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  1. If it's genuine Richmond-style BBQ, chances are the sauce will be very close to Memphis style (although no dry ribs) -- spicy but with a higher molasses-to-tomato ratio than, say, a Kansas City-style sauce. If it's Richmond style, I'm in. If it's that weird eastern NC stuff, I'm not. But the mention that pulled pork sandwiches with slaw on top is on the menu suggests true Richmond style. The inclusion of beef, however, does throw me off a bit. That must be a sop to all the Texans and Oklahomans who experience no cognitive dissonance when the words "beef" and "barbecue" appear in the same sen
  2. Just one more bit of info: Hook has hired Will Beck, formerly of Hank's Oyster Bar, as GM. He started his new job this week. Will's a friend, and Hook sounds interesting enough that it may be an excuse for me to -- for the first time in almost a year -- explore the hinterlands west of Rock Creek and actually set foot in the quaint outdoor mall that is Georgetown.
  3. Newbie here, so I will try assiduously to adhere to DonRockwell.com style, protocol, culture, & c. I work on the Senate side right across the street from the Hart Building, and would second many of the recommendations (as well as the tales of the desolation that is the Capitol Hill dining scene) -- particularly that of my good friend LoganCircle in re: East Street Cafe in Union Station (one thing to keep in mind -- they give you absolute loads of food, so either come with an appetite or make sure you ask for your noodles or tofu to go). An option I choose at least once a week is the ca
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