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  1. The preliminary list of participants for the event have been posted. Tickets are $45, and go on sale Thursday, March 13 at 11AM. In Philly, the event sold out in 30 seconds, and in minutes in Boston. The Bacon 1905, Agua 301, Art & Soul, Bar Charley/Jackie's, Bar Pilar, Boundary Road, Bourbon Steak, Chef Geoff's, Kitchen Cray, Menu MBK, Penn Social, Poste, The Pig, Three Little Pigs The Beer DC Brau, Dogfish Head, Fordham/Old Dominion, Full Tilt, Sam Adams, Starr Hill, Three Stars, Union
  2. The Bacon and Beer Festival is coming to Washington, DC on Saturday, April 12th, 2:30-5pm at Penn Social. Featuring 25 area restaurants and breweries, the Bacon and Beer Festival is a fundraiser for Food & Friends. More details on the participating restaurants and breweries will be released very soon! 2014 DC Bacon and Beer Festival Website
  3. Probably something to do with when grocery stores change their prices, and put out their circulars.
  4. Sorry to hear this. She was one of my favorite people to sit next to at DR dinners.
  5. I believe it's still the same five. The second symbol in fresh is the same as for umami. But for older generations of Chinese, they don't know to translate the word into English. My parents have always described it as the characteristic that makes food tasty.
  6. I've noticed them towing even when the store is closed. It's pretty ridiculous and nuts. They should contract someone to manage it as a paid lot when they are closed. They could make a pretty penny.
  7. More details about the program at Eater. Focus on small producers, sustainable wines. GM is Mark Krieger from Chef Geoff's.
  8. +1 This is a discussion board, not a blog, despite assertions otherwise. There is a strong distinction between those things. Generally speaking conversations happen, not hit and runs.
  9. My sister bought coconut sugar in granule form at Whole Foods. And I've definitely seen it elsewhere. I've also seen palm sugar that is more liquid - that might be easier. I know this isn't helpful for your specific situation at present though =(
  10. That is sad. I have not had the originals, but I did happen to try the spicy ones and wow. Like eating spicy, salty bundles of uncooked flour.
  11. I agree that outside of Rockwell (which may not be the center of the universe for many people) you almost never see it written about it much in local press - City Paper, Washingtonian, Eater, etc. Let alone nationally. Granted it's also related to the way that some sites structure their editorial calendar. But also they don't do as many events/promotions or, in MANY cases, controversy, as some of the restos that get a lot of attention. I think I have received 1-2 press releases regarding both CityZen and Souwester' in the five years or so that I have been writing about food. The harsh reality is that in the fast food culture of food writing that's how you get attention. ETA: And that being said, I did include Sou'wester in my roundup of waterfront dining options.
  12. I have been getting a lot of phone calls, in addition to emails. Not very fun. I have stopped answering my phone.
  13. Actually, I think it's not the sun, but temperature. Think of ice wine - made sweeter from the use of grapes that have frozen on the vine. It's the overly warm temps right now that are causing the problems. According to this high temp increases respiration rates, whatever that means, reducing sugar content. So while there has been less rain, which I've noticed makes the fruit smell better, the heat is wreaking havoc on the sweetness.
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