I ate once my three year old was finished eating on Friday night. While waiting in line, I noticed they had a foot-long crab roll with a foot of Old Bay fries. $18. A lot of people seemed to be ordering this. I was too skeptical but admit that I was curious as to how it tastes.
  13. Rockland's does all sorts of catering including a whole pig.
  14. Inspired by today's Food section article in the Post, I must say that I too have an obsession with sandwiches. So, where do you get your favorite sandwiches? Off the top of my head, two of my favorites are the Surfside at Jettie's and the croque monsieur at Brasserie Beck. I think we should exclude burgers, especially since they have their own topic.
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