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  1. Huh. I think they supply the baked goods to the Swing's "tasting room" just down the street on Monroe. I'm surprised that they don't serve Swing's...
  2. Could it be an outpost on the Bosnia-ish restaurant of the same name also located on Route 1 in Alexandria (Hybla Valley area)?
  3. We're fans of the Toltecos in Alexandria. We bring the kids. Food is inexpensive, flavorful and fresh. Big, cold Pacifico drafts. I particularly like the cochinita pibil. They have a house hot sauce that is great, too. The whole place is much better than Los Tios in Del Ray, where most of our friends go.
  4. They have a nice cocktail program. Classics like aviations and blood and sand for less than $12 (though I haven't been in probably a year).
  5. Its small and open/closed times are a bit awkward, but the sandwich that I had the other day - the "Giorgio" - was definitely tasty. Certainly as good as Market 2 Market in Del Ray, in terms of locally comparable italian-style sandwiches. I do think the bread is probably better than M2M, which can get a bit soggy when taking it to go. Good, fresh ingredients and the sandwich was big enough to be filling, but not overstuffed to make it impossible to eat. I think the husband/wife owners were on premises when I was there - they were friendly and enthusiastic. I'll be back.
  6. We were here for lunch a few weeks ago. In this genre, I prefer Roti, but can't really articulate why. But for a quick, relatively cheap lunch with the kids, I give Chickpea a B+.
  7. My wife and I ate here on Saturday night. I will echo the comments above about the food being delicious and the service being spectacular. One thing I'd note, however, is that in my opinion the portions are small. I know this is a fancy-schmancy place and I'm not expecting Bucco di Beppo-sized portions. However, I ordered the pigs feet and sweetbreads (both excellent, particularly the pigs feet) and we split dessert and I left hungry. A bit frustrating given the cost, especially because we were steered away from the roast chicken as being too much food.
  8. Thanks, all. I found some Stumptown at St. Elmo's in Del Ray. It was good, but holy moly, was it filled with caffeine.
  9. Where can I get some? Preferably I'm NoVa. Thanks!
  10. Looking for a good version of cheese fries in Alexandria or Arlington. Thoughts?
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