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  1. This hurts...a lot. Starting with our very first visit, Restaurant Eve has been a special place for my wife and I. Prior to having kids, we dined there frequently - introducing both family and friends to the restaurant that we loved. Once our children were born, it was harder and harder for us to get there as often as we used to. Nevertheless, for 13 out of 14 years, Restaurant Eve was the place we would go for our anniversary celebration. Our 15th anniversary is coming up in July and I was about to make our usual reservation when I saw the news. Instead, we got a reservation for the last night of service so we can at least "say goodbye". Thanks to Cathal, Todd, and the rest of the Restaurant Eve family for so many years of wonderful memories.
  2. I can confirm that The Sandwich Shop is not owned by Tim Ma or Michael Amouri. I stopped by this morning after seeing that they were open last night (and busy) at the Church Street Stroll. The Sandwich Shop is owned by a husband and wife (Mike and Susanna), who also run the Bridgewater Deli, which is in an office building in Fairfax. I enjoyed the sandwiches and salads at Bridgewater Deli when I used to work nearby and always thought that Mike had the potential to 'stretch out' if given the opportunity. As for The Sandwich Shop, I had a very enjoyable egg sandwich this morning (chive eggs, caramelized onions, cheese, and a spicy mayo). The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the sandwich was served on a nice brioche bun (full disclosure: I was not charged for the sandwich since he recognized me from the deli). Mike and I talked for a while and he is really excited to be a part of the Vienna community. I took a peak at the current menu and noticed that there are a few salad offerings in addition to the sandwiches. The menu, I am sure, will evolve over time as they have only been open a few days.
  3. I will be in New Orleans soon for a conference and staying at the Roosevelt. While my first night includes a business dinner (at Galatoire's), I will have one night to fend for myself. I am looking for recommendations for places within walking distance of the Roosevelt where I can dine solo (preferably bar area). I'm open to all cuisines/price points. Thanks!
  4. FYI, back in March, Alegria was re-branded as Bazin's Next Door. The menu still features many of the Mexican dishes that they had as Alegria; however, the menu is now includes pastas, seasonal dishes, etc.
  5. Get the burger here. Seriously, get the burger here. Back in early December, after a trip to the College Park IKEA, I stopped into Fishnet. I was not in the mood for fish and saw the burger on the menu. This was definitely the best burger that I have had in a long, long time. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare, juicy, and tasted like a well-aged steak. I returned to Fishnet last week and repeated my burger order. Again, this burger was cooked spot-on and just as flavorful as last time. They had a Restaurant Week special of burger, side, and dessert for $12. While they were out of french fries when I got there (!), the simple salad of arugula, radish, and coriander vinaigrette was a perfect complement to the burger. Dessert was a wonderful chocolate mousse. Ferhat showed up at the restaurant as I was finishing up my lunch and we chatted briefly. The bottled sodas in the cold case have been replaced by bottled beer and he has a new self-service soda fountain serving Maine Root sodas.
  6. This Saturday we will be having a bunch of people hanging out for dinner after my daughter's birthday party. Given time constraints this week, part of my plan is to: -Wash and blanch green beans tonight (Tuesday) -Cook the pulled pork on the smoker tomorrow (Wednesday) Given that the party is on Saturday, are both the green beans and the pulled pork fine to keep in the fridge or should I put them in the freezer and take them out Saturday morning?
  7. Great Country Farms in Bluemont has PYO tart cherries this week. My wife and 5-year old daughter picked a bunch yesterday. Call before heading to the farm on the weekend to confirm that they are still available.
  8. There are a couple of meals in my life that have been eye-opening. These have been meals where familiar ingredients were presented in new/different ways (first meal at Citronelle), or experiencing a foreign cuisine in a whole new way (Peter Chang at China Gourmet). Our meal at Rasika on Saturday night comes pretty close to falling in the latter category. Paula and I don't have much experience with Indian cuisine, though we have eaten it on several occasions. However, we have been eager to explore it further for some time now. We decided to do the tasting menu, which took the decision-making out of our hands. Some of the highlights of our meal: Palak Chaat: lived up to the hype. Many different textures in this dish and a wonderful blend of sweet and savory. Bhindi Amchoor: Sliced okra with dry mango powder. The best okra dish that I have ever had. Spicy Reshmi Kebab: Minced chicken with a mint/coriander/green chili sauce. The chicken was nicely browned and still remained juicy. The sauce provided a nice contrast to the heat of the chicken. Mango Shrimp: Nicely cooked shrimp with a nice sweetness from the mango. Black Cod: Perfectly cooked and absolutely wonderful (though I can't remember much more about it). The only 'miss' was that the lamb was dry and overcooked; however, the accompanying sauce was able to cover that up. Service was terrific, as our waiter, Manoj, gave us great advice and insight into many of the dishes. I definitely hope to return soon (and find a good Indian restaurant a little closer to home).
  9. Old Dominion Appliance Repair was recommended to me by a fellow Don Rockwell member. Our Maytag refrigerator stopped working on Sunday night. I spoke with Old Dominion Appliance Repair on Monday at 9:30AM. The owner, Alan Gaitley, was at my house by 12:30PM and had my refrigerator up and running by 1:30PM. Alan is extremely knowledgable, friendly, and passionate about what he does. He quickly diagnosed the problem, and I was fortunate that he had the part I needed on his truck. Alan took extra care to avoid damaging our hardwood floors around the refrigerator and thoroughly cleaned up after he was finished. He even gave me great advice about the other appliances in our house. His rates seemed very reasonable to me. Alan will be the first call in the future for any appliance repair needs. Old Dominion Appliance Repair Alan Gaitley 703-754-8500 Website Peter Sherman
  10. Opening in the spot once occupied by Maestro and Michel. Jose Andres to revive America Eats in Tysons
  11. Thanks for all of the recommendations. We wound up at Harry's Smokehouse (thanks, KMango), which was fairly quiet and allowed my friend and I the ability to catch up over a couple of beers. It was convenient since my friend was coming from the metro and I was able to park fairly close. I had a decent burger that was cooked correctly and the service was good. Not a remarkable place by any stretch but worth it if you are in the area.
  12. I am meeting a friend whom I haven't seen since high school for drinks in Pentagon City after work this week. Although I lived in Pentagon City many years ago, I have no idea what is over there anymore. I am looking for a decent place to grab some drinks and maybe a little to eat. Food is less important, as catching up on the last 20 years will be the priority. Any recommendations?
  13. I see no need to pay for this, as the coffee in my office is 100% free and tastes like 100% ferret s**t.
  14. Thanks Mary! We wound up using Sugar Cookie Creations. Their cookies turned out really cute and our guests got a kick out of them. I haven't eaten any of them yet, as we have been too busy eating the chocolate chip cookies and the birthday cake my wife made. Just check out this cake she did!
  15. We will be celebrating our youngest daughter's 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks and are doing a Cookie Monster theme. My wife is making the cake. However, we were thinking of doing cookies as a party favor. Does anybody know where I can get about a dozen cookies iced/decorated to look like Cookie Monster? We don't have the time to do them ourselves. Northern Virginia area preferred, please!
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