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  1. Jean-Louis Paladin used to make the richest chestnut soup with lots of pureed foie gras in it. Michel Richard also used this recipe. The most decadent soup I've ever had. I used to pair these soups with Tawny Port or Malmsey Madeira.
  2. Et Voila has a nice Christmas Dinner for carry out. Its on their website. https://www.etvoiladc.com/christmas
  3. I've already told this to Don, but, yesterday FaceBook suggested that I add Rudy as a friend. I thought it was pretty funny.
  4. Think of Rivesaltes like tawny Port. It will have sweetness buy not cloying sweetness.
  5. Joe is no longer at Ace Beverage. He just got hired at Calvert Woodley.
  6. Lack of business and traffic. Yikes. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-grand-central-oyster-bar-temporarily-closing-again-20201012-bid4tegn5jhtpcs2dlnlwzhpye-story.html?ref=agreatbigcity.com
  7. correspondent Heidi Przybyla saying, "After months of publicly rejecting the advice of his own medical experts, President POTUS has fallen victim to his own false narrative around the risks of the coronavirus."
  8. I'm fairly sure that many people in government are as tired of his "shtick" as the rest of the population. I don't think he has a choice of giving up power.
  9. I only use the Trader Joe's "traditional marinara", not the flavored varieties. It is like a clean canvas for anything you add, plus it costs under $2.
  10. If Jon Karl were a woman, Pumpkin would have just walked out. When he said he didn't want to start a panic, he should have been LAUGHED OFF THE STAGE. Boo, scary Deep State Boogeymen on a plane! Brown people moving to the suburbs!! Panic! Joe Biden's America!!
  11. John Thompson and his family were regulars at Ray's the Steaks when I worked there. They were super nice people and were always greeted enthusiastically by the other customers.
  12. Many years ago I had cataract surgery at Suburban Hospital. It is an outpatient procedure and it was lunch time when I was discharged. My driver and I decided on Krupin's on the way home. Me sitting there with an enormous patch over my eye, eating chopped liver with potato pancakes, drinkin Celray soda. I met Mel several times. He was a fun guy. Sorry to hear.
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