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  1. I came across this in a Facebook post. There is a lot of Burgundy, Champagne and other things. https://www.firstthewine.com/wine-all-s/1909.htm?mc_cid=c95b0b5648&mc_eid=477addd33c&fbclid=IwAR1PTdLS4L3HFKNKJhiFmU5rpJ8kCjRGRE0kRHIXbYp96OvJPdDvhOQX11s
  2. At the original Tony Cheng on I street was where I bit into and was introduced to firecracker peppers.
  3. Directly after Chateau Mouton Rothschild, a Bordeaux first growth that usually sells for more than $1,000, comes Yellowtail, a wine that sells for less than $6. Mouton produces 20,000 cases annually, Yellowtail, more than 8 million.
  4. Actually. the Puffy Shirt episode provided several of the hilarious terms the series is known for. Jerry's girlfriend was a "Lowtalker" which kicked the plot off. George also found work as a hand model- until he has an unfortunate encounter with a hot iron. On another note, growing up Jewish in Long Island, my dad was an avid TV watcher when he retired. He did have a sense of humor, but couldn't watch Seinfeld because he didn't think it was funny. Same with Everbody Loves Raymond. I never understood.
  5. I have always wondered why people name restaurants with confusing and unpronounceable words given the lack of language ability most Americans possess. I was the first Maitre 'd/Food and Beverage Director of the newly opened Henley Park Hotel. The restaurant was name Coeur de Lion (Lion heart in French). People would routinely call and ask for Curly Deon. It was hilarious.
  6. Volatile acidity (VA) is a measure of the wine's volatile (or gaseous) acids. The primary volatile acid in wine is acetic acid, which is also the primary acid associated with the smell and taste of vinegar.
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