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  1. It needs to be said...That Cuban Place (TCP Cafe) in Frederick a few blocks from Volt needs to be part of this thread.
  2. Not sure if it's available locally but Fakra is good.
  3. Just to keep it moving...doesn't add much if anything to this exact thread but still. Please to note no incendiary intent . http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/youngandhungry/2010/07/22/yh-asks-todd-kliman-the-tough-questions-about-the-wild-vine/
  4. Looking to help place a personal chef for someone. Candidates should have 10+ years experience as a professional chef. Please send resume and references to jwabeck@gmail.com and I will forward it to where it needs to go.
  5. I'm gonna pour more gas on the fire and ask if anyone has seen the wonderful piece of journalism in the Washingtonian?
  6. Right is Swedish, no? If it is, it's damn tasty, makes an excellent tonic. I gave up on trying to find Blackwood many moons ago. The new bottle of Bols Corwenwyn helps with the pain of failure.
  7. In addition to Service Director, add hosts, servers, busboys, bartenders, chefs de partie, dining room managers and bar manager to the list. Please send resumes to employment@inoxrestaurant.com Thanks, JW
  8. I spent a couple of weeks or so with Chef Cox, including the interview process, the handover week and subsequent special dinner, and was impressed with his work ethic, knowledge and passion for the craft. I trust he will be a talent for many years.
  9. Executive Chefs and Co-Owners Jon Mathieson and Jonathan Krinn are excited to announce the opening of Inox restaurant opening in the chic business district of Tysons Corner, Virginia in 2009. Incorporating a unique formula combining the talents of two of the Washington, DC Area’s strongest culinary talents, Inox will present an energetic, comfortably chic dining room with an inviting lounge and a menu of creative and approachable American cuisine. We are seeking an experienced Maitre D' / Restaurant Manager to join our team. This person will partner with the Co-Owners, management and service
  10. Another example of senseless Polish person-on-pork violence. Shoat Rueben. No court would convict me of this attack. With props to Wiener Circle, "Every bitch must eat this sandwich."
  11. The LT is the Virginia Office. BdC is the DC Office. Do the math. The lads and ladies do a great job. And for those who think I can't criticize...no more High Life on tap. I am critical of that decision.
  12. http://tv.yahoo.com/dancing-with-the-stars...contestants/322 Picture 4 if you please.
  13. I think this is what we have so far. Don't kill me if it's wrong. There will be optional wine pairings available, but I'm drinking these drinks. Welcome, Chef Logan Cox 9 August, 2008 6:30/7:00 Canapés Classic Gibson, Vermouth Soaked Onions Old School Gazpacho, Blue Crab Toast Riesling “Sangria” - Peaches, Plums, Blackberries Risotto “Bourgogne" - Snail Ragout, Parsley Brown Butter, Garlic Mascarpone Pimm’s Royale – Pimm’s #1, Cremant de Bourgogne, Cucumber, Citrus Roasted Loin of Colorado Lamb, Pearl Barley, Fennel Puree, Red Pepper Conserve Tequila Lotus Club – Anejo Tequila, Ab
  14. Drink lots of Hendricks Gin, early and often. A little lime, a little tonic, and you're set. Avoid adding cucumber, as it is certainly a featured aromatic. This refreshing spirit deserves respect. A lot more than most, including yours truly, have given it. I heart Hendricks Gin.
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