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  1. I saw such a system in a supermarché in Saint-Gaudens, bring your own container and pay the (very reasonable to a tourist) going rate.
  2. And after my divorce, I was given all of the Calphalon we had collected, since the ex's new house had an induction cooktop.
  3. I happened to drive by this place tonight after sunset, and they have added quite a colorful, attention-drawing light display to the street facing side!
  4. I have a T-Shirt I received by being present and watching the Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest held in Union Square several years ago that was sponsored by...Rice-a-Roni, The San Francisco Treat!
  5. "Thip Khao, Donburi and Other D.C. Food Businesses To Take Over Isabella Eatery Space in Tysons" by Tim Carman on washingtonpost.com "Three months after embattled chef and restaurateur Mike Isabella closed his sprawling multi-concept food emporium in Tysons Galleria, the luxury mall has announced a replacement: A Taste of Urbanspace, a food hall that’s expected to open in late November with eight diverse businesses from the Washington-area market, including Thip Khao, Donburi and Ice Cream Jubilee."
  6. Yeah, they're not kidding around. And here I was planning to consume a bag of it before it went into the garbage unopened after turning into a bag of 'compost soup'.
  7. I recommend Double Gloucester cheddar for the cheese component. I usually use an ale with some color too.
  8. I have made the recipe from the Vegetarian Epicure cookbook for decades. It's wonderful. And if you have leftover Rabbit, you can put it in the bottom of a bowl of tomato soup...bliss.
  9. I've decided that Fever Tree Ginger Beer is my favorite. I can't stand any ginger beer that uses fruit juice for sweetness.
  10. I used to take a board of directors to posh places a couple of times a year, and Key West was one site I used. I'm not much of a seafood eater, but I appreciated the Conch Chowder that catering came up with.
  11. And, they've closed their Virginia locations, but are apparently in the process of opening in DC according to their website. WE HAVE CLOSED OUR VIRGINIA LOCATIONS. WE ARE MOVING TO DOWNTOWN WASHINGTON DC. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS AND LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU IN OUR UPCOMING WASHINGTON DC LOCATIONS
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