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  1. Best way to eat a muffuletta is to be in N.O., and buy one before you fly home. Have it the next day after all the olive juices have soaked into the bun. You're welcome (don't you hate when people append that smug coda?).
  2. Thank you and your neighbors for being so kind to these feral kitties! You're enriching their little lives, giving them engagement, love, food, medical attention if they need it, and reducing the feral cat population. 😸
  3. Saturday was dreary here in Southern CT, a perfect day to bake. My first attempt at Challah! I forgot to add the salt, didn't seem to affect the taste. I sprinkled it over the egg wash before baking.
  4. I'd trap the neighbor and release him far, far away.
  5. My two boys, Crimson and Aengus, have the same mommy and different daddies. We moved from an overpriced apartment in Falls Church to a house outside New Haven, CT in November 2019. They have a ton more space to run around, and are strictly indoor cats. Lots of catertainment here as we have 3.6 acres, much of which is wooded. They get to watch birds on the feeders, chipmunks on the patio, squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, and maybe even bear and bobcats when I'm asleep (a bear took down the feeder and stole a big block of hot pepper suet a couple of months ago). We're quite happy here. --- And here's their mommy, Arabesque, or Bess for short, who resides with a friend in the middle of Vermont. This picture of Bess was taken shortly after she caught a quail on the roof of the house:
  6. Aengus (the younger of the half brothers on the right) is usually hungry like the wolf. Crimson (on the left and a bobtail) has a more sensitive tummy and is the main barfer. I have become quite good at cleaning up Katzenbarf.
  7. Sad to learn this, I remember being taken to Hard Times in Alexandria for the first time sometime in the 80's by my then in-laws. I always got the Cincinnati style. Last year I bought a bottle of the chili vinegar from Fred, and it got left behind when I moved to CT in November.
  8. MsDiPesto


    There are special bowls for cats to (supposedly) make them eat slower with raised surfaces the food falls between.
  9. MsDiPesto


    Thank you and Kay for giving Spot a loving home. 😺Cats are a joy. And I've achieved Satan status! I'm rather proud of that.
  10. MsDiPesto


    Spot looks like he'd do it, too. I like your mentions of Spot.
  11. Half of a Roast Beast sandwich on a slice of Rye/Pumpernickel swirl with Swiss, Iceberg, Cain's Mayo and Dijon.
  12. Cats can eat eggs, they are protein which is 99% of what a cat should be eating anyway. But make sure your cat isn't allergic, just a little at first. I'd cook them first. OK - Don't feed the cat carbs, it causes diabetes. Instinct is a great nearly all protein food. Also, get a copy of Jackson Galaxy's "Total Cat Mojo".
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