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  1. The card also has your traveler id # on the back of it. (in case you lose that little sheet of paper they give you) You'll need this for all of domestic/international travel reservations so that you also (are eligible) for TSA pre. I too tend to carry my card with me. You never know where you'll be when you need to book a flight somewhere.
  2. that hotel does look cool - and the location is fantastic. looking at the map on the hotel's website, i was reminded of another restaurant that we liked... Mother's - it's a coal or wood fired pizza/italian bistro. The place is pretty big with lots of outdoor picnic tables to eat at when the weather is nice and the pizzas are good. and fwiw.. there's a grocery store pretty much next door in case you want your own food/supplemental snacks - or get tired of the atrocious service we found to be pervasive throughout all dining establishments in Copenhagen. (beyond taking your order an
  3. If you are in need of a "budget" option, Ramen Momo is great! For a big ol' bowl of ramen, it's only 17 krona, plus extra for more add-ons. Ramen Momo offers both meat-based and vegetarian styles and is delicious and the chef on duty is Tibetan and very friendly. Ramen Momo is located between the city square and the harbor, behind the Black Pearl apartments/hotel.
  4. We were in Copenhagen 2 years ago. We stayed a full week and found it the right amount of time for touring the city, and for a day trip out to Kronberg Slot (the castle that Shakespeare based Elsinore Castle on). We stayed in the Vesterbro neighbourhood - a former industrial, but now a hip part of town and close to the train station as well as walking distance to the Tivoli. The neighbourhood had design shops, coffee shops galore, music shops, and the seemingly pre-requisite 2-3 bike shops. We also looked at staying in the Norrebro area, a more settled, established neighbourhood. I think
  5. We stopped by Indique over the weekend to check out the new menu. The renovation of the space was minimal - new wall colours, maybe? Nothing jumped out at me, but the new menu was obvious, covering both new cocktails as well as food. Among the four of us, we each tried a different cocktail: the Mumbai Mule, Rickshaw Ride, District Martini, and the House of Cardamom. All were delicious. The Rickshaw mule really packs a punch and their version of a Mule, including fresh curry leaves, made for a distinctive and refreshing twist. We tried hard not to rely on our favourite staple dishes
  6. I forget if this was from Plenty or More Plenty (they tend to blend, but I am preferring More Plenty the more I use it). Anyway... there is a roasted brussels sprout recipe in one of them with grapefruit segments that is outstanding. It's a little savory and a little sweet/sour. Definitely a keeper for the sprouts recipe rotation.
  7. Just tried the "breakfast banh mi" this morning. That is one delicious sandwich!!! The banh mi bun on it's own is always good - crusty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. But, the addition of a slice of their eggy frittata, combined with ever-so-slightly sweet and plenty vinegary (in a good way) vegetables, plus some mayo(?) makes for an unbelievably good sandwich. My new favourite item at Bread Furst.
  8. I am intrigued by these delivery services and have a friend who has become a regular user of Blue Apron. He loves it! Has anyone tried The Purple Carrot? (same concept as Blue Apron and others, but provides only "plant based" meals).
  9. On the way to La Colombe over the weekend, we passed by a new independent coffee house, Compass Coffee. We couldn't resist not checking it out. We weren't disappointed. The space is great - light, airy, with 2 large skylights in the ceiling, an industrial feel to the tables and chairs with white subway tiled walls. Definitely a place for hanging out - and there was already a presence patrons with their Mac laptops surfing/working away. While we were enjoying our cortados and rosemary/garlic biscuit, one of the owners came over to introduce himself. He and his friend, both fo
  10. Mr. Ozgirl and I went to Frankly... Friday night after reading the comments here. (gotta love this site!) We were not disappointed. What a little gem - tucked away from Connecticut Ave, behind a Safeway. It was a lovely night and we were able to score a table in their patio area. Since it was our first time, we wanted to try as much as possible off the menu. We started with a bowl of assorted olives and the arugula salad. The salad was great! There is a strong hit of lemon zest in the dressing and it's a wonder and completely unexpected pleasant surprise. I found the lemon to be addic
  11. Just noticed the other day that the meatless meatballs are back! Assuming the recipe is still the same, It is a happy day in the ozgirl household.
  12. The information on the 2 different sizes now clears up some confusion from last Friday. A friend had called the bakery earlier that morning asking if they had any challahs left and was told no (and they wouldn't reserve her one in the future). Meanwhile, I was at the bakery and was just about to text her to ask her if she wanted me to pick her up a challah as I was looking at a bunch of them (of the large size apparently) sitting on the racks. She told me of her earlier conversation with the bakery and we were both confused. In the end, at the cost of $12, she declined the challah offer a
  13. Went on Friday to try more items - this time it was the asparagus and wheat berry salad with a lemon vinaigrette and i bought a challah (available only on Fridays). The salad ($8) was lovely... light and refreshing with spring greens, feta, marcona almonds, and of course the asparagus and wheat berries. Definitely going back for that one again! The challah ($12!!!!). The challah was clearly labeled with the price. I thought it was outrageous, but I thought I'd try it once - maybe it was THAT good. It was good, but NOT $12 good. As one is supposed to have 2 challahs for a Shabbat dinner
  14. Had dinner at the Iron Gate last week. I love the new enclosed space/bar area. We arrived early and enjoyed some tasty cocktails at the bar. We found the hostess, bartender, and the waitstaff to be gracious, helpful, informative, and accommodating. We had written in ahead asking for vegetarian fare only. The restaurant was happy to accommodate us there was well. We planned on doing the 4 course tasting menu, thinking that any more than that would be too much food and given our relatively late start to dinner - too much food too late in the evening. We very much enjoyed the "taste" cou
  15. Stopped by this morning, before the rush. what a beautiful space! I hadn't realized how big that place really is. it was a bit chaotic - but completely forgivable since they'd only been open a whole hour when Mr. Ozgirl and I arrived. It wasn't clear if I needed to order coffee separately if i didn't want pastries/bread - but as we did, i just stood in line and ordered everything together. Also, it wasn't clear if you go straight to the register to order to place your order with someone else and then pay at the cashier. (Since it's the same frustration as Little Red Fox, I'm really h
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