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  1. Mark Slater

    Wine tasting

    Refosco, Cot, and Xinomavro.
  2. Mark Slater

    Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    They also have frozen wonton soup that I thought was tasty until I saw how much sodium it contained. I think it was more than 1200mg.
  3. Mark Slater


    My first restaurant job when I was a teenager was flipping knishes and egg rolls at Mid Island Mall in Hicksville, NY.
  4. Mark Slater


    Es gibst es nicht hier.
  5. Mark Slater

    Las Vegas, NV

    I dont know what possessed me to order lobster at a terrible hotel one time. It must have been in the freezer for years.
  6. Mark Slater

    Dining in Paris

    Somm is the hipster word for sommelier. 😆
  7. Mark Slater

    Dining in Paris

    This image is why I dont use the word sommelier much anymore. I have always tried to combat that perception of the haughty somm.
  8. Mark Slater

    Dining in Paris

    Selosse in this country is wildly expensive.
  9. Mark Slater

    Dining in Paris

    At the restaurant in Le Bristol, they bring a Champagne cart to the table when you sit down with 6 or 7 bottles including Krug and Dom Perignon.
  10. Sebastien knows what he's doing. I haven't been there since I stopped working in Old Town. I follow his social media feeds and it always looks really good.
  11. Brian, I generally agree with you. I have always considered blind tasting a parlor trick. Maybe because I'm so terrible at it. :) The article about this incident in this mornings Washington Post quoted several members who have been attempting this certification for 8 or more years at a cost of $70,000-80,000! I personally know several friends who have attempted it at least 3 times. My somm career began in 1982- 4 years before the CMS began its program in the US. I was lucky enough to taste all the wines that people can only read about today. These days I don't even use the "S" word anymore- it terrifies people. Instead, I use "Wine Guy", it sounds less threatening.
  12. Actually my favorite part of the opera, aside from the last act is the gambling scene in the 3rd act when the clarinets shift into ominous F minor. I love that part. I always have trouble deciding which is the greater masterpiece, Traviata, Rigoletto or Trovatore.
  13. They should like it. Its exciting music right from the start.