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  1. https://washingtonmonthly.com/2020/03/14/POTUS-is-trying-to-run-a-pandemic-response-like-a-business-with-disastrous-results/?fbclid=IwAR0LJE8U8C-1kZd5XHYup6S-H9-L4kxoAxBix1p378q3wkh00rvJriefuQo
  2. And POTUS is more worried about the virus affecting the stock market and his re-election chances than the health of hundreds of millions of people.
  3. Foggy Bottom is my local WF. I have seen days where there are no onions or potatoes, which seems weird to me. They stopped carrying my favorite mung bean sprouts. I have never seen empty shelves, though. If you shop there at the wrong time, it is a mob scene of GWU students. The baked goods go first and the cashier lines are ridiculous. The wine selection is average with lots of corporate labels. I prefer to buy wine at Trader Joe's. The shopping experience at Foggy Bottom is strongly influenced by the school's vacation schedule.
  4. The tariffs might make that difficult. As far as Kim Crawford, Constellation has global distribution and global marketing. I'd rather drink something that's a little closer to the winemaker than corporate juice hawked all over the world.
  5. If you want to drink corporate, generic NZ sauvignon Blanc, sure. Kim Crawford sold his winery and his NAME to Constellation Brands some years ago. He started a new company, Loveblock Vintners that he makes the wine for. Try that instead. The tariff price increases should take some time to become obvious as distributors empty their current inventory on the market.
  6. Unfortunately, Virginia is one of those.
  7. I think this argument misses the point. My most recent retail job showed me that most European wine sold at retail is in the "value" segment. That means $10 and under. Think of shopping for wine at Trader Joe's and not seeing anything under $10. That's huge. No more $4.99 pinot grigio. Veuve Clicquot on "sale" for $99. $22 for basic Prosecco. I think the public outcry will be huge.
  8. Bistrot du Coin, 1738 Connecticut Ave serves all day until late at night. Steak and potatoes plus great mussels, roast chicken and other French specialties. Pesce for simple seafood. Sette Osteria for good pizza.
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