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  1. 22209

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I'm in! I've been so excited to see the picnic revived, even while disappointed that I had a conflict. Now that my conflict has moved .. it's time for me to start thinking about what I'll bring
  2. It was another great picnic All of the food and company were awesome. Even the heat wasn't too bad, though I agree we should try for May or April next spring. I'd particularly love to have the recipes for the remoulade, noodles w/ mentaiko & ramp pesto, Greek shrimp & feta salad, oh and the raspberry/lime?/mint? drink
  3. I think we'll be bringing Thai sticky rice & mango.
  4. Corridor Wine (in Laurel) has it as well.
  5. We (me +1) can make it on June 21st but not May 31st. I hope we can revive this thing -- it was so much fun!
  6. 22209

    coffee grinders

    I've used a previous generation of this one almost daily for 8 years now, and it is a champ: http://www.sweetmarias.com/store/encore-burr-mill-4649.html
  7. We're still committed elsewhere on Sunday, but I want to chime in and add my support to other messages -- This picnic is a really great time, and extraordinarily delicious, and I encourage anyone on the fence to take the plunge and go We're even thinking about rushing over to join in once we're free, but we wouldn't be able to get there until after 5pm.
  8. Sorry to have to miss it, but the 28th is the only day in the fall that we've already committed elsewhere I'm subscribing to this thread anyway though, in case something changes!
  9. Ack, just found this thread so I'm happy June 15th didn't pan out! I'm interested, whenever this ends up happening
  10. Heavy Seas Alehouse opened up in Rosslyn this week Based on the crowds there for both the soft open and official open, its arrival has been eagerly anticipated by many! The service was fantastic at the soft open -- despite the crowd (almost every seat was taken), our waiter was friendly and attentive and every staff member who passed by made us feel welcome. The beer was excellent as well, but of course that's no surprise. It's a big, well-used space -- lots of seats without feeling too crowded. Great photos and food menus are here.
  11. With the low probability of successful rescheduling this fall, my vote goes to taking Catharine up on her generous offer to host with participants contributing toward any set-up/clean-up that will be needed. (whether this wins the vote or not, Catharine thank you for the offer!)