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  1. One of my colleagues swears by them and she orders multiple each year. I've had a piece or two and found it enjoyable, if a bit salty.
  2. Engineered is a great word to describe a product brimming with GMO's and other modified soy-related products.
  3. Didn't they have two locations in the area at one point? I know they opened a place in NYC off of Canal Street that didn't last long. Seems as though they are down to three locations in Vermont. Perhaps the retail expansion was ahead of its time...
  4. Their ice-cream is also exceptional. Produced in collaboration with Moo-Thru, another Fauquier County business. Not widely available, and absolutely not cheap, but every bit the equal of the flyover-based ice cream makers so fawned over.
  5. The Whole Ox in Marshall, VA. carries Kelly Bronze turkeys, though may well be sold out at this point. Believe that they deliver also.
  6. Prior to COVID they also had a pescatarian menu for a while, and also had an "Enduring Classics" menu in addition to the "Gastronaut's Menu", and the Good Earth... Since Covid I've only seen the two.
  7. You may absolutely pick and choose from either tasting menu. I went shortly after the inn re-opened and I don’t believe that the menus have changed since, so the online versions are likely pretty current. I’ve not done the wine pairings before, and would consider asking the somm to pair a bottle/ half bottle each of red and white wine with your meal instead. For me the can’t miss dishes on the menus are the lamb carpaccio and the garganelli from the vegetarian menu...
  8. Yep. Totally carryout. There are picnic benches available behind the community center and on the Hill School's campus, both of which are an easy walk, fyi. Agreed on the wine - a fine selection, as you'd expect. The best in the area aside from Locke Store, which is all the way over the mountain.
  9. Aldie store was sold three years ago, and totally de-loused. Very nice and clean space now. Brassicas has also been closed for two years - that was the original Middleburg Juice Company store, now merged with Greenheart, and they have stores in Aldie, Leesburg, Vienna, and Middleburg. Believe they have a DC outpost coming soon as well.
  10. Heads-up that Jarad Slipp has opened Knead Wine in Middleburg in the small space next to the former Julien’s location. Excellent pizzas and wine - one side of the store has $20 wines and one side has $40 wines. Takeout only. Wonderful addition to the village. Knead Wine
  11. I’ve not had happy gyro, so good to know. Will try when next in DC but no chance I’m making a two hour round trip, especially as we now have Knead Wine in the ‘burg. As to the frozen pizza question, again, Goldbelly offers a wide variety of styles from around the country - all of which are vastly superior to what you’ll find at the grocery.
  12. Goldbelly is your friend for good frozen pizza. Many to choose from. We like Speedy Romeo and Marta (the latter when available).
  13. Also a huge fan of Andy's. They were not open last weekend, but pleased they are now. Think they must be the first business back open in the food hall, or whatever they are calling that third floor space now.
  14. Was "Handmaid" not her official title in the group? If (as reported) Handmaid was Coney Barrett's title, the WaPo is just reporting accurately. Also see no semi-crosseyed photo, but am looking at the web edition and have found that the pictures on the mobile version sometimes differ.
  15. So no surprise, dining at Le Bernardin was both weird and wonderful. The restaurant has invested a huge amount of money in sanitization equipment and the staff uniformly wore masks and gloves (we wore masks while not eating/ drinking), and whenever a server approached our table. There are some pictures and stories floating around from "re" opening night, but I didn't take any. All in all, the food was phenomenal and the wines fantastic - further cementing Le Bernardin as my favorite of the NYT 4*. Nothing remotely like it in DC, for sure. We had the chef's tasting - Menu below: Layer
  16. I suppose that's one way to get out of a second debate.
  17. Same with Bryce Resort, in Basye, VA re: internet - and with food options, come to think of it. That said, Mt. Jackson is reasonably close. Also, Primland is absolutely stunning, but maybe more than you want to spend. Worth checking out just to see the treehouses, though.
  18. Headed to Le Bernardin for (re) opening night on Wednesday. Will be interesting to see what’s changed. Pleased to see that outdoor dining is set to become permanent - maybe DeBlasio isn’t out to completely destroy NYC and it’s restaurant culture.
  19. Yes, but you can't go to Les Pres d'Eugenie the first weekend in October. so not a fair comparison. No argument on the world, however.
  20. Small Private Club in rural Fauquier county (a stone's throw from Loudoun County) seeks a bar manager and bartender/ servers to assist with the ongoing improvement of our culinary program. Love craft cocktails? Passionate about service and hospitality? Love beer and wine? Hate working weekends? Our team is seeking experienced hospitality professionals to improve our beverage program. Successful candidates will demonstrate cocktail/ wine knowledge and a desire to create a craft cocktail menu for our membership. We offer extremely competitive wages and fully paid healthcare benefi
  21. Yes. And Richard’s son, who passed away in 2015.
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