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  1. Every place I've worked in the last few years, when the waiters cash out at the POS , their numbers are entered into a spread sheet that distributes percentages to bartenders, busboys, runners plus the credit card carrying charges are deducted also. This seems to be standard these days. s
  2. If you're shopping for selection, Wide World of Wines. If you're shopping for price, Calvert Woodley.
  3. According to Popville, https://www.popville.com/2019/08/woodward-table-dc-dowtown-replaced-by-cheesecake-factory/
  4. In college I was a fan of Pointillism.
  5. I saw him last year at Corduroy when I worked there.
  6. When I was a kid (50+ years ago) the family used to go to a German restaurant called Voorst's near the Bowery. I cant find any mention of it.
  7. I worked with Alain at Jean-Louis at the Watergate. Such a nice man.
  8. I had a very enjoyable dinner at St. Anselm last night. Service was outstanding right from the start. The delicious biscuits are a great way to lose your appetite. We had king crab leg, beef tartare, oysters. All very tasty , except the oysters. They had shrunk on the grill and were very small. For a mid course we shared the salmon collar, which was enormous and beautifully cooked and seasoned. For main, I had the NY strip, a good steak done perfectly. Creamed spinach was creamy. Don't miss the mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. I was quite surprised to see a packed restaurant on a Monday night.
  9. Cleveland Park no longer has any "fancy" restaurants. Plenty of mediocre places, though.
  10. Vace is close by where I work. I tried to like their pizza. Maybe its the sauce. I was similarly unimpressed with their meatball sub.
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