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  1. I think I saw them at Trader Joe's.
  2. I have had many charming and excellent meals at New Heights. I've also seen them fall victim to the insane hotel invasion that was talked about in the Woodley Park thread.
  3. A tip I got from the NYT recipe section: Put a slice of stale bread or two under the chicken . Between the drippings and the baste you get a nice, soggy, very flavorful crouton to have on the side.
  4. I wasn't wowed by the crawfish, but I demolished a lobster there.
  5. Better have a good POS system. 100 separate checks a night could torpedo your service.
  6. South Park did a hilarious episode about the scooter invasion.
  7. Years ago, I worked in a restaurant at the former Sheraton Washington, now the Wardman Park. The restaurants in the hotel would go from empty at 6PM to completely full with lines at the door by 7PM. Daily. This is what the surrounding restaurants have to deal with, as well. In convention hotels, people drift around in very large groups and it is not unusual for "table for 20" to show up unannounced at the height of the dinner rush. It is both a blessing and a curse in that neighborhood.
  8. Not far: Mintwood Place, Johnny's Halfshell, Tail Up Goat.
  9. This is historic. It could be the biggest impeachment ever in the history of the world.
  10. When I worked in the neighborhood, I became addicted to the Queen B's. So much so, that they used to save one for me under the counter. Great pastries and great staff.
  11. From the Washington Post: https://beta.washingtonpost.com/religion/2019/09/09/president-trump-accidentally-tweeted-an-insult-pastor-heres-how-pastor-responded/
  12. It has always puzzled me why the Post would review a place with 8 seats that 2-3 million people will read about. It reminds me of the Wine Spectator reviewing and recommending Marcassin 3 Sisters Chardonnay to it's readers when there are 75 cases available to the world.
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