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  1. I love RR Oysters for my post-work snack (or mid-work snack...) - definitely the Rappahanocks & Witchducks (or Stingrays, depending on which they have). Like Choirgirl says, they're much more buttery and less briny than the Olde Salts. Also love the tuna tartar & agree with DCDuck about the crabcake! The food here is always improving and the staff is great - particularly both JPs. They definitely do oysters retail and will shuck them for you or let you do your own. I'd recommend calling ahead if its on the weekend, otherwise you might be waiting for a while. I don't get on the interw
  2. Heading to LA in a week for a few days, and we really only have time (and $$) for one memorable meal. Last time, we went to Sona [Closed in May, 2010] and LOVED IT, but this time we're looking to spend a little less. Any ideas? So far I've come up with Fraiche [Closed in Jun, 2012], Comme Ça [Closed in Jun, 2014], Osteria Mozza & Campanile ... Any thoughts on those? Also, what about Sunday Supper at Lucques? But I'm really open to any suggestions. PLUS if anyone has thoughts on the best Thai curry in the LA area as well as a good (cheapish) place to eat somewhere around Hermosa Be
  3. DC guvment can be really difficult as far as permits and things - they'll hold you up at every possible turn, especially for restaurants and food-businesses. And when you're building a restaurant from the ground up, basically starting from scratch, there are a million pieces and parts that can hold you up too.
  4. Thank you all so much for your help... you are rescuing me from potential bachelorette party hell, and I am forever in your debt We're going to stick to Rappahannock County and surrounding area, which I think is gorgeous (as you can read on my blawg). I've been up in Loudon County before, and just want to have a few more winery options; and as far as the Charlottesville area, only a couple of the other 5 women are really into wine, so they wouldn't be thrilled with a very long drive to and from the wine tour area. I can't wait to get down there to taste, but it looks like it'll have to wai
  5. Thanks for all of your help... We will be buying some wine, but I completely understand why wineries would prefer no limos, and I'm on their side! I think I'll actually be embarassed to show up in one, and I'm going to try to go with a SUV-type ride instead. But I think my sister really wants a limo, and the bride gets what the bride wants. (which means no Linden. Boo.) So far this is the tentative list, but it may be too many: Naked Mountain Chateau O'Brien The Apple House (for some apple butter-filled doughnuts and sparkling apple cider) Linden (if possible, but not likely) Rapp
  6. Hi all, I'm planning my sister's bachelorette party, and with a bit of persuading, she's agreed to make it a trip to VA wineries. THANK THE LORD. I have a few wineries in mind already, but I'm wondering if anyone's ever done one of those wine tour things... or has any other suggestions for how to (not too expensively) get 5-10 lovely ladies around the VA countryside? (Yeah, yeah, no jokes from the cheap seats please) thanks! -Carolyn
  7. me too... i hit up Pilar about once a week but Hook is going to have Heather Chittum on desserts, and she flat-out rocks. so the good news is that Hook will probably be awesome. just not a neighborhood restaurant for me. it will be interesting to see what happpens with Pilar...
  8. yeah, the desserts have been really great lately. i've found that certain ones are a lot bettter lately than they used to be - especially the chocolate mint pot de creme, the apple cake, and the honey goat cheese cake. now i think most of the desserts are just as good as the savory dishes.
  9. i walk/drive by every few days. seems like work is progressing....... slooooowwwwlyyyyyy but a few more signs up here and there, a couple fences - there's definitely work being done, but it doesn't seem like it will be finished any time in the near future can't wait til it is - only 2 blocks from my apt!
  10. I wholeheartedly agree, alex. I find Pilar to be mui underrated, especially with the folks i know who frequented before the menu switch. i think that they think its less hipster now. (Tater tots are so hipster, you know what I mean? Gah.) I end up going once a month or so, usually on Sunday nights, and while there are usually one or two small plates that I'm not as into, there's always something new to try as well as standards that I absolutely love, and I leave feeling very happy for not too many bucks. I had felt as though it had slid into mediocrity for a while, but for the past four
  11. I've been out to Rappahanock county often for wineries and apple-picking, but tomorrow my SO and I are heading up north to Loudon County. Any reccomendations, besidea what's already been written here? I've already been to many of the VA wine sites, so I'm looking more for recommendations than just info/facts. Also, do you think it's too ambitious to drive Harpers Ferry afterwards (if we're driving north from Leesburg for our wine tasting)? I've never been, so I'm not sure if I should be trusting Google Local's assessment of actual driving time thanks! carolyn
  12. Oh, I'm sorry Mr Rocks, did you think we were friends? Maybe buddies? Perhaps restaurant and literary acquaintances? well NOT ANYMORE NOW THAT YOU'VE TWISTED THAT BAYONET INTO MY BACK. You can forget about anymore little s or s or even s from me, buddy, from here on out its all who's with me?! (fist pump!) PS I love the Bills and chicken wings - Grover how were the wings at Buffalo Nite?
  13. i spent my first 18 years in Buffalo and can verify - my brother and all of my other Buffalonian comrades spend Sundays in the fall watching Bills games and eating wings at McFadden's... and grover, I definitely would have gone to Buffalo night if i hadn't been working til just now... next year, for sheezy
  14. anyone have thoughts on Olea or Carlyle - info on food, atmosphere, service? if you had to pick, which one? is either better for dining at the bar? thanks! Carolyn
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