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  1. My dog Skippy is always very interested in what I'm eating. I tried to explain to him that clam chowder is not dog food. He still begs with his eyes. He really likes the fried noodles that come with Chinese take-out soup. He's very good at cleaning his dog food bowl. He gets a handful of high quality kibble and 3.5 ounce serving of meat with each meal.
  2. I had lunch yesterday at Circa Foggy Bottom. I made an OpenTable reservation indicating "outside seating". We got there at noon and were seated immediately at a nice table on the patio. Unfortunately, the Foggy Bottom Metro has daily buskers. Yesterday, there was what I called a "wedding singer" belting out horrible songs, plus there was a guy playing the mandolin in front of the restaurant. The noise was too much. It made the outdoor tables unpleasant. We moved inside, which was quite empty and had a nice lunch.
  3. I tried TJ's frozen wonton soup when it was first introduced. I liked the flavor and wontons until I looked at back label: 1650mg Sodium!
  4. Buca di Beppo is Guy Fieri's new ghost kitchen. Flavortown!
  5. TJ's is too convenient for me. Its a block away. My fridge is jammed with sauces and condiments. My newest favorite is the Sofrito seasoning in the spice aisle. Its great on omelets and vegetables. For tomatoes, I always choose the brown Kumatoes. If you haven't tried them, they are very good and consistent. I find their soups always disappointing. Refrigerated main courses are inconsistent. Surprisingly, their dog food is good.
  6. Jean-Louis Paladin used to make the richest chestnut soup with lots of pureed foie gras in it. Michel Richard also used this recipe. The most decadent soup I've ever had. I used to pair these soups with Tawny Port or Malmsey Madeira.
  7. Et Voila has a nice Christmas Dinner for carry out. Its on their website. https://www.etvoiladc.com/christmas
  8. I've already told this to Don, but, yesterday FaceBook suggested that I add Rudy as a friend. I thought it was pretty funny.
  9. Think of Rivesaltes like tawny Port. It will have sweetness buy not cloying sweetness.
  10. Joe is no longer at Ace Beverage. He just got hired at Calvert Woodley.
  11. Lack of business and traffic. Yikes. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-grand-central-oyster-bar-temporarily-closing-again-20201012-bid4tegn5jhtpcs2dlnlwzhpye-story.html?ref=agreatbigcity.com
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