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  1. I've noticed them towing even when the store is closed. It's pretty ridiculous and nuts. They should contract someone to manage it as a paid lot when they are closed. They could make a pretty penny.
  2. +1 This is a discussion board, not a blog, despite assertions otherwise. There is a strong distinction between those things. Generally speaking conversations happen, not hit and runs.
  3. That is sad. I have not had the originals, but I did happen to try the spicy ones and wow. Like eating spicy, salty bundles of uncooked flour.
  4. I agree that outside of Rockwell (which may not be the center of the universe for many people) you almost never see it written about it much in local press - City Paper, Washingtonian, Eater, etc. Let alone nationally. Granted it's also related to the way that some sites structure their editorial calendar. But also they don't do as many events/promotions or, in MANY cases, controversy, as some of the restos that get a lot of attention. I think I have received 1-2 press releases regarding both CityZen and Souwester' in the five years or so that I have been writing about food. The harsh reality
  5. It's not really a pop up anymore. Senor Chicken is gone indefinitely. http://dcist.com/2012/01/peoples_noodle_bar_pop-up_levels_up.php
  6. One thing I've noticed about Popeye's is that it's pretty inconsistent between franchises. The chicken at the Tenleytown location is tastier and less greasy than the 14th St location. My uncle and cousin in Boston used to go to a further away Popeye's because they knew and could taste that the oil was changed more frequently. I'm guessing it's a similar situation here. I do like that the gravy for the potatoes have little meat bits in it still. Mmm...
  7. I don't think anyone is saying you're not entitled to your opinion. Nor is anyone jumping on you for it. I'm going to venture to say, the Woodberry Kitchen thread may not be the best place to voice a very broad opinion about Baltimore restaurants. It would be more of a place to level a criticism specific to Woodberry Kitchen. Just to add on to 1000yregg, I think we are asking for specific things like. I did not think ___ was as fresh as it should be/seasoned properly/cooked to the right degree/a good flavor combination, etc. The rationale for asking for such specific details is that it adds
  8. Curious, how many varieties of bingsoo do they have? I've been going to Shilla because they have mochi and the different flavors of ice cream and froyo.
  9. Could that actually be a post listing the restaurant and what their speciality is, please? That would be really helpful to have it in one post rather than in multiple threads.
  10. Nothing like stopping by early in the day on a weekend to grab one of the breakfast biscuits and a coffee. Egg and cheddar on biscuit, and you can choose to add ham or bacon, if you like. So buttery and good.
  11. I concur that the last two times I've eaten at Bethesda within probably the past six months or so have been pretty solid. There was a thinly sliced duck breast dish on rice that was really good, but I can't remember the exact outlines of it.
  12. No bacon. And yeah you have your choice of a cold glass of whole(?) or chocolate milk to accompany. When I took a friend, the only way to describe the feeling afterward was "cookie drunk."
  13. It's worth mentioning how good the chocolate chip cookies are Ripple are with Valrhona chocolate, and cacao nibs. Crisp edges with soft gooey centers. Some of the best I've ever had.
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