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  1. When I was a kid (50+ years ago) the family used to go to a German restaurant called Voorst's near the Bowery. I cant find any mention of it.
  2. I worked with Alain at Jean-Louis at the Watergate. Such a nice man.
  3. I had a very enjoyable dinner at St. Anselm last night. Service was outstanding right from the start. The delicious biscuits are a great way to lose your appetite. We had king crab leg, beef tartare, oysters. All very tasty , except the oysters. They had shrunk on the grill and were very small. For a mid course we shared the salmon collar, which was enormous and beautifully cooked and seasoned. For main, I had the NY strip, a good steak done perfectly. Creamed spinach was creamy. Don't miss the mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. I was quite surprised to see a packed restaurant on a Monday night.
  4. Cleveland Park no longer has any "fancy" restaurants. Plenty of mediocre places, though.
  5. Vace is close by where I work. I tried to like their pizza. Maybe its the sauce. I was similarly unimpressed with their meatball sub.
  6. In Europe, waiter is a profession. Students train at vocational schools (something the US sorely needs more of) starting at age 15 and get jobs for life. The three star I am most comfortable at and have eaten at the most is Eric Frechon at the Le Bristol. After my second visit, Raphael, the maitre d', remembered me, as did the sommelier. The sommelier there one Sunday night was 21 years old and had been studying for 6 years. The busboys have apprentices who are not allowed to approach the table. None of that would fly here, I'm afraid. Socialism!!
  7. "Nice" or "Fine Dining" service in Washington bears no resemblance to the 3 Etoiles MIchelin restaurants in Paris. When you experience them, it becomes clear why it is not feasible in the US.
  8. This time of year, I like to make elaborate antipasto plates for dinner. I finally found some things at Vace that I really like: marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts and charred red peppers in olive oil (in a jar). I stopped by Whole Foods and got some jumbo lump crab and guacamole. Very pleasing.
  9. I'm raising a glass of Gruner Veltliner to Jon Genderson of Schneiders of Capitol Hill. He was such a nice guy. Thoughts to his family.
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