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  1. Count me in. I love how my reason for requesting off that night is happy hour.
  2. please, can we merge this with the other thread about who is Don Rockwell? anyway, the answer is simply: genius.
  3. Gumbo this afternoon was delicious. They also sell gourmet flavored potato chips like "rosemary and olive oil." Small gumbo, potato chips, Twix bar, and tip= $8 Helping a good cause...priceless! The market just opened today and goes till Xmas. Lots of craftsmen/women and some very nice items for giving.
  4. I literally laughed out loud upon reading this, and nearly spat tuna tartare across the screen.
  5. Another hot and muggy Sunday morning at DCCK this past weekend. And I thought summer was over! Met up with goldenticket and legant to volunteer, and this time I sliced zucchini and helped with making salads. We had a little assembly line going, and I placed juicy tomato and shaved carrot to finish after being handed salads dressed up with shredded iceberg, sliced onion, and cucumber wheels. Packed 'em up, and they were ready to go. So was I, and we trekked to Teaism for a lite brunch. Looking forward to the next time! Anyone from the board who'd like to join us, it's a great experience and a memorable time meeting other members.
  6. Soft shell crabs are not meant to look back at you! Off with his face! Snip!

  7. Punch buggy blue no punchbacks!

  8. This thank you is long overdue. I had a marvelous time at the dinner this past Sunday. Great job by goodeats for organizing and planning, Escoffier for the inspiration, and to Chef Will for his fine cuisine. I was delighted upon entering that we were seated at one long table in the wine shop. Mussels and gnocchi were delicate and divine. Wine flowed effortlessly into my glass with each new palate pleasing course that appeared. Decor all around was lovely, and I left happy that I wasn't stuffed but satisfied. Yummy!
  9. A beautiful smile

    Wonderful free spirit one

    Eyes that sparkles joy

  10. Fuchsia is an AWESOME color on you! You go girl!

  11. Hey lady! It would be my pleasure to share pancakes with you during a hurricane!

  12. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

  13. *You're Abe Froman?

    *That's right, I'm Abe Froman.

    *The Sausage King of Chicago?

    *Uh, yeah, that's me.

  14. I love how she says "Grand Marn-YEHR"
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