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  1. Much has happened since my last entry. Crimson developed struvite stones in his bladder and there was inappropriate everything, often on treasured objects. He had also ate something that stuffed his colon up. This was in April. Off to the hospital, and he had to get opened up and the stones scooped out of his little bladder. I am so glad I have insurance on my 2 oranges. He had the runs recently, and the vets are too backed up for personal visits, so they were kind enough to tell me he has an inflammation from his issues (he has to eat special food now to increase the acidity of his urine). So they gave me Metronidazole caps. After a couple of days, he has learned to detect it and I can put it in his mouth and he'll leave the room and drop it on the floor while laughing at me. Pill pockets? He'll eat around the pill and leave it on the floor and say "Thanks for the snack!". I will emply the Pill Popper now, as he can also pick the pill out of his wet food, and he can also tell if I've slit open the capsule and mixed the powder in. "Hey, there's something in here! I'm not eating this!" They have amazing senses. Aengus is doing well.
  2. I wish great success to the new owners and hope diners are able to continue to enjoy the high bar set by the McPhersons. That said, the last thing in the world I wanted when I was in HS was to have my 'rents around all the time. Just sayin'.
  3. When I was searching for a house to buy in CT, my base was at a hotel in Avon. I discovered one of the best pizzas I ever had at a small place called E&D Pizza at 200 W. Main St. in Avon. There's a liquor store next door so you can go back to your room with all you need for the evening. Their salads are pretty good too. Closer to me in Hamden, I like Olde World Apizza right next to Hamden in North Haven. Very much a New Haven style place.
  4. Last night was Chicken Marsala, over Egg Noodles with Chopped cooked spinach on the side.
  5. No shame in that. Actually, I've been perma-banned from making comments for typing something that had nothing obscene in it.
  6. I like the NYT's moderated comments sections, people are more inclined to think before shooting from the hip. The WaPo comments is not so much moderated as subject to the whim of the day, and it's mostly short bursts of fire.
  7. Last night I cubed some of the leftover Legolam from last weekend, and sautéed it a bit, then ladled my late MIL's recipe for curry sauce over it accompanied by Basmati rice and fresh broccoli that was microwaved for a bit then finished in a pan with some diced red onion.
  8. Today it is one Bowl of Maruchan Chicken Ramen to which I have added chili-garlic sauce and sesame oil.
  9. There was a band that would perform Genesis material out in Fairfax a couple of times a year named "Selling Fairfax By the Pound". Always meant to catch one of their shows, but life got in the way.
  10. I wish I had seen the earlier, prog rock version of Genesis live. Kevin Gilbert and Giraffe performed great covers. There's one of them playing Lamb Lies Down at the '94 Progfest. However, that's been removed in order to package it and the rest of the songs they did from the album for sale. There is one crummy quality tape on YouTube that skips over most of the wonderful entrance during which Kevin comes on stage as Peter Gabriel, holding a boombox. Kasey Kasem is heard on the boombox about to play a Genesis song...which turns out to be Invisible Touch. Gilbert throws the boombox in a trash can and pounds it with the end of a broom handle. Then walks over to his band and they go right into "Lamb".
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