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  1. Mark Slater

    Traveling Round-Trip, NY <-> DC

    I took the BestBus last year. Its the "expensive one", $30. Their gimmick is they give you a free bottle of water when boarding. They drop you a block from Penn Station. In my case, they dropped us right in the middle of a crowd of ComicCon people- blue and pink people. It occurred to me, being from New York, that this was not out of the ordinary for the city. I thought about tourists from the Midwest coming to Manhattan for the first time and their reaction to this craziness.
  2. New Yorkers call it "The Garden"
  3. I read this article and was kind of surprised when she laid out this gay agenda. As a gay man, I could have been sympathetic, but I wasn't . Why does being gay have to define someone? It's one facet of a life.
  4. This is a fun article. Ramen tacos? Poutine tacos? That sounds really crazy.
  5. I laughed out loud when he said this: And he was a man of such great humility, those who travel the high road of humility in Washington, D.C., are not bothered by heavy traffic.
  6. Mark Slater

    Kouign Amann

    Buttercream Bake Shop has them everyday. They call them Queen B. They go quickly.
  7. Mark Slater

    Post Your Hilarious Music Videos Here, Just for Grins

    https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=boy+die+holle+racht&&view=detail&mid=1DCBC736F4A01B0BF0E81DCBC736F4A01B0BF0E8&&FORM=VRDGAR little kid nails Die Holle Racht (The Queen of the Night's first aria)
  8. Mark Slater

    Large Group Lunch (80 people)

    Joe's Seafood and Prime Steaks is large enough. Woodward Table, also. Bobby Van's is right there also.
  9. Mark Slater

    Power Restaurants

    Wow, what a crazy blast from the past.
  10. Mark Slater

    Power Restaurants

    Every time I went there, there were more tuxedoes leaning against the wall than customers in the restaurant.
  11. Just as an aside, when I worked at the Watergate Hotel starting in 1984, the famous door that had been taped open by the "burglars", was just a random door in the parking garage with no plaque or identifying sign. It always seemed very strange to me.
  12. I remember watching as much of it as I could. Only the OJ trial eclipsed it at the time.