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  1. 12 years ago, you couldn't get a sommelier job in Las Vegas if you didn't have an MS. The MS certification takes 3 years and close to $10,000 in hotels, weeks off work and fees. I once asked a colleague who got an MS certification while she was working at a fine dining restaurant if she got an instant raise and the answer was no.
  2. Nice article. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the thousands and thousands of dollars these courses cost.
  3. The video was cool and very informative. I can't imagine why it cost $800 though.
  4. Mark Slater

    Clemson White House visit

    Some new information. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/clemsons-black-players-mostly-skipped-trumps-burger-meal.html
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    Wine Lists

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    The Wine Spectator

    Decanter is my go to magazine also.
  7. Mark Slater

    Wine Lists

    How did I forget CUNE? Just for fun you should look for a New style of tempranillo. Ribera del Duero. These wines are the polar opposite of classic Rioja. They have large body, spice and intense flavors. This Decanter article Is helpful . I'm partial to the Borhoquez https://www.decanter.com/wine-reviews-tastings/twelve-great-value-ribera-del-duero-288253/
  8. Certain terms convey more information than others. 'Oaky" conveys one quality, "mouthfeel" means more than one thing. Mouthfeel indicates the acid isn't agressive, the fruit and tannin are in balance. Its one of those terms that is obvious when you come across it. My favorite one is "Petrichor", it was described to me first as the smell of light rain on a warm forest floor. This can describe many things, savory, funky, grassy. The most obtuse wine description I ever read in a review was "crushed white stones".
  9. Look up Le Nez Du Vin. Its available from Amazon. It contains vials of chemical that reproduce the various aromas faithfully. Its a home component tasting.