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  1. Hi all, We are a fine wine, artisan spirits, and craft beers retailer located in the Brookland/Edgewood neighborhood Our passionate team focuses on offerings independent producers who embrace the craft of making engaging, interesting wines as well as creating a generous tasting schedule of winemakers, distillers, and brewers. We our looking for an associate manager to complement our work. Evening and weekend availability and ability to hold an ABRA license is required. Managers are expected to be able to open and close the store. If you are someone friendly, knowledgeable, and responsible, this is an excellent opportunity to be a part of all aspects of the business. Interested? E-mail info@wardmanwines.com for a full description or any questions. We look forward to the responses! https://www.wardmanwines.com/
  2. We are a growing, independent retailer of fine wines, craft beers, and hand-crafted spirits in the Brookland neighborhood of DC. We are looking for a hard-working, curious, and friendly person to join our team. Our selection includes over 1200 different beverages from a wide range of producers, including local breweries, distillers, and artisanal importers. Our team is passionate, engaged, and accepts challenges, and we expect the same from our newest members. We are a neighborhood store, so excellent customer service is a must. Reliability and evening/weekend availability as well as a willingness to work a minimum of 20 hours/week is required, Compensation is dependent on experience. Contact Hiram at info@wardmanwines.com.
  3. I enjoy good food. My parents love traditioanl fare, plainly presented. They also hard of hearing, prefer quieter places. Any recommendations for a restaurant for Christmas Eve? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for all of the information. I'm looking forward to making food for him...though I realize that most of it will probably end up ON him.
  5. Okay, I'm being a complete geek. My son will be turning 6 months before I know it, and I would like to make his baby food. Although we will start will simple things, I would like to learn more recipes than pureed sweet potatoes. Any good recipe books, classes, or recipes someone would share? Many thanks, Beth
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  7. Hello, I'm expecting my first child, a boy, in May. I've been struck by how limited child care in DC is for evenings hours. (I work in a restaurant.) Would love to get together with other expectant or new moms who may who in the food world. (I'm interested in setting up a nanny share with someone who has similar work hours.) That said, I'd also love to meet expectant or new moms who love food, want to share cooking experiences with their little ones! "Baer" already has a craving for fresh fruit and brownies...at least that's my excuse. Anyone interested? Beth
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. The Peppermill website was down, so it was difficult to find much information. We ended up at Casa di Amore, which was completely charming. Some of the most genuine and down-to-earth people work there. If anyone needs a restaurant with a homey sense while in Las Vegas, this place is worth a visit.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a restaurant where we can have dinner after my brother's wedding. We'll be 14 people. He and his bride-to-be appreciate more 'kitschy' than fine dining. A good diner, a place with big band or swing music, even a place known for 'home-cooked' would be great. We'll be staying at the MGM, but a restaurant a little distance away is okay. Still think no one needs to eat poorly, and I want the evening to be special for my bro. Any ideas would be great! Many thanks, Beth P.S. Note to self, no Craftsteak!
  10. I'm not sure about Tuesday(the 19th) , but I would love to attend at get-together on Wednesday (the 27th). Do you think more people would be interested in getting together at Comet Ping-Pong?
  11. I just received my first shipment from Rancho Gordo two weeks ago:). Athough I've loved all of the beans I've tried, my favorite so far is the Good Mother Stallard. As far as recipes, I've kept to simmering the beans with a bay leaf, thyme, and peppercorns, adding a little sea salt after the beans have cooked. Then I add them to a salad, rice. quinoa, or soup. (I added a chili pod to one batch, which added a nice bit of heat.) I've accumulated several recipes to try, so hopefully I'll have a favorite recipe to share soon:).
  12. It's been too long since I've dined at Palena, but I must confess, I am a devoted fan of the food. GKT eats DC, your description of the food doesn't give me a full impression of your experience. Soggy fries, I agree, are unpleasant. But words such as 'decent', 'good', and 'not thrilling' can be vague. Why did you think the burger "wasn't particularly fantastic"? I haven't had this recent mushroom soup, but I have had their black trumpet mushroom soup with a coddled egg. The intensity, clarity, and balance of flavor achieved without imparting heaviness was worth every penny and more. Looking upon the dish as "soup for $10" does sound expensive. [Price comparing, you are bound to find less expensive soups.] Marrying such complex flavors--and I'm thinking of others soups he has offered as well-- without coming across as overdone, disjointed, or muddy requires incredible skill. Frankly, I don't believe a such an accomplished dish deserves the statement, any soup at $10 is too much. And that's not mentioning the gnocchi or salads. Any restaurant may not be "on point' all the time, but Frank et al is certainly capable of it...that level of skill for $10 or less? Impressive.
  13. Dear Chef, I personally am curious to hear more about the book you plan to write on taste. What is the inspiration for your writing a book on this subject, and what has surprised you in your learning about the factors that influence taste? I've loved reading this chat that Don has arranged. The dinner I had at your restaurant was one of my favorite, and this chat has made it all the richer. Thank you, Beth
  14. hello, Daruma in Bethesda has a good selection of sake. You might also call Bacchus importers in Maryland; they supply the area with fine sakes, including the ones in the article. They can tell you which stores sell their sakes. Good luck!
  15. Thanks for posting about all of the wines. I'm not much for "should haves" when it comes to pairing wines with food, so it's great to hear how you enjoyed the '99 Gigondas with the foie gras. One of my friends paired an Amarone with a sesame encrusted fish in soy sauce, and it worked! I'll have to track down the Dumien Serrette, as I'm a sucker for good Cornas. Jake, nice words. I've just recently figured out how to post. That and now owning a cell phone means figuring out how to add a signature will be next week's task.
  16. Hello DCMark, Your dinner sounds lovely. I'm curious about wines you served with each course. Were there any standouts in the pairings? Many thanks, Beth
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